Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

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Name your top driver of 2009
Name your top driver of 2009

Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel? Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso?

Who do you think was the best F1 driver of 2009? Cast your vote below to decide the F1 Fanatic driver of the year.

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211 comments on “Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)”

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  1. Kimi is first now. How ridiculous

    1. Yeah, that’s the problem with these online polls. There will always be some fanclub trying to mess stuff up.

      Besides Raikkonen, Vettel is ranked ridiculously high all of a sudden too.

      Keith usually knows how to clean away the bad votes though.

      1. Yeah although I love Vettel I don’t think he was the best driver of the year cos if he hadn’t have made a few mistakes he might have won it. But he did do a good job at the end of the year, so I think he deserves the amount of votes he’s got.

        1. fanclub trying to mess !! its the truth !! try to live with it !! cheerio

      2. haha! Why have a poll when the mod needs to clean up ‘bad votes’? Are they bad votes because you don’t agree with them?

        There were so many guys that battled in the first half of the season and others that battled in the second half.

        Button: worthy champion
        Vettel: best driver

        1. Well if people frustrate the voting proces then they are bad votes. They might even be voting more than once.

    2. Why can’t he be driver of the year? His car was horribly unreliable losing a LOT of points at the beginning of the year, and his and his teams mistakes losing him some points. He dragged a car to victory when it wasn’t one of the best cars there.

      While the McLaren was horrible for the first half of the season, it was one of the best cars in the second half, which allowed it to score the big points, while the Ferrari was consistently average. To finish just one point behind Lewis and nearly single handedly (in the second half) managed to get Ferrari 3rd place.

      Think about it this way, in the first half of the season Raikkonen and Hamilton had 10 points each. Hamilton did have a worse car at that stage of the season, so Raikkonen should have achieved more points. But in the second half of the season, Hamilton scored 39 points and Raikkonen scored 38…

      McLaren had a winning package by that Germany, the Ferrari stopped development by then, so surely Raikkonen did a better job in that period?

      He may not be your driver of the year, but to call it ridiculous is silly, just like it would be if I said Hamilton beingcalled driver of the year is dumb.

      1. Kav – you’ve just put into words everything in my head as to why I voted for kimi being the best :)

        1. Whoops was meant to write “To finish just one point behind Lewis and nearly single handedly (in the second half) managed to get Ferrari 3rd place was a great achievement”

          And Kayleigh, it is really annoying seeing Kimi not receive the credit he deserves this year. He did fantastic this year, he looked like the McLaren Kimi at Monaco, and in the second half of the year. The guy dragged a car from 6th to victory for goodness sake! We always moan whenever we only see races from pole or through the pits, but whenever we have an actual race, no one noticees! I mean I’m not a blind Kimi fanboy, I can admit when he was rubbish like in the second half of last year but I can also see when he has done great.

          It was the same as last year, Massa didn’t enough credit for his achievements. Okay he may have benefited from 2 points in Spa and another 1 in Japan, but he did great. He did lose points in some races, but he also lost 20+ points through no fault of his own. His performance deserved him around 120 points that year. His mistakes were decisive only because of his reliability and team mistakes.

  2. Despite myself, I had to vote for Button – if the question had been who was the best RACER of 2009, I’d have to say Hamilton.

    Kimi leading the poll… some very strange energy around here with everything related to Kimi lately.

  3. I’m almost done re-watching the races, perhaps with a more open mind, and as a Vettel fan I’ve come to realise that I had blanked many great Button drives / overtakes from my mind because I was so frustrated with his dominance at the time. Now I must say he is certainly a worthy champion, perhaps the best driver of the year. although I voted Hamilton

  4. Well it certainly wasn’t Button.

    Hamilton or Raikonnen I’d say. Although I’m sure Massa would’ve put in a better effort had he not got his head smacked in.

  5. Kimi Kimi who else has the ability to drive that bullock Ferrari…
    Its kimi none of them can get this!!

  6. What’s the problem about Kimi being first??? He’s the best driver,that’s all.There’s nothing “ridiculous” as somebody said :roll: KEEP FLYING! You’ll never walk alone :)

  7. No doubt about it…Kimi’s d best….

    he led a bullock cart to victory and extremely consistent performances!!

