Michael Schumacher’s 1994 title-winning F1 car on sale for ??2.3m (Pictures)

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The car Michael Schumacher won his first championship in is up for sale
The car Michael Schumacher won his first championship in is up for sale

The Benetton-Ford which Michael Schumacher won his first world championship with in 1994 is up for sale on eBay.

According to the seller it is the very car which Michael Schumacher used in the last race of the season, when he infamously crashed into title rival Damon Hill.

A bidding war has broken out for the Benetton B194 pushing the price up to ??2.34m (??2.6m) with six days left before the auction closes.

The seller says the chassis is “the F1 race car with which Michael Schumacher won his first Formula One Driver?s Championship at the Adelaide GP of Australia.” That suggests it is chassis B194/8 which he started the race with. He damaged his original chassis in a crash in Friday practice and the team had to build a new car from another monocoque.

Interestingly, the car is described as being: “in condition as in the 1994 Formula One season with paddle shift and traction control.”

The B194 was at the centre of controversy in 1994 when it was alleged the team were using a traction control system, which had been banned at the end of 1993. The car was found to have a hidden traction control system under a blank menu option – but the team went unpunished.

Schumacher won eight races in 1994 in the B194 (not all of them in this car). He also finished first at Spa but was disqualified.

More information on the car from the seller:

The car is in racing condition, with the painting and sponsoring scheme as in 1994.

The engine was overhauled by Langford Performance Engineering / Wellingborough (UK) and was since then just running a few minutes for test and check reasons.

As you can see on the pictures, there are a lot of spare parts with the car. The pictured boxes are full with brake, suspension, gear and axle parts. Also the complete starter equipment is with the car, including the pre-heat unit and the hydraulic charging unit. (see last two pictures). Even with the car are two sets of wheels (the mounted for raining condition and a set of slicks), front and rear wing and a laptop with software for configuration of the race car. This is just a small and exemplary list of parts, it?s a further bigger amount of parts with it.

For some F1 Grand Prix of the 1994 season absolved with this car are the FIA scrutineer passes given with the car.

The car is located in Canada / Toronto, a visit is possible and welcome.

Import duty and VAT for Germany are paid by the seller, car shipment will be done after a 30% pay down on the price of sale.

If you’ve got two-and-a-half million pounds burning a hole in your pocket, and some room in your garage, you can make a bid here.

Here’s some more pictures of Schumacher’s championship-winning 1994 Benetton-Ford B194:

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  1. I never really liked the Benetton liveries but if I had £10m to spare I’d get it.

  2. This looks all fake to me.

  3. Does it come with the illegal traction control fitted as used by Benneton in 1994?

    1. Yes:

      “The car is in condition as in the 1994 Formula One season with paddle shift and traction control.”

  4. Funny the RCMP are at that farm right now,and CTV news are live to air ….looks like a Ebay scam

    1. I hope so, this will be an awesome hoax! :-D

  5. Amazingly Schumacher won 6 of the first 7 races and then only won the championship by a single point (he actually would have lost it if he played fair) to Damon Hill.

    Of course der schumi was banned for a few races after ignoring a blag flag, but still.

    1. As well as Schumacher being banned for a few races, wasn’t another reason the he only ended up winning the Championship by a single point, was that Williams introduced a B-spec version of the FW16 because of problems with the original version.

  6. Illegal traction control and launch control too?
    Ironic, isn’t it, that Flavio ran this team too? :-)

  7. Obviously I would figure the Sultain of Brunei will be in on the bidding- I believe he owns one car from each WDC since 1980 or something like that. From reports I have read you can still see the red paint on JV’s Williams in his private museum at the palace over there.

    1. I don’t think that’s correct – I remember reading a Williams team member cleaned up Villeneuve’s car afterwards and Frank Williams (or maybe Patrick Head) was annoyed because it would have been worth more with the damage still visible.

  8. the red nose and red front wing is somehow missing

  9. This has been removed from eBay – no explanations or details, just that the item has been removed.

    I wonder what happened to it? If there’s any updates, you’ll keep us updated, won’t you?

  10. Schumacher is a CHEAT. He CHEATED like mad this season!!

  11. I’d love this car but the thing is once you get it where ar you going o race it Legally?

  12. Hey can,t afford the whole car .
    I have the front wing part that broke off when the car went into the tyre wall It is framed and has photo of the crash to prove authenticity what is that worth let me know

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