Force India keep Sutil and Liuzzi for 2010

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Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi keep their Force India drives for 2010
Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi keep their Force India drives for 2010

Force India once talked about getting an Indian racer in one of their cars but it won’t happen next year: they’ve decided to start 2010 with the same two drivers they ended 2009 with.

Adrian Sutil will start his fourth season as an F1 racer and continue his run of starting every race for Force India.

And Vitantonio Liuzzi will pick up where he left off having started the last five races for the team this year.

Force India are the fifth team to confirm their full line-up for next year, joining McLaren, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull. The latter are the only other team so far to have retained their end-of-2009 driver pairing for next year.

Liuzzi had been tipped to race for the team in 2010 even before he took Giancarlo Fisichella’s place following this year’s Belgian Grand Prix.

So far Liuzzi is the only Italian driver confirmed on the grid for next year, with Fisichella confined to a Ferrari test role and Jarno Trulli facing life without Toyota. But Trulli is rumoured to be considering a drive at Lotus.

Sutil is the fifth German driver to be confirmed on the 2010 grid. The only German driver on the grid this year not yet confirmed for 2010 is Nick Heidfeld, who is tipped to join Nico Rosberg at Mercedes.

Have Force India picked the best line-up available to them? Does it matter if they don’t put an Indian driver in their car? Have your say in the comments.

Sutil and Liuzzi stay at Force India

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  1. Good move to continue with experience next year. Technically speaking, Force India should be the 6th best team on the grid next year. USF1, Lotus, Campos, Manor (and Sauber/Stefan…?) are all new and unlikely to set the world alight next year. So thats 5 of the 12(/13) teams out the way, so Force India would be the 8th best team at least.

    Then factor out Williams who will be using Cosworth engines, which were never brilliant in their hey day anyway, and they’re very fuel thirsty, meaning the cars will have to be very heavy with fuel. So unless Williams have a killer aero package next year, thats them out. Meaning Force India would be 7th, at least.

    And finally there is Toro Rosso, who in 2010 will be a constructor in their own right, having to develop their own parts and cars rather than getting hand-me-downs from the big sister Red Bull. I dont expect Toro Rosso to get it dead on in their first season alone.

    So, actually, Force India could be the 6th best team next year. Not bad considering they were the worst of bunch last year and the year before…!

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