  8. fan clubs trying to mess with the poll?? what a bunch of sour grapes around here…Lewis isn’t the only driver out there, you know! Considering the fact that he doesn’t even know a RED light means stop, I’m totally surprised how he managed to get so many votes..no doubt thnks to some fan club trying to “mess things” there too…

    1. move on…… he’s the best driver so he gets a lot of votes… =P besides who did u vote for? nelson? =P


  9. a lot of foul play by kimi fans X(

    1. u have a problem with the number of Kimi fans in this world?

    2. lol dude !! :P !! why ??

      1. i am a kimi fan myslef … but i voted for lewis coz he was the best

        1. he was the best ??in what way ??winning with a good car and crawling with a bad car???is this what you call THE BEST !! COme on man !!

  10. Big names and person are always talked a lot. Who´s name is picked up mostly in this block? I´d like to say Kimi. As a Kimi fan I´d like to say he was the best, but maybe I rate for Barrichello with reasons I would not like to get you bored =)

  11. Yes people you got it right,Kimi is no.1!Blame me cause I casted one vote for him n theres reason for it.Ever heard a commentator say “driver of the era”?or may be “the greatest racer”?Probably no,because no Lewis or Jenson can put up 10 best laptimes even if the are give f117!No favouritism could win u championship neither does anyones gift..We have theories in lots to suggest whose who but still it is quite evidnt when u open up your eyes..

    1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
      29th November 2009, 20:29

      Your vote is for “driver of the year” the year of 2009. What did Kimi do?

    2. f.a fantastic alonso
      30th November 2009, 8:57

      Alonso was always to be the best he did 5th in Australia and Singapore 3rd that’s great but kimi worse can come.

  12. Jraybay-Hamiltonmclarenfan
    29th November 2009, 20:26

    I know I am a massive fan of lewis and mclaren but I really thought he did the best job.And the team gets a nod too. The car was horrible…maybe 2 and a half seconds slower than the front runners beginning of the season and he still scored points here and there. Mclaren continued to develop the car until it was competitive, way to go boys :D . Oh and he had a 3rd in asutralia, brill drive. until the f.i.a investigated their radio communication on the Trulli incident. He would have been in good shape if he kept the 3RD.

    Lewis is one of the best in the field and it was great to see him push the car even though it may not have been the best.

    One more thing. Why is kimi Raikkonen leading this poll? That is a load of cr*p. He is overrated and he didn’t drive well at all this season except his spa victory where kers benefits largely.

    My list would be
    Barrichello- the old guy being consistent
    And all those rookies this year who did fairly well.

    1. yep mclaren and lewis \m/ >_<

    2. come and agree
      30th November 2009, 9:02

      I agree with what you say except for Webber he got this high by fluke.He is a c**p driver he’s so s****d. But good decisions

      1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
        30th November 2009, 16:40

        Well… I’m not a big webber fan but I thought he did excellent to rebound from the drive through penalty at nurburgring, for his first victory. And he had some solid drives during the season.A second victory at brasil. He showed that he does have abit of pace. Even though he vettel qualified better than him almost every race. Thanks m8.

    3. What did Lewis do better than Kimi this year? Excepting crashing and spinning few times, of course… :p

      1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
        30th November 2009, 16:32

        He crashed once by himself. he spun about 3 times at shanghai.I guess thats enough for you hamilton haters to put kimi above all. What did kimi do this year? Except be mediocre… :P

  13. HAHAHA Thats brilliant, Kimi “the best driver of 2009”. Hes not even the best driver at Ferrari. What is it, the teen vote he gets or something, cos hes got a skateboard and “dares” not to do corporate stuff? Rock n roll but its about driving not skiving. Most over rated driver since Eddie Irvine and similarly loved for his lifestyle not his driving style.

