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Here come the inevitable Button books 5th November 2009, 19:08

Jenson Button fans will be able to find out more about his surprising championship victory when a new book covering his 2009 campaign is published later this month. Called “Jenson Button – my Championship Year” the publisher describes it as: “a personal diary of the season by Jenson – he gives insider details on all […]

Axe hangs over Renault’s F1 team

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn has said the company could close its F1 team at the end of the year. He told reporters today a decision will be taken before the end of 2009. The team already has Robert Kubica contracted for the 2010 F1 season.

How Toyota got it wrong

In the eight years Toyota spent in F1 there was little success and a great number of missed opportunities. Sport has many examples of teams blessed with an abundance of resources which they proceed to squander. From day one money was no object for Toyota, yet their trio of pole positions and 13 podium finishes […]

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