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2010 F1 driver rumours: Raikkonen spurns Toyota, Renault eyes rookies 22nd October 2009, 8:00

Remarkably, with just one race left to run the entry list for next year is far from complete. Just six drivers have their contracts officially in place for 2010 and there could be as many as 22 places left to fill. Among those yet to sign deals are newly-crowned champion Jenson Button, team mate Rubens […]

NASCAR feels the Michael Schumacher effect thanks to Jimmie Johnson

Domination by one driver was the name of the game in F1 in the first half of the decade. Michael Schumacher and Ferrari swept all before them as he won five consecutive drivers’ championships. But that sort of thing doesn’t happen in NASCAR, where every race is decided by a slipstreaming battle to the chequered […]

F1 links: A way in for Qadbak?

Busy times ahead in Paris (Autosport Plus – sub. req.) "Allegedly only 12 teams have to date signed the Resource Restriction Agreement, which is, in turn, a requirement of the Concorde Agreement, and therefore a condition of 2010 (and beyond) entry. According to a source well-versed with matters Concorde, the Article referring to entries states […]

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