    1. not every teen is an idiotic skater anarchist..just because you came across a 12 year old who was blaming the system because his parents sent him to bed at 10PM and happened to post a gazillion “kimi kimi kimi kimi”s on a few too many forums doesn’t mean all Kimi fans are alike..as you can see, there are plenty of Kimi fans (and F1 fans for that matter) to choose from, other than snot-nosed kids

  14. Despite all the criticism,Kimi is the best and you can see it by looking this poll.And how many fans does Kimi have! Ferrari are just loosers for let him leave the team,he was their champion.Hopefully,Kimi will join Mercedes GP next year and fight for the wins because HE’S THE ONE! GO KIMI!!!

    1. well, since Badoer has received 27 votes it’s very difficult to say that this poll actually reflects the reality..but Kimi (until now) has got the most votes, and that must count for something in the eyes of the ones who say he’s a bad racer just because he’s not as colorful (I’m NOT being racist here) as Hamilton..when Kimi saw himself in the midfield or at the back, he didn’t begin to question his team and didn’t imply wanting to go to another team, or even say he’s thinking of quitting the sport (you know who I’m talking about, UK)..he (Kimi)stuck to it and delivered..Hamilton on the other hand, as soon as the formidable McLaren engineers hit the sweet spot and Lewis was at the top again, it was a wonderful life and cooperation all over again..I can and would give you many other examples, but it’s half past twelve in this corner of the earth so..

      ps the reason I’m replying to you, Alexandra, is to ultimately ask you where are you from? :)

      1. Romania :)

        1. me too :)..I mean, “si eu”..I hate having to go off topic

          1. comments being moderated -.-

      2. In relation to drivers who were not in the top two cars this year (Brawn and Red Bull), you’ve hit the nail firmly on the head.

        Kimi may not be charismatic, but he gets the job done. Very, very, very, very, very rarely critical of his machinary or team and just does his talking on the track. How does this not deserve a top drive in F1?

        In fact, I don’t believe being charismatic is in a driver’s job description?

  15. u r so right Alexandra! Kimi is the one, as u said.

    And someone asked “what did he do in 2009”?
    Oh yeah? did u even bother watching all the races? Do u even have the faintest idea about wht kinda “car” Ferrari had? jus chk out the number of votes for darling Alonso…to think he replaced Kimi in a Ferrari…we all kno how people hafta suck up to each other and play a lotta games to be considered “great” in formula one..jus coz Kimi doesn’t do tht doesn’t mean he is “over rated”

    And wht Kimi does during his non race days isn’t anybody’s business…this poll is about the best “driver” right? not about who is the good son who always lets his dad, brother, girl frnd, sister, mother etc etc tag along to each and every race…

    1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
      30th November 2009, 17:17

      Can you explain what Kimi did in 2009? you didn’t do that.

      Who cares if he brings his family. You don’t like them either? Its funny cause they havent even raced lol. Let the guy bring his family. Is it such a big deal? They seem to be the only support he recieves these days.

      1. well, lewismclarenfan, sine its obvious your opinions are objective and as unbiased as they can be, you can sure check some comments from this and a few other articles and you can see some good solid arguments for why Kimi did a good job in 2009..but I’m not tackling you in any way, nor I am instigating another discussion with opposite opinions (whether they’re well-dounded or not)..plus, your spontaneous “lol”s are so relevant to your arguments that they are just too difficult to fight back with cursive eloquent sentences..maybe a roflmao would spice it up a notch, eh?

        1. since it’s *..and founded *..sorry, this keyboard is uncontrollable, it seems to be alive sometimes

          1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
            30th November 2009, 19:45

            Must be a pc ;) . jk – acronym for “Just kidding”

        2. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
          30th November 2009, 19:43

          I’m not tackling you either. I’m a little blunt. I like your comments and I am fully aware that Kimi did ok, actually. Previous comments were definitly uneducated. A few podiums and a victory at spa. But to get as many votes as he did here is ridiculous. You can’t justify all of those votes. Oh Ok thanks for correcting my grammar, teacher. An “lol” doesn’t hurt anybody. Just a little acronym . Maybe Will put roflmao in next time we chat ;)

