Jean Todt is the new FIA president

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Jean Todt with team members Nick Craw, Grahm Stoker and Brian Gibbons
Jean Todt with team members Nick Craw, Grahm Stoker and Brian Gibbons

Jean Todt’s victory in today’s FIA election is not likely to be greeted with a great deal of surprise.

He was the preferred choice of outgoing president Max Mosley, and that clout was always going to count for a lot. Sure enough, Todt won with 135 votes to Vatanen’s 49, with 12 abstentions.

The FIA member clubs were given a choice between continuing with the status quo and embracing change. They have emphatically opted for the former which, given F1’s recent troubles, is a disappointment.

After the acrimonious build-up to the elections it remains to be seen if there will be any fall-out about how it was conducted. There has been no reaction from Vatanen yet.

A full list of the candidates elected as part of Todt’s team can be found on the FIA website.

Luca di Montezemolo, head of the F1 teams’ association as well as Todt’s former boss at Ferrari, had warm words for Todt on his election:

I have always appreciated his ability, dedication and commitment. I am sure that, under his guidance, the Federation will be rejuvenated and will restore a climate open to dialogue and constructive collaboration with the teams and FOTA, thus ensuring stability of the regulations and the whole environment.

How long will the relations between the two remain this cordial? What should Todt’s first actions be after taking over the role?

And will F1 remain without a French Grand Prix for much longer now a Frenchman is back in charge of the FIA? Have your say in the comments.

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