Mercedes Grand Prix take over Brawn for 2010

Mercedes' illustration of its likely 2010 F1 car livery

Mercedes’ illustration of its likely 2010 F1 car livery

Mercedes has announced it is taking over Brawn GP and rebranding it Mercedes Grand Prix for 2010.

But it remains to be seen whether they will keep world champion Jenson Button in the team.

They are expected to bring in Nico Rosberg and may partner him with a second German driver – possibly Nick Heidfeld.

Button is tipped to move to McLaren – who he visited on Friday – to join Lewis Hamilton in an all-British line-up.

Mercedes will take a 75% share in Brawn. In May I wrote how appealing the idea of a Brawn deal was for Mercedes. Two months ago reports emerged that a deal was on the cards for 2011. That now seems to have been brought forward.

The deal, which sees Mercedes shifting their stake from McLaren to Brawn, should guarantee the future of the team which was sold by Honda almost 12 months ago.

McLaren and Mercedes worked closely together on and off the track after Mercedes became an engine supplier to the F1 team in 1995. The two developed the Mercedes SLR McLaren which was built at the McLaren Technology Centre.

But now Mercedes has used in-house tuners AMG to build its replacement – the SLS – and McLaren has developed a supercar of its own – the MP4-12C.

Expect the 2010 Mercedes F1 car to take on the silver colouring that’s been associated with McLaren since 1997 (see illustration above). It will be the first time Mercedes has run its own F1 team since 1955 when it had a British driver in its line-up – Stirling Moss.

McLaren could return to their historic orange colour scheme. Mercedes’ press release, reproduced in full below, says:

The change to the form of co-operation is taking place by mutual agreement. Mercedes-Benz and McLaren will continue to co-operate with each other and the supply of engines could continue until 2015.

Is this the sad loss of a giant-killing independent team, or a welcome vote of confidence from a major manufacturer? And how would Hamilton and Button fare as team mates? Have your say in the comments.

Mercedes take over Brawn

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318 comments on Mercedes Grand Prix take over Brawn for 2010

  1. I still believe dat Mclaren would gain more wid KIMI rather than wid Button. I wonder if Button would succeed dere, better stay wid Brawn

  2. StrFerrari4Ever said on 16th November 2009, 17:12

    Brilliant :D My Favourite Car Manufacturer finally has it’s own team to run with the majority of control! This just makes the 2010 season seem like a feast waiting to be served to us fans can’t wait.

  3. gazzap said on 16th November 2009, 17:13

    Button will always be in Hamiltons shadow at Mac.

  4. Hallard said on 16th November 2009, 17:28

    This will be much more humorous if mercedes becomes the next manufacturer to leave the sport and Ross Brawn leads a second management-buyout of the team :)
    But I really do like the look of the livery; silver with naked carbon fiber. I always wonder why more teams dont use naked carbon fiber composite as part of their liveries.

    • McPhil said on 16th November 2009, 17:33

      I always wonder why more teams dont use naked carbon fiber composite as part of their liveries.

      Probably because it costs extra to make it look pretty, so they might as well paint it.
      Williams used a bit of “naked” carbon fibre on their cars this year though…

      • Hallard said on 16th November 2009, 21:12

        Its just a matter of applying a clear-coat over the resin, instead of paint/primer. I cant imagine it being that expensive to do. Although it would just look dark-gray to TV audiences (especially since F1 is still not broadcast in HD) so maybe thats got something to do with it. Still a shame, because in my opinion it looks fantastic.

  5. A heavy decision for the M-B team: Do we keep the reigning driver’s champ or go with 2 German pilots? Seems a no-brainer to me, especially if $$$$ are no longer an issue. Keep the champ and pay him his due, bring in Nico and have him push Jenson for all he’s worth. If I were Jenson, I’d stay the course with MB if the pay is there for the taking.

    Nick is past his sell date.

    The fly in the ointment is McLaren: I believe they will pay Jenson more then Brawn/MB is willing, just to steal their thunder and have 2 Brit WC’s on the grid the next year. I hope Jenson can stand up to the pressure of competing against the family bred and favored driver. Tough spot to be in, but I think Button has come a long way in the past ten years and can beat Hamilton, all things being equal.

    And next year will be a new game, with no refueling.

