2010 F1 teams list sees Virgin replace Manor – and no Sauber or Toyota

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Virgin will have its own F1 team next year
Virgin will have its own F1 team next year

The official 2010 F1 teams list published today by the FIA has confirmed long-standing rumours the new Manor entry will be branded by former Brawn sponsors Virgin.

The FIA has also noted the absence of an entry from Toyota and has not yet substituted it with another team – including new BMW owners Sauber.

Toyota may have to pay a fine to the FIA for not entering next year despite having signed the Concorde Agreement. They may be able to avoid it if they arrange for someone to take over their team and run it in F1.

Zoran Stefanovic has been rumoured to be interested in taking over the outfit and using their TF110 designs for next season. He currently has a case against the FIA being heard by the European Commission about how the 2010 team entries were handled.

Meanwhile BMW, which does not have an entry for 2010 having refused to sign the Concorde Agreement and subsequently quit F1, has cancelled the sale of the team to Qadbak and sold it to Peter Sauber instead. That surely raises the prospect of it being on the grid next year.

Also of interest in the entry list is the confirmation the 1 Malaysia entry will be known as ‘Lotus’, despite having little in the way of ties to the historic Lotus team. Is it right that such a historic name is being used in this way?

The numbers have been allocated for the four new teams with Lotus getting the lowest pair and Virgin the highest.

Although the list reveals no new information about the driver line-up, it does show Bruno Senna is down as the ‘second’ Campos driver, which could be an indication the team is expecting to find a more experienced driver for the other seat to pair with the rookie.

As for Virgin, it’s surprising they’ve allowed the official news of their Manor deal to slip out in this fashion. Did they not want to make a proper announcement with all the publicity it would bring?

2010 F1 teams entry list

1 Jenson Button, McLaren-Mercedes
2 Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes
3 Nico Rosberg, Brawn-Mercedes*
4 TBC, Brawn-Mercedes
5 Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull-Renault
6 Mark Webber, Red Bull-Renault
7 Felipe Massa, Ferrari
8 Fernando Alonso, Ferrari
9 Rubens Barrichello, Williams-Cosworth
10 Nico H?â??lkenberg, Williams-Cosworth
11 Robert Kubica, Renault
12 TBC, Renault
14 Adrian Sutil, Force India-Mercedes
15 Vitantonio Liuzzi, Force India-Mercedes
16 Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso-Ferrari
17 TBC, Toro Rosso-Ferrari
18 TBC, Lotus-Cosworth
19 TBC, Lotus-Cosworth
20 TBC, Campos-Cosworth
21 Bruno Senna, Campos-Cosworth
22 TBC, US F1-Cosworth
23 TBC, US F1-Cosworth
24 Timo Glock, Virgin-Cosworth
25 TBC, Virgin-Cosworth

*Has applied to change its name to Mercedes Grand Prix

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  1. Does anyone know what Toyota F1 and BMW Sauber are actually doing at the moment, are they carrying on designing and building next years car or are they laying people off and shutting the factories down. I know BMW are giving F1 tests to some new drivers as they had agreed to do before they decided to pull out but that’s all I know.

    Also I thought Toyota had previously said they did not intend to sell their F1 operation, the actual factory, so if someone did replace them they would have to have their own F1 setup which is a bit short notice to be ready for next season.

    1. The rumours say that Toyota will lease their facilities out.

  2. “Is it right that such a historic name (Lotus) is being used in this way?”
    No it bl**dy isnt!
    Cynical marketing, that’s all it is.

    1. Its Hammer time
      1st December 2009, 14:14

      Its cynical marketing until Ant Davidson parks that Malaysian beauty on pole in Bahrain. Then it will be straight on the phone from Norfolk Louts owners club to get some publicity with the elise owners club. I pray that this happens. Go Ant!

      1. In that case, it is cynical marketing!

    2. Well, they are owned by Lotus, and partly run from old Lotus premises… so the name does seem rather appropriate…. anyway for me Lotus was never Lotus after Chapman died.

      Interestingly I don’t think Lotus ever ran in F1 as just “Lotus”, that as a trade mark was only used for road cars. They were either “Team Lotus” or “Team Lotus – Ford” etc or ran under the sponsors name such as “John Player Specials”…… even racing the road cars they were “Lotus Racing”….. so strictly speaking “Lotus-Cosworth” is a new name in F1….. oh what it is to be pedantic!!!

  3. It’s exciting to see this many teams on the list, with all the new drivers that can benefit from these extra seats.

    I’m still of the belief though that they should put a Q4 into qualifying – especially if they have a 14th team.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      1st December 2009, 22:44

      No, don’t expand it to Q4! Under the current rules, we’ll see eight drivers eliminated in Q1, and eight in Q2. It’s going to be much harder to get to Q3, and I’m willing to bet we’ll see some desperate driving as driers try and get out of the drop-zone, which has the potential to produce some interesting grids, and therefore interesting races. If you expand it to Q4, the presure is off.

  4. I’d really like to know Sir Richards reason for not staying with Brawn, er oops, Mercedes Grand Prix? Could it have been they were wanting to much money or perhaps Mercedes have other ideas…

    1. I think he wanted naming rights, however he hasn’t offically stopped sponsering Brawn/Mercedes so Virgin may well sponser two teams

      1. Virgin has bought the rights to sell sponsor space on the Manor GP car as well as the naming rights. It means Virgin gets a whole lot of publicity and offsets most of the cost through advertising income. Much as Marlboro does with Ferrari.

        As such, I doubt Virgin will remain on the Brawn/Mercedes in 2010.

  5. I would be disappointed to not see Sauber/BMW on grid in some guise next year. Is there any reason at all why the grid can’t be expanded to 14 teams? Seems to me with the natural attrition that will occur with the new teams over the first couple of teams anyway, building up the numbers now to account for that would make sense to me.

    1. I think Williams are the only team to publically say they are opposed to a 14th team which is why they have received some criticism from some fans, but other teams are supposed to be against the idea also.

      The arguments against a 14th team are that some tracks just don’t have the capacity for 14 teams for example garage space, and that financially F1 cannot support 14 teams with not enough sponsors etc.

    2. hmm #22 is still vacant.. can someone, British, please occupy this slot…

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