Michael Schumacher wins race one, Desafio Internacional das Estrelas 2009

Schumacher wins Desafio 2009 after Massa victory in second heat

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Felipe Massa beat Michael Schumacher in race two
Felipe Massa beat Michael Schumacher in race two

Michael Schumacher won the Desafio Internacional das Estrelas kart race for the second time in three years by finishing second in today’s second heat.

Schumacher won the first race in Florianopolis yesterday and came in second today behind his former team mate – and event organiser – Felipe Massa.

Schumacher worked his way up from eighth on the grid, passing Rubens Barrichello and Indy Car racer Vitor Meira before catching Massa.

Massa and Schumacher spent the final two laps nose-to-tail but Schumacher either couldn’t find a way past or decided he didn’t want to deprive Massa of a home win.

Second place was enough to secure the victory for Schumacher. Vitantonio Liuzzi, who finished second yesterday, ended today’s race 11th after contact with Massa and a heavier collision with Lucas di Grassi.

Video from the races and full points standings below.

Desafio Internacionaldas das Estrelas 2009 pictures

See Leandro Carlo’s photo stream on Flickr for more great pictures.

Desafio Internacional das Estrelas 2009 video

Race one

Piquet (white kart, orange helmet) motored off into the lead from the rolling start. Meanwhile Schumacher (Italian flag kart, red helmet) – who looked very racy on the warm-up lap – got held up by Pizzonia at the start and fell from sixth to eighth.

Liuzzi (Force India-coloured kart) passed Meira at the start of lap two to take second. Piquet had built a lead of more than a second, but Liuzzi gradually cut into it, bringing the chasing pack along with him including Schumacher, who worked his way up to fourth.

Meira re-passed Liuzzi as the Italian tried to go around the outside of Piquet. The Indy Car driver then took Piquet for lead, and the former Renault driver began tumbling down the order. As he dropped back a three-way battle for the lead between Meira, Liuzzi and Schumacher developed.

The tight battle for the lead was resolved when Liuzzi made to pass Meira but their pair collided, allowing Schumacher through.

At the end of the race Liuzzi finally got past Meira for second. Massa and di Grassi also got through demoting Meira to fifth.

Desafio Internacional das Estrelas 2009 results

Driver Total Race 1 Race 2
1 Michael Schumacher 42 25 17
2 Felipe Massa 36 16 20
3 Vitor Meira 26 11 15
4 Vitantonio Liuzzi 25 20 5
5 Rubens Barrichello 23 10 13
6 Tony Kanaan 19 9 10
7 Lucas Di Grassi 13 13 0
8 Marcos Gomes 11 0 11
9 Max Wilson 9 0 9
10 Antonio Pizzonia 8 8 0
10 Christian Fittipaldi 8 0 8
12 Nelsinho Piquet 7 7 0
12 Enrique Bernoldi 7 3 4
12 Raphael Mattos 7 0 7
15 Duda Pamplona 6 6 0
15 Bia Figueiredo 6 0 6
17 Ricardo Zonta 5 5 0
18 Tarso Marques 4 4 0
18 Jo??o Paulo Oliveira 4 1 3
20 Mario Moraes 2 2 0
20 Xandinho Negr??o 2 0 2
22 Luciano Burti 1 0 1
23 Pop??? Bueno 0 0 0
23 Felipe Giaffone 0 0 0
23 Eduardo Berlanda 0 0 0

Desafio Internacional das Estrelas

Images (C) Leandro Claro

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  1. is that what Karts look like nowadays?, I’m getting old, karts used to look like this to me

    those things that are racing look like wacky racers.

  2. Great race, karting is the purest form of motorsport with the most overtaking and close battles, why did they have to go unpurify it with those STUPID BODYWORK??? i hope Massa puts his footdown next time so we dont see the stupid things, it was embarrassing the way the bodywork makes the kart look

  3. In karting the top class drivers really stand out – unlike in F1!

  4. USF1, not to be rude… but you’ve posted that url a few times stating something is there – with no complete URL.
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    perhaps you could give the link instead of just promoting another site? you might actually gain some more hits that way around too.

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