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Prost to race Duster on ice 19th November 2009, 18:41

The Dacia range of cars isn’t sold here in Britain and the brand is probably best known for Top Gear’s running joke about James May’s fixation with its Sandero model. But Renault is to give its economy brand a boost by entering it in the annual Trophee Andros ice-racing tournament in France – with four-times […]

Will you miss Kimi Raikkonen? (Poll)

Kimi Raikkonen has scotched rumours that he could join Mercedes and now looks set to spend at least one year out of the F1 cockpit. Reading comments here and on other sites I’ve been surprised by the outpourings of dismay over Raikkonen’s departure from F1 and sympathy towards him. But when there’s at least 11 […]

“F1 2009″ by Codemasters (Wii)

Codemasters picked two formats for their new official Formula 1 game “F1 2009″. Yesterday we looked at the handheld Sony PSP version – but what’s the game like played in full screen on a Nintendo Wii? Read on to find out.

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