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Is the FIA to blame for teams leaving? 6th November 2009, 19:51

As the F1 world waits to learn whether Renault will join Toyota in quitting the sport, the finger-pointing for the manufacturers’ exodus has already begun. The FIA reacted to Toyota’s decision by claiming it could have been avoided if Max Mosley’s budget cap had been introduced. Meanwhile Ferrari blamed “those who managed Formula 1 over […]

Silverstone given until tomorrow to accept Ecclestone’s ??370m offer

Bernie Ecclestone has told Silverstone it has until tomorrow to accept his offer to host the British Grand Prix in 2010. Silverstone has been left to pick up the pieces after Ecclestone’s attempt to take the race from them and give it to Donington Park failed. Just as it did when he tried to do […]

F1 links: Gordon Murray designs electric car

F1 designer unveils electric car (BBC) "An electric car created by ex-McLaren Formula One designer Gordon Murray has been unveiled." Q & A with Mike Gascoyne (Autosport) "We [Lotus] are looking for two drivers with experience. We are not looking for pay drivers or new drivers. We think that is very important for the team. […]

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