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BMW to spend F1 money on films 24th November 2009, 20:22

It’s bad enough BMW has chosen to quit F1. But now according to Variety magazine they’re going to used the money they’ve saved putting more adverts into films: BMW stunned Hollywood six years ago when it left the entertainment biz in its rearview mirror. But BMW now wants to make a comeback, hiring Propaganda GEM […]

Who should get the second Mercedes?

Mercedes Grand Prix announced their first driver yesterday and few were su[prised to discover it was Nico Rosberg. Who will end up in the second car run by the championship-winners is a much more interesting question as it’s probably the most coveted vacant seat in F1. Who do you think should get it?

F1 2009: Memorable moments (Part 2)

What were the best memorable moments of 2009? Here’s what you suggested as the funniest, most exciting and happiest memories of the 2009 F1 season.

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