Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

Name your top driver of 2009

Name your top driver of 2009

Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel? Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso?

Who do you think was the best F1 driver of 2009? Cast your vote below to decide the F1 Fanatic driver of the year.

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211 comments on Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

  1. chaostheory said on 27th November 2009, 20:34

    Kimi Raikkonen – it was a pleasure to watch him driving.

  2. I’d vote for Lewis if I could, but it seems you can only vote once per internet connection.

    I don’t get how people think winning the WDC instantly makes you the best driver. I really don’t like Button but I admit he drove really well this year, but that doesn’t make him the best of the year.

  3. Zarathustra said on 27th November 2009, 21:55

    Voted for Hamilton, usually I hate his silly boy attitude off track but in the race he was giving all he got this year.

    Vettel was also good (minus lol Melbourne crash), same Button (minus lol big handicap in the first half of season).

    I would want to vote for my fellow countryman (Kubica) but since car was crap and his superiors from BMW were butthurt for him like always (this is no excuse though) he was not even trying this year…

  4. Choltz said on 27th November 2009, 22:49

    How did Badoer get more votes then Rosberg? lol

  5. Melanie said on 27th November 2009, 22:50

    Seems like the pole at least so far is actually pretty reliable Button, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel were properly the best drivers of the year.

  6. anakincarlos said on 28th November 2009, 2:00

    Kimi and lewis drove well for half the year. But only half especially kimi. I voted for webber. I cannot remember someone achiveing what webber did with a broken leg(Tibia and Fibula).He was inspiring from Melbourne to the very last minute at abu dabi against button.2010 bring it on.

    • Yep. Webbo got my vote for a host of reasons – mainly because of his racy & agressive take no prisoners style, his 2 awesome wins which were just the class of the field on the day, his overtaking abilty, and last but not least because he proved his strength of character being able to drive at all, when the rest of us would still have been hobbling around on crutches come the start of the F1 season.

      At least his customary bad luck seemed to desert him (although it made a few guest appearances this season) and he was finally given a car which could show what he was capable of.

      Oh and before anyone accuses me of being a blindy patriotic Aussie, much as I like Webber, he is not my favourite driver. Alonso is, but I just can’t say that Alonso performed better than Mark this season. Sure Nando drove fantastically given his handicap with the R29, and he is definitely top 5, I still think Mark had the goods this season.

  7. theRoswellite said on 28th November 2009, 2:39

    So, I guess we all decided that the term “best” is about as subjective as it is possible to get, that being said, if you have every driver drive in every car at every race, and they have relatively the same “luck” over the entirety of the season…who ends up with the most points?

    Vettel. (who edges out Lewis & Alonso, with a little more seperation to Massa and Kimi)

    Thanks boys for your time.

  8. wasiF1 said on 28th November 2009, 7:48

    It looks like its head to head between the two British drivers,they will be teammate next season,hope they fight till end for the world championship.

  9. I read many of these comments with ammusement. I would just like to point out “who is the best driver of 2009?”actually means-

    who is the best driver of 2009

    it doesn’t really mean any of the following-

    Who do you fancy?
    vote for your countries driver’s.
    Vote for the best driver’s of 2008.
    Who are you a fanboy of?

    Personally I voted for JB for 1 reason I read the poll question and decided he had the best year.

  10. Alpinestar said on 28th November 2009, 17:21

    I say Jenson Button was the driver of the year but Hamilton was the BEST driver. I think he really matured as a driver this year and we drove his heart out even when his car was never the best. I believe we can expect some more great things from him next year.

  11. TommyB said on 29th November 2009, 12:49

    Kimi is first now. How ridiculous

    • Patrickl said on 29th November 2009, 13:22

      Yeah, that’s the problem with these online polls. There will always be some fanclub trying to mess stuff up.

      Besides Raikkonen, Vettel is ranked ridiculously high all of a sudden too.

      Keith usually knows how to clean away the bad votes though.

      • Yeah although I love Vettel I don’t think he was the best driver of the year cos if he hadn’t have made a few mistakes he might have won it. But he did do a good job at the end of the year, so I think he deserves the amount of votes he’s got.

      • superkaas said on 29th November 2009, 21:35

        haha! Why have a poll when the mod needs to clean up ‘bad votes’? Are they bad votes because you don’t agree with them?

        There were so many guys that battled in the first half of the season and others that battled in the second half.

        Button: worthy champion
        Vettel: best driver

        • Patrickl said on 1st December 2009, 11:11

          Well if people frustrate the voting proces then they are bad votes. They might even be voting more than once.

    • Why can’t he be driver of the year? His car was horribly unreliable losing a LOT of points at the beginning of the year, and his and his teams mistakes losing him some points. He dragged a car to victory when it wasn’t one of the best cars there.

      While the McLaren was horrible for the first half of the season, it was one of the best cars in the second half, which allowed it to score the big points, while the Ferrari was consistently average. To finish just one point behind Lewis and nearly single handedly (in the second half) managed to get Ferrari 3rd place.

      Think about it this way, in the first half of the season Raikkonen and Hamilton had 10 points each. Hamilton did have a worse car at that stage of the season, so Raikkonen should have achieved more points. But in the second half of the season, Hamilton scored 39 points and Raikkonen scored 38…

      McLaren had a winning package by that Germany, the Ferrari stopped development by then, so surely Raikkonen did a better job in that period?

      He may not be your driver of the year, but to call it ridiculous is silly, just like it would be if I said Hamilton beingcalled driver of the year is dumb.

      • Kayleigh said on 29th November 2009, 23:08

        Kav – you’ve just put into words everything in my head as to why I voted for kimi being the best :)

        • Whoops was meant to write “To finish just one point behind Lewis and nearly single handedly (in the second half) managed to get Ferrari 3rd place was a great achievement”

          And Kayleigh, it is really annoying seeing Kimi not receive the credit he deserves this year. He did fantastic this year, he looked like the McLaren Kimi at Monaco, and in the second half of the year. The guy dragged a car from 6th to victory for goodness sake! We always moan whenever we only see races from pole or through the pits, but whenever we have an actual race, no one noticees! I mean I’m not a blind Kimi fanboy, I can admit when he was rubbish like in the second half of last year but I can also see when he has done great.

          It was the same as last year, Massa didn’t enough credit for his achievements. Okay he may have benefited from 2 points in Spa and another 1 in Japan, but he did great. He did lose points in some races, but he also lost 20+ points through no fault of his own. His performance deserved him around 120 points that year. His mistakes were decisive only because of his reliability and team mistakes.

  12. Maciek said on 29th November 2009, 13:18

    Despite myself, I had to vote for Button – if the question had been who was the best RACER of 2009, I’d have to say Hamilton.

    Kimi leading the poll… some very strange energy around here with everything related to Kimi lately.

  13. kallan said on 29th November 2009, 13:34

    I’m almost done re-watching the races, perhaps with a more open mind, and as a Vettel fan I’ve come to realise that I had blanked many great Button drives / overtakes from my mind because I was so frustrated with his dominance at the time. Now I must say he is certainly a worthy champion, perhaps the best driver of the year. although I voted Hamilton

  14. Sebastian said on 29th November 2009, 13:57

    Well it certainly wasn’t Button.

    Hamilton or Raikonnen I’d say. Although I’m sure Massa would’ve put in a better effort had he not got his head smacked in.

  15. Kimi Kimi who else has the ability to drive that bullock Ferrari…
    Its kimi none of them can get this!!

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