Here come the inevitable Button books

Jenson Button fans will be able to find out more about his surprising championship victory when a new book covering his 2009 campaign is published later this month.

Called “Jenson Button – my Championship Year” the publisher describes it as: “a personal diary of the season by Jenson – he gives insider details on all the pre-race build-up and preparation, the race itself and the results. There’s a lot of techy detail, but also Jenson’s individual response to everything, including some of his own text messages.”

F1 books – particularly those published to coincide with championship victories – can be bland affairs, but hopefully this title will reveal rather more than we could glen from press conferences and his Twitter account.

I’ll have a review up as soon as I can get a copy, but if you’re already sold you can pre-order a copy of “My Championship Year”.

And it’s not the only new Button title coming out in time for the Christmas rush – Alan Henry’s got one too.

Here’s more on “My Championship Year”:

Press release

Published in hardback by Weidenfeld & Nicolson on 19th Nov 2009, priced ??20

The story of Jenson Button?s astonishing domination of the Formula 1
World Championship 2009

This is Jenson Button?s personal diary of his extraordinary Formula 1 2009 season. He takes a race-by-race approach, beginning each chapter with a run-down of everything from details of the circuit to pre-race testing, changes to the car, and notes on specific strategy and training, fitness and mental preparation.

Jenson relives practice and qualifying sessions, and describes in detail what the race is really like from the driver?s perspective. This personal commentary is interspersed with notes of techie stats and records broken, transcripts of in-car radio exchanges, quotes from the team and even Jenson?s own text messages to give a vivid sense of the spirit and atmosphere of each race weekend.

The book is the chance for fans to discover what it has been like for Jenson to find himself suddenly at the front of the pack, with a truly competitive car, after nine years waiting in the wings. With a foreword from Ross Brawn and an introduction on the events leading up to the first race ?ǣ including the demise of Honda, the last-minute management buyout and genesis of the Brawn team and the development of the most advanced car on the grid ?ǣ it is not only a fascinating and informative read, but also a must-have souvenir of a truly sensational season.

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21 comments on Here come the inevitable Button books

  1. Sush Meerkat said on 5th November 2009, 19:58

    Oh god, these are so boring, why? who the hell buys these sort of books?

    “I went into karting and won, my dad had no money”
    “I won F3000, got into F1 and became a champion”

    Come to think of it Kimi’s book is probably about 3 pages long.

    “woke up in a mclaren, it was ok I suppose”

  2. Chalky said on 5th November 2009, 22:09

    including some of his own text messages.

    I’m sorry has this what our world has come too?
    Why on earth can he not just write something down in proper English?
    Hold on let me guess that SMS….

    Thx 4 buying my book.
    ykw its gr8 2 b wrld champ in f1
    I wrld Champ baby!

  3. Prisoner Monkeys said on 6th November 2009, 9:33

    I remember back in 2007, there was a biography that could be pre-ordered on Amazon about Lewis Hamilton, detailing his career from the moment he started racing right up until his sealing of the title in Japan … a hasty re-write was duly in order.

  4. 25% of you will get this for christmas

    • Sush Meerkat said on 6th November 2009, 10:14

      damn it, your right, my nan always buys me rubbish books at xmas…

      And i can look forward to smelling of old spice after my auntie comes round.

  5. Rob Wilson said on 6th November 2009, 11:49

    i have the Lewis Hamilton one “My Story” and its great, but i dont want the button one XD i think once you’ve read one you’ve read them all lol

  6. Rob B said on 6th November 2009, 18:00

    Why buy the book? Surely BBC will make a documentary on him, as they did with LH, before the next season starts.

  7. ConcedoNulli said on 8th November 2009, 20:04

    Damon Hill did a couple of short pithy books in 95 and 96 if I remember correctly. Interesting view of his position and experiences.

    At the end of the day if you like the team/driver you’ll buy it or loan it from a library. In any event they all end up under a £10 on release in ASDA or TESCO and then after Christmas you’ll pick them up for £3 in Bargain Books.

  8. Nikos said on 9th November 2009, 1:48

    Ooops! He had that already printed before the end of the championship….ha ha ha!! Rubens 4ever!!

  9. Mike "the bike" Schumacher said on 10th November 2009, 22:52

    Books on drivers careers are only good when they’ve finsished their careers.

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