Rubens Barrichello and Nico H???lkenberg to drive for Williams-Cosworth in 2010

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Bye-bye Brawn: Barrichello is off to Williams
Bye-bye Brawn: Barrichello is off to Williams

Williams will have an all-new driver line up in 2010.

As had been widely rumoured, Rubens Barrichello will leave Brawn to join the team. He’ll be partnered by reigning GP2 champion Nico H???lkenberg.

Barrichello will extend his record as F1’s most experienced driver, and should log his 300th start during the 2010 season. It will be his 18th season in Formula 1, but only his fifth different team.

Nico Rosberg has already declared he won’t be driving for Williams next year and it’s a safe bet he’ll move to Brawn for 2010 to partner world champion Jenson Button.

The news almost cetainly spells the end for Kazuki Nakajima’s F1 career after 41 starts for Williams. The Japanese driver is unlikely to gain a berth with backers Toyota next year as they’re already shaping up to keep Kamui Kobayashi.

H???lkenberg has had a stellar rise through the junior ranks with championship victories in A1 Grand Prix, Formula Three Euro Series and GP2. His career is handled by Willi Weber, who was manager to the Schumacher brothers, so expectations of him will be high.

He will now get to make his F1 debut alongside the most experienced driver in the game, offering him enormous opportunity both to learn his craft and to make a name for himself if he’s able to rival Barrichello.

Williams press release

AT&T Williams confirm Barrichello and Hulkenberg

The AT&T Williams team today confirmed that its drivers for 2010 will be Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg.

Frank Williams, Team Principal, said, “Rubens needs no introduction. He is not only the most experienced driver in Formula One, but a passionate and talented driver who fought hard for the Drivers’ Championship this year. Nico Hulkenberg won the GP2 Championship this season as a rookie and has previously won the F3 Euroseries, Formula Masters, A1 GP and Formula BMW Germany.??

He continued, “Nico Rosberg and Kazuki Nakajima remain our drivers until the end of 2009 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to the team. Nico and Kazuki have represented AT&T Williams and our partners with dedication, discipline and skill and we wish them every success with their future endeavours.”

Barrichello and H???lkenberg

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  1. Keith, I’m pretty sure that Nakajima has only 36 starts. Did you count his friday-only appeareances?

  2. Williams with a Cossie! hahahahahahahah, they’re gonna suck big time! Teams using the Cosworth are gonna be at the back every race regardless of how good their drivers are. That is why I’m praying that Red Bull find a way to get a Merc or Ferrari Engine.

    1. It would appear that Red Bull are sticking with Renault for next year.

      1. I’ll put my hands up to my bias here but I wanted them to get engines from Ferrari even though it was never on the table.
        Hopefully Renault will sort out reliability.

        1. Apparently Red Bull was impressed with the efforts that Total and Renault undertook to (after Italy) on quality control, improvements in the perfiry of the engin and in developing the oil to further improve stability, reliability and fuel efficiency.

          (from auto und motorsport)

  3. It is a bit of a compromise line-up as Kubica and Heidfeld were also on the card here. Hulkenberg could be a great driver and I hope Barrichello will be motivated to fight next year.
    The biggest unknown factor for Williams next year is Cosworth engine but just the liberty to choose drivers must have been worth it to make a switch. Williams lost the fifth place to BMW (and possibly 4th to Toyota) by effectively having only one driver. Nakajima failed to score for 20 races in a row while his team-mate scored 34.5 points while failing to score in 8 races…

  4. When Honda made that late 2008 shootout with three brazilians (Barrichello, Senna and Di Grassi), many people here were asking the old guy to leave and make room for one of the young talents… Me included…

    Luckily the team broke down, was sold to Ross Brawn and he, knowing what he had in hand, kept Rubens, who drove his best season to date, especially after solving the brake issue, winning twice when Brawn was no longer the best car on the field… sadly it seems that Rubens’ finest hours are with underperforming cars, like with Jordan in 1994, Stewart in 1999 (both were good midfield runners that Rubens put on pole and on the podium a few times) and even with Ferrari in 2003 (that was the ‘worst’ car of their winning spell from 2000 to 2004).