          1. there wasn’t any grammar correction, I was just correcting my own spelling mistakes..plus, I’m way, way too young to be referred to as teacher, as sarcastic and acidic that may be..and with the “lol” thing, it’s just something I think is downgrading to one’s level of intelligence whenever it’s written..I can understand and assimilate the origin of the acronym, but the present over-usage of the now-might-as-well-be-considered word is scraping my brain like a rusty pin needle..anyway, I was talking about Kimi and his performance this year..and I wasn’t making specific reference to the votes, because they really don’t show the whole would-be reliable truth with Badoer now on 34 votes and Nakajima on 12 (however I do think that Badoer did ok for a test driver, comparing his performances with Fisico’s)..he did good, he did really good (I think..I’m not saying all those King of Spa, “Best EVAH” nonsense) this season, and I (as well as others) have been writing for what reasons I think that in previous comments, so there’s no need to make you read the same thing over and over again

        3. a most eloquent diatribe i have had the pleasure of reading… :D

          1. i’d like to point out that this comment was for your previous commetn.. i have no idea why it was published here

          2. what, the one where I was correcting myself? :P

  16. Barrichello 2% 46 votes
    Webber 4% 44 votes

    How does that work?

  17. I think Kimi is an excellent driver and did a stellar job with a dog of a car this year, but is he really driver of the year folks?

    He’s my favourite driver of the current crop, but I still believe Button did the best job this year overall. C’mon people, smell the roses. You might be anti-Button, most of you, but you cant deny he did the best job overall?

    1. I’m not anti-Button..I’ve loved Button ever since Spa 2000..2004 was a very good season, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him do so well, and at Hungary 2006 I was really excited..he’s a hell of a bloke, great driver..and this year he deserved the championship, indeed he did..it’s all this hype about him not faring outstandingly for most of the year which is wrong..but for Button-haters, what if the season had gone backwards?what if Button had won 6 of the final 7 races?wouldn’t that have been a terrific championship?..anyway, I for one am not taking anything away from Button, I’m just giving a touch more credit to Kimi, that’s all..but hey, I’m just one guy and this is just one lousy opinion

  18. kimi kimi kimi….
    If Hamilton the crying baby got this much votes how much votes should kimi get…

    Kimi deserves everything…Hamilton and button are like 1 day mosquito!!!

  19. if this poll was fair… i’d say lewis wud win it anyday

    1. this poll has become a tool to salvage pride for kimi … kimi is a good driver … no point arguing that … but the poll is for 2009 be sensible

      1. I wouldn’t think that deep..maybe most of the 1000+ people who voted for him think he’s the actually best driver this year..it’s not like Kimi fans are a secret global society that logs on to 1000 different computers and votes for Kimi..the reason for this commented “outburst”, if you will, of Kimi fans is the fact that we’re really really upset that he has left F1..and up until now, just like him, we solely did our “job”, watching the races quietly and contently whichever the result was, keeping one eye on him and other six on the rest of the race, not attempting to write “oh Kimi is a god among drivers” etc everywhere we could lay our keyboards on, unlike a certain group of fans (next Schumacher, next Senna, all that cock-and-bull)..anyway, I don’t think this poll is a digital commemorative plaque or anything..it just shows some opinions..1000 opinions to be approximate for the upteenth time..if I were to be (and at some level, I am) 100% objective I’d go for Rosberg but even that would be bashed for being biased, at least on this .co.uk. website..and if should a co-national of mine manage to land an F1 spot (God forbid), I personally don’t think I’ll be supporting him to the end of the world, but fortunately that won’t be the case in the near future

        1. this is once again not an opinion … its a vent out of angst that’s all …. everyone knows how lewis excelled his team mate and was far off points of him … with the same car … lewis ought to win…. and yeah see the orkut community if u want where ppl accept plainly that they voted 20 times or something =P

          1. Lewis did had the same car as Heikki..with 2 races in advance

  20. my foot lewis…

    that crybaby can perform ONLY in a competitive car…..and he cries and threatens to quit if the car is uncompetitive..!!

    kimi never ever complained…..yet he performed!!

    1. that’s the problem he never takes it against the team … and the team keeps snubbing him ……. =P as for lewis he gets what he asks for =P

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