Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

Name your top driver of 2009
Name your top driver of 2009

Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel? Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso?

Who do you think was the best F1 driver of 2009? Cast your vote below to decide the F1 Fanatic driver of the year.

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211 comments on “Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)”

          1. Yeah, I gotta say I was rooting for Chello all season, the underdog of the underdogs.

            But then, I think that if you had given all the drivers an equal car, Hamilton would’ve won it, so that’s why I voted for him

          2. He took a poor car and win.

            Sorry, mate, but this is ********. As long as McLaren had a poor car – Hamilton drove poorly.
            Let me remind you of how the season looked.

            Grand Prix / Finished:
            ESP – 9th
            MON – 12th
            TUR – 13th
            GBR – 16th
            GER – 18th

            Hamilton was not better than Luca Badoer in his races.

            Then McLaren did some fantastic improvements and suddenly had the best car in the field (that suited the tracks):

            HUN – 1st
            EUR – 2nd

          3. People seem to have forgotten about liegate, and altough Hamiltons preformances make him almost desrve top spot, its because of liegate that he shouldn’t be rated No.1 this year. I don’t hate Hamilton, if it was any other driver I wouldn’t rate them either.

            The drivers this year made a lot of mistakes. The only ones I can’t remember making mistakes are Kubica, Alonso and Heidfeld in particular. Altough maybe I just didn’t notice cause they were so far back.

            Best, most consistent driver with the greatest preformences was Rosberg. If it wasn’t for overstepping the pit exit line in singapore he would hve been flawless.

          4. I didn’t make any mistakes in F1 this year either. That doesn’t mean I did anything right either … In fact it doesn’t mean I did anything in F1.

          5. im sorry Damon, how can you shun Hamilton’s performance from Spain to Britain? he had a truly awful car. Badoer had a solid points finishing car in his hands, so dont compare the two guys.

            As long as McLaren had a poor car – Hamilton drove poorly.

            huh? his car was cra* in melbourne yet he drove it from the back up to 3rd (albeit he was then told to lie by the people he trusted.)

  1. Gotta be Jenson – he’s the World Champion, after all. Even if the equipment was there, he still had to produce the goods to take the title – and he did just that.

  2. I voted Button because as Keith said he made some awesome overtaking maneuver in Bahrain & mainly in Brazil.He kept his head cool & won the championship in Brazil.

  3. It was very close call my standings.
    I voted for Lewis because if you compare all the above driver with their partners Lewis simply outclassed Heikki.I know you will argue that Heikki is very poor driver compared to others but even margin was huge.

      1. You can’t compare Heikki with Nakajima,who has not scored even a single point in his last 20 GP appearances and has barely scored couple of pts in last 29 GPs.Heikki is far better than Nakajima.

    1. Yep, but as you told, Heikki is a very poor driver. so I think you’re quite right when you say that we should compare the gap, but Jenson and Seb – although they had strong partners – have been able to beat them with a good advantage in the championship.

      1. Heikki is a very poor driver? Are you kidding me?

        Compared to Hamilton he doesn’t look so hot maybe, but he destroyed Fisichella in his rookie year at Renault. Even having to change his driving style to cope with a car that was built for Fisichella’s driving style.

        In GP2 he was pretty close to Rosberg.

          1. Well, then you would be wrong.

            To recap:
            – Heikki was a rookie
            – The car was built to suit Fisichella

            So yeah, Heikki took a few races to get used to the car. From Canada onwards, Heikki was a regular points finisher while Fisichella barely made it into the top 10.

            Heikki scores 27 points vs Fisichella 8.

  4. I like how raikonnen underservingly has so many votes.

    My vote goes for Rosberg, because he was consistently faster than his team mate and consistently made the top 5 with a worse car. I think he will be great next year for Mercedes

    1. undeservingly? for a while he was the one who had collected the most points and if u have watched f1 then u should know how awful he’s car was during the whole season, and he had like 6 podiums in a row+ 1 victory, so deserves this many votes very much.

      1. yes, undeservingly

        if you want to discuss most points in a period of time, then you’d have to say Jensen, he had the most points in the period of time the poll refered too. And then you’d still have a load of drivers with more points than kimi.

        If you are going by having a bad car and making points, like i did, i’d have to go with Rosberg, who had a worse car than kimi but was more consistent

  5. A hard decision, but I chose Button for his consistency and lack of mistakes compared to other drivers.

    You could argue that Button’s results in the second half of the season were about defending his championship lead rather than going all out for the win every time, something Hamilton was criticised for not doing especially in 2007.

    You could also say that some of the other drivers made mistakes because they were pushing their car to the limit to try and catch up, which left no margin for error. For example in the wet at the Chinese GP Hamilton was taking more risks and overtaking, but then lost some of those places because he spun a few times, while Kovalainen in the other McLaren finished ahead because although he wasn’t pushing as hard and he may not have been as fast at times he kept the car on the track.

          1. Yes, but in 2008 Button was really nowhere. The car was as good as a dog’s backside, and he lost all motivation.

            Button has heaps of tallent, just very rarely in his career has had chance to prove himself. Benetton screwed him over, Williams wasnt a good car at the time and the BAR Honda/Honda wasnt the best of cars.

            Of all the drivers who completed the FULL season this year, who had that most points, most points finishes, most finishes, most wins? Button.

            Button made some of the best overtaking manouveres this year, and probably made the most overtakes this year overall.

  6. To me it’s quite difficult to decide, because I think all of them did mistakes and came in troubles for different reasons during the season. So I think the best driver of the year is the one – among them – who did less mistakes and this is the reason I think Jenson deserves the title and the “driver-of-the-year-award”. Don’t you think so?

  7. I went for Hamilton. The 3rd that never was in Australia, points in Malaysia and China where the wet weather would have made handling the early MP4-24 even worse than usual, 4th in Bahrain, the fight to 9th in Spain, the promise of Monaco, the gutsy “for the hell of it” drive at Silverstone – and that’s before the McLaren was any good!

    Might have won in Germany (though that would have been down to Webber’s drive-through I’m sure); a real driver’s win in Hungary where he out-performed a Webber in a better car (that overtaking move was superbly textbook from start to finish) and drove intelligently to save his tyres (some say it was Red Bull’s tyre choice that cost them the win but Lewis was already way ahead at the first stop); fought for victory in Valencia, caught out in Spa qualifying like many others; the fight to win at Monza which showed his ability, determination, and racer’s attitude; Singapore where for the first time all year he had the best car on the day and blitzed everyone, 3rd at Suzuka whilst fighting hard for 2nd, the brilliant (if aided by strategy) fight to 3rd in Brazil, and blitzing everyone at Abu Dhabi before his brakes started to give out.

    Button was the worthy WDC but all in all I think Lewis put in the better performance over the season. Interestingly, as of now the two of them take up 58% of the share of the current vote…

  8. Beating your teammate is relevant only within the team but has no bearing whatsoever relative to the rest of the grid, IMHO. Just look at the final points standings to determine which driver had the best year and the rest follow in descending order.

    If you want to get abstract in rating one off or limited race performances than I would give my vote to Kobayashi, the guy was off the hook in his limited appearances. He deserves a ride next year.

  9. Hamilton winning this is a foregone conclusion. Hell, if he stalled his car on the grid all season and didn’t finish one race people would still vote for him.

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