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Video shows what South Korea’s F1 track will look like in 2010 26th October 2009, 20:51

Here’s a video 3D rendering of South Korea’s new F1 track which will be on the F1 calendar in 2010. I hadn’t seen it before but it looks like it was posted on Youtube a few weeks ago.

Goodbye to?σΤιΌ?ͺ refuelling

It’s the last race of the season so we’ll be saying our farewells this weekend – some of the fondly, others not so much. One goodbye likely to divide reaction among fans is the long-awaited banning of refuelling. When we witness our final refuelling pit stop this weekend will we have lost something special from […]

Brazilian Grand Prix technical review

F1 Fanatic guest writer John Beamer takes a look at the differing approaches of Brawn and Red Bull this year, which teams had special parts at Brazil, and what to expect at Abu Dhabi. Although Brawn won the championships at a canter Red Bull were the better team over much of the season but made […]

Of course the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is sold out, they’ve only got 50,000 seats

Yesterday the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix organisers put out a press release patting themselves on the back for selling out their first Grand Prix. Several other F1 sites obligingly regurgitated it for them. Although it’s nice to hear the phrases “F1 race” and “sold out” together for once, I think a little more attention should […]

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