    It think Williams made the right choice to sign Barrichello and Hulkenberg, that will have the biggest experience gap in Formula 1 history between team-mates (285 starts or so x 0), and yet a very talented and promising line-up…

    What impresses me the most is how Rubens is still in love with what he’s doing… he’s much more admired outside his country than he is here in Brazil, probably because he was wrong to think he was capable of carrying Senna’s burden after his death, and it seemed he could, after two fantastic drives to 4th in Interlagos and 3rd in Aida (Pacific Grand Prix) in 1994, before that tragic Imola weekend, when he couldn’t start because he was the first victim and only survivor of that nightmare…

    1. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re doing very well at what you’re doing, and someone appreciates that, there’s no reason to stop. That’s what Rubens is probably thinking now, and I can’t disagree with that by any means. :)

  5. Williams have, I think, chosen wisely. Rubens is a pretty level-headed bloke who is still very quick and probably won’t mind teaching a young, hungry driver (i.e. Nico) by example. I can see this driver line-up working fantastically well.

    Now all they need is a good car and engine and everyone will be happy :)

  6. Quite right Alianora…

    They have a partnership of polar opposites. The uber veteran and a wet-behind-the-ears rookie, albeit with an impressive remume to boot!!

    I agree with many of the others in that Rubens still has some speed left in him coupled with the experience to bring Williams forward.

    Personally I cannot wait to see what Nico Hulkenberg can do. We haven’t seen such a prospect since young Hamilton hit the scene…

    1. They have a partnership of polar opposites

      That’s right, but I think they have one thing in common: I’m pretty sure both will be racing almost for free.

      So, Williams will have a well balanced line-up for a few bunch of pounds, something quite wise given the circumstances.

  7. This was indeed rumoured a long time. I think they made a very good choice! Hülkenberg has been proven that he may well be the next big thing in F1 since Hamilton. He not only won 4 championships over the last 5 years, he also really dominated those series on an even more impressive way than Lewis Hamilton did by totally demolishing the competition and becoming the first driver ever to capture the title one race before the season ended (beating more experienced GP 2 drivers like Petrov and Grosjean). And with the experience of Barrichello at his side, it will not be the driver’s lineup that’s going to be the problem this year. I’m sure Barrichello can learn the youngster a thing or two and I’m very curious if he can keep up with him. Let’s hope that Cosworth can deliver a solid strong engine and that Williams can develop and design a good car as well. If they do, they might be a pleasant surprise next year. I still think Alonso in a Ferrari, Hamilton in a McClaren and Vettel in a Red Bull will be very hard to beat but a few podium finishes would be nice!

  8. Good decent line up. But I serious have doubt in the Williams. I think this would be the Brazilian’s last team.

  9. wong chin kong
    3rd November 2009, 2:05

    I would love to see Rubens beating the Brawns next year, at least once. That would teach them not to discount the oldest veteran in F1. Much looking forward to 2010, should be very exciting than this year.

  10. Good news for the team they will have a Rookie & the most experienced driver in their team,hope they build a good car.

  11. I dont think cosworth will be a good engine. Going by their latest performance in F1, Williams was a bad car in 2005(if i m right). Engine is a very important part of a car. Next year, there ll be no refuelling hence the fuel efficiency will matter a lot and Cosworth lacks in this department. Mercedes may be the most powerful engine but it is also vulnerable. It also blew up this year(remember Ruben’s car) . Redbull made a wise decision by sticking to the Renault as it is the most fuel efficient. Williams should have gone for Renault.

  12. Glad to hear Rubens will still be on the grid for next year. Fingers crossed the Cosworth engine proves up to the task…

  13. Aero is still king in F1 .If willams want to do well next year they must have better aero

  14. Well, yet again Rubens Barrichello proves me wrong. I said Ross Brawn would not run him in 2009 and he did, and then that Brawn would drop him and he would retire and he didn’t! It’s almost as if he’s the energizer bunny or something.
    As for the Williams move, that has surprised me also. If anything, the best I thought Barrichello could have hoped for was one of the new teams. I am very interested in Nico Hulkenberg as I know nothing about him other that he comes very highly rated.
    I don’t know what to make of William’s decision to run with Cosworth engines as opposed to Toyota, time will tell I guess. At the moment the Mercedes engines are producing the goods in so many ways, and appear almost bullet proof.
    Rosberg deserves his chance at Brawn. I know alot of people on this site doubt is raw pace and talent, but in truth, the Williams team never produced a reliable car when he was there. Infact, they havn’t produced a super fast car since 2004, one huge reason for them loosing Mark Webber to Red Bull and Juan Montoya to McLaren.

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