  6. Is no-one else worried Jenson could be without a drive?

  7. are maclaren getting a new engine

  8. George said on 16th November 2009, 18:08

    Raikkonen to McLaren, Heidfeld to Brawn, Button to BTCC please!

  9. Adam Tate said on 16th November 2009, 18:12

    If money were no option, I’d almost expect to see a bidding war for Kimi’s services next season. In either the McLaren of the Mercedes (Brawn) he would fly. But if he doesn’t make it, the seats will and should go to Heidfeld and Jenson. I’d rather see the all german lineup at Mercedes as I think Nick and Nico would compliment eachother nicely and both would finally get much deserved first wins. Going into this last season I felt both of them along with Webber were the drivers most deserving of a win that had not got one yet. Jenson would really be tested against Lewis though. Anyone’s best hope to compete with the Massa/Alonso juggernaut at Ferrari would have to be a Lewis/Kimi pairing because sparks would fly.

  10. richard said on 16th November 2009, 18:13

    If Mercedes have bought 45.1% of Brawn from Daimler and 30% from Aabar; when did they buy their respective stakes in Brawn. You say that Aabar held the Daimler stake to start with so does that mean Aabar bough 75.1% per cent to then sell 45.1 on to Daimler who have now transferred that to Mercedes. The question is still when did Aabar buy 75.1% of Brawn and from whom, Mr R. Brawn or Mr. Honda. My guess is the Aabar deal went through about the time Brawn turned down Virgin’s money as not enough and Branson suggested Brawn were ‘now’ too expesnive. That was way back before the summer, which means the McLaren relationship must have been going wronf for quite some time. If the ideal driver line up for any team is a super fast championship contender supported by a nealry as fast mature an experienced car set up expert then neither Rosberg nor Heidfeld are proven in these roles. I know Jenson was not viewed as a champion 12 months ago but he had won a GP and qualified on pole. Rosberg has done neither.

    • mp4-19b said on 16th November 2009, 18:29

      Merc have always wanted a German race winning driver & never got one during their partnership with mclaren.

      Jochen Mass is too old. So leaves us with 2 options.

      Schumi & Vettel. Wouldn’t be too surprised if either one turns up to drive for them.

      And these numbers really confuses me.

    • Daimler is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz. Daimler/MB bought 45% from Brawn, Fry et al, while 30% was purchased by Aabar, which in turn owns 9% or so of Daimler (the largest single shareholder). The price being bandied around for the 75% is around £75m, of which Ross Brawn got around half. Handy money.

      Business is so incestuous. :)

  11. A multimillionaire Japanese design under a British Team manager specifications, who took an advantage thanks to Max personal interests, funded now by Arab interests and wearing a great (and historic) German Livery.

    Every time I see that pic, the car looks like a threatening champion!!!

    Button, try to downsize your (economic) pretensions and stay with them…

    Special thanks to Mr. “ERROR 500″ who was busy with others during a few minutes, allowing me to post something…. ;-)

    • mp4-19b said on 16th November 2009, 18:33

      Special thanks to Mr. “ERROR 500″

      LOL!! :P

      I’d typed a page long comment(25 min continuous) clicked the “submit comment”
      Only to find Mr “Error 500″ to greet me. 8)

  12. Lucas.M said on 16th November 2009, 18:44

    Button is almost definetly going to McLaren with Hamilton, Mercedes might be made up of two Germans, Nico Rosberg and Nick Heidfeld

  13. i predict tears in paradise by next june!!!!
    should be fun….

  14. merce-f1 team?
    cool, its about time for them to compete with ferrari for real
    f1 gonna b as excitin as ever
    many fallen f1 ex- champs (alonso, obama-f1-driver-of-uk) to prove themselves
    car makers ( ferrari, mercedes, lotus-proton, renault) to give their best
    and to forget
    sore losers at the back of the grid and every finish lines

  15. The loss of Brawn makes me sad. Me stat though, surely Brawn is the only team to win the championship on its first, last, and only attempt. (Vanwall won in 1958 and didn’t enter a full season again, but did enter a few individual races).

    • Lucas.M said on 16th November 2009, 19:18

      No need to worry, this is like BMW buying Sauber, it was still named Sauber but with BMW as their real name

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