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Sebastian Vettel led home a RedBull-one-two at Yas Island. What did you think of F1’s first race at Abu Dhabi? Rate the race out of ten below and have your say in the comments.

Rate the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (2%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (2%)
  • 3 - Boring (13%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (8%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (16%)
  • 6 - Not bad (18%)
  • 7 - Good (21%)
  • 8 - Great news (9%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (7%)
  • 10 - Perfect (3%)

Total Voters: 2,775

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117 comments on “Rate the race: Abu Dhabi”

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  1. So, all of you who didn’t like the track or the race, Does that mean you won’t be watching it next year?

    1. Nice point, but a bit misleading since everyone commenting here is more or less F1 fan and will be watching every race next year. But majority of people watching F1 races are occasional viewers and it just might be they don’t watch this boring race next year.

  2. I voted “good”. It was…kind of. The track is beautiful. It could be an exciting place for a race. It is a good format having the race afternoon until dusk/dark. The actual racing was indeed kind of blah though. Couple of good passes, couple of good drives. Here is what I saw that I think bodes well for 2010. (I’ll probably reiterate this in one of Keith’s future posts.) In 2010, Vettel will without a doubt be in the hunt even more than this year for the WC. He definetly will win WC within the next 2 years. Webber won’t, sorry. Button is a one hit wonder. Good driver…not great. Won’t win another WC. Kobayashi deserves to be in F1. You guys gave him all kinds of stick after Brazil. Today he drove great. Possibly drive of the race. Williams will be nowhere next year. If Rosberg goes to McLaren, Hamilton will dominate him. If Rosberg goes to Brawn, he will give Jenson a run for the money. If Kovi can’t get into Renault or one of the new teams he will be in rallying. If Kimi can’t get into McLaren he will be rallying too. He should have thought about Toyota. Ferrari I don’t think will dominate next year. Alonso may have gone red at the wrong time. Sorry to ramble. I’m sure Keith will have a wrapup post and I shall elucidate more at that time.

  3. I rated it good, mostly for the last 6 laps of action between Webber & Button, Koby’s overtake of Button, plus an extra point for Webber’s donuts at the end.

    But I maintain for all the glitz & glamour, it still looked like they were racing in the carpark of the Olympic Stadium.

  4. why is it that the race went like this…

    alright first lap, not much positon change a few passes.

    20 laps in someone retires and someone runs out of feul.

    laps lap, someone almost makes a pass, and the guy who has been leading almost the whole race wins.

    ad the majority of people voted the race “good”, and steph voted it “fantastic”? as i recall.

    look at the gp2 asia race, same circuit alot better race.

    so why is it that the race is called “good” if nothing happened?

    3/10 for me, in my opinion the prime and option compoundes need to be alot more different, and double difusers banned.

    …oh and better tracks, less bernie

    1. I couldn’t decide if 3/10 or 4/10 was the most right to give.
      Everything was fantastic besides the race.
      But wait a moment. The RACE is that matters!

  5. I thought the race was okay. Although Button did manage to attempt an overtaking move on Webber in the final few laps I think more needs to be done regarding overtaking in F1 especially with the refuelling ban, as judging from the comments in the press conference it was mainly due to the how the different cars worked on the soft tyre in the final stint.

    It’s a pity Hamilton had brake trouble as there may have been a good battle between him and Vettel, although if Hamilton’s McLaren had been working as well as it did in practice and qualifying I think he may have been able to just pull out a big lead as many predicted before the race.

    I don’t know what other coverage was like, but I got tired of the BBC saying every 5 minutes how the great the Yas Island circuit and facilities were and how they had set a new bench mark in F1. It may have been because of this but I also didn’t like all the times the TV director cut away from the pictures of cars on the circuit to focus on the sun set or to a helicopter camera where you see all the circuit and Ferrari world but not the cars.

    Also after the recent changes to the BBC Red Button service on Freeview in the UK, could anyone else not get the post race F1 Forum, as I also had bad reception due to the weather yesterday I didn’t know if that was why I couldn’t get it.

  6. I found it a bit dull, mainly because of the track design. For a new track, with a clean sheet to start with it should have provided better racing.

    I had more hope of this longest straight in F1 helping drivers with a good tow. It did give a good tow and then a turn and another long straight. But after that the track was ruined by a chicane that spoilt any chance of two cars going side by side into the next section! Like when Button was chasing Webber.
    Why was that needed in the design?
    Webber drove well to defend at the end.

    Otherwise I had to give it a thumbs down.
    The TV coverage missed Jenson passing Reubens at the start and sometimes, we seemed to have a gap on the camera shot, like they ran out of cameras and we had to wait to see who appeared around the corner. Again, very much visible on the battle between Webber and Button.

    TV coverage is so important that missing passes and having too few cameras for sections is just ridiculous no matter what happens on track.

  7. Another uneventful race, but relatively good when put in context of what we’ve seen this year. I think the track itself is a good one, and should one day show some attractive racing once the cars are made for passing. Only bummer is that the weather won’t ever present a variable factor.

    Brilliant driving at the end between two quality drivers. Taking off my fan cap and thinking with my brain – Webber paying 16 at the bookies for next season has to be a joke???

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