Video shows what South Korea’s F1 track will look like in 2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Here’s a video 3D rendering of South Korea’s new F1 track which will be on the F1 calendar in 2010. I hadn’t seen it before but it looks like it was posted on Youtube a few weeks ago.

It’s difficult to know how accurate the video representation of the circuit is. Taking it at face value, it seems to share some innovations with Yas Island, home of this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

In particular the run-off areas seem quite small, perhaps because they’re planning to use the same Tecpro barriers found at Abu Dhabi.

Having said that some of the barrier details look completely unrealistic – the piles of tyres on the inside of some corners, for instance.

The unusual final turn loops around a bay full of yachts which seems to be a pre-requisite for new tracks at the moment.

The 2010 South Korean Grand Prix will be held on the 15-17th of October.

2010 South Korean Grand Prix

Thanks to edisonlsm via Twitter for the tip.