Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen got the most votes in our 2009 F1 driver of the year poll.

But as sumedh pointed out in the forum, it seems we have had a large number of visitors from a Kimi Raikkonen community after the poll was put live. It’s clear from traffic patterns to the site this has had a deciding effect on the results.

I respect the right of people to choose who they wish to vote for. Raikkonen was among the most voted-for drivers before the influx of new visitors. I’m sure the regular F1 Fanatic visitors who picked him had sound reasons for doing so – many of which were persuasively argued here.

But it’s clear the poll has been unduly influenced by a group of people only interested in support for a particular driver who do not ordinarily contribute to the site. We may have to make changes in future to make sure future polls are a fair reflection of what regular F1 Fanatic readers think.

Here are the final results:

2009 F1 Fanatic driver of the year voting

Rank Driver Votes
1 Kimi Raikkonen 1,414
2 Lewis Hamilton 540
3 Jenson Button 534
4 Sebastian Vettel 501
5 Robert Kubica 204
6 Fernando Alonso 98
7 Kamui Kobayashi 76
8 Rubens Barrichello 64
9 Mark Webber 60
10 Felipe Massa 41
11 Luca Badoer 37
11 Jarno Trulli 37
13 Nico Rosberg 33
14 Nick Heidfeld 17
15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
16 Adrian Sutil 12
17 Heikki Kovalainen 9
18 Sebastien Bourdais 8
19 Giancarlo Fisichella 6
20 Timo Glock 5
20 Kazuki Nakajima 5
22 Romain Grosjean 3
23 Jaime Alguersuari 2
24 Sebastien Buemi 1
24 Vitantonio Liuzzi 1
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  • 180 comments on “Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009”

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    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      1st December 2009, 1:06

      It’s my epxeirnece that Raikkonen fanboys are desperate to see their over-paid, under-achieving hero stay in the sport and seem to think that if they skew the results of a poll, then a) Raikkonen will stay in the sport and b) no-one will pick up on what they’ve done.

      1. well Massa(Schumacher),Hamilton,Button,Alonso fanboys had all the chance to come ond vote for their overpaid and underachieving heroes…link to the poll was published on man Hamilton,Alonso and Button sites to, not to mention forums where people discuss whole formula 1 batch of drivers, so every driver got their part of his fanboy votes. It’s not Raikkonens fault if Massa,Hamilton and Alonso stinkers don’t have as much fans as Kimi does. Well, Kimi would have won the poll because he won in Spa with a car that didn’t get any new parts for weeks, against drivers in cars with new parts. so I think Kimi is TOP DRIVER of 2009

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          1st December 2009, 8:48

          It’s not that Raikkonen has more fans, it’s that he has more OBSESSIVE fans. The ones who seem to think they can get him a 2010 drive by stacking a poll.

          1. Agree with both your posts, PM. It’s only a poll, yet somehow “it matters” in their eyes.

            1. @ Itcheyes

              “It’s only a poll, yet somehow “it matters” in their eyes.”

              Then why r u cribbing about it?

        2. Soumya Banerjee
          17th May 2010, 15:38

          Once again Keith’s intro to this article shows why he is so biased against raikkonen.
          Im no Kimi fan but Keith’s argument for putting him at 9th was terribly biased. There’s not even one good point about him in that article .

      2. Precisely what did you pick up on honestly …

        That Kimi is loved more than your liar pseudo champ … Hamilton!

      3. Why don’t you just accept Kimi has a great number of fans because he really is good.

      4. It is true that Kimi is the only reason for someo people to keep watching the race. But please agree that, on other hand, Kimi attracts audience. This is exactly what the organizers want to see. So they can make money. Kimi does have a lot of fans and they voted. However, does Hamilton or Button have no fan at all? Their fans must have voted too. Can that be called “skew the results of the pool” too?

    2. Yeah Keith something stinks big time here, when I voted it was no way that lopsided. As I recall Button and Hamilton were on top about even with Kimi quite a way back in third or fourth?

      1. What do you expect? this is a brit site?

    3. I agree with Bud it was head to head with Button & Hamilton,I am not disappointed that Kimi won it but he got 3 times more vote than Hamilton!!!.Hope next time we can have a better way of choosing the drivers.I think one of the best way would have been if you only allowed the member of the Fanatic to vote only.

      Hope Kimi gets a race seat if not in 2010 but surely in 2011.

      1. This was the same case when KR stole the title from Alonzo and Hamilton in 2007.

    4. I dont think “something stinks here”. People came here and voted for KR, that is it. It was very similiar to last year whith Kubica and his Polish fans :}
      but Kubica deserved the title last year, so does Raikkonen this year. Since Hungary he was fantastic, and not bad in first half of the season.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        1st December 2009, 2:18

        How exactly is he “fantastic”. This is the man who won a race in Belgium, and then two races later was struggling to hold onto tenth place. That’s certainly less than “fantastic” in my book. A fantastic driver for 2009 was someone like Jenson Button, who took seven wins, three podiums and scored points in every race he finished.

        1. It is completely subjective opinion.
          To me KR was “fantastic” in 2009 even though he was not in a fight for a championship.
          Just watching him driving that F60 was a pleasure, I couldnt feel that when I was seeing Button.
          And I am not a member of some Raikkonen community. Never was.

        2. The same “fantastic” Button who struggled to outscore Raikkonen in the second half of the season in a vastly superior car? (and don’t say the car wasn’t great, Barrichello got 2 wins and a pole with it.)

        3. Also what about the ‘fantasic’ lewis hamilton, who struggled to finished 15th(?) at Silverstone?

        4. i’m sure that f60 was the top car all year round,right? Watch F1 sometimes, don’t justlook for posts on the web where you can bash the driver you don’t like because your favourite had a hard time with him

        5. Dude !! Have you heard of something called double diffuser ??

          Button was not fantastic His car was ! If KR or Vettel or even Hamilton had Buttons car they wud have won 10+ races ,,,

          Do watever .. just dont compare Kimi with Button ,, They are too far apart mate!

        6. @Prisoner Monkeys

          I guess you are new to F1, but you really need to learn to differentiate between car performance and driver performance.

          You can’t make claims about how good a driver is looking simply at his position in a race.

        7. And if Button had been in a Ferrari? Look where Fisichella ended up, and he creamed Button in 2001 when they were teammates..

        8. With a great car that is! try giving him a dog car…

      2. No No No

        F1 isn’t politics and the results are not decided by public opinion, they are decided by race results. The Kimi/Ferrari results just weren’t good enough and they were beaten by 5 other drivers. Therefore there is no way kimi deserved the title.

    5. You’ve got to be kidding me.

      It’s the same people were routing for John and Edwards, I suppose.

      Don’t worry and don’t bother, F1fanatic. **** happens. I just put my little blog back on line after a too long downtime. I understand your frustration.

      I look forward to your next poll. Thx

      1. It’s the same people were routing for John and Edwards, I suppose.

        I specifically use this site to escape that horrible show and now the names have invaded my joy of F1. How could you jm! :D

    6. You might just want to change the title of the article to something like: F1 Poll hacked by Finn fans, or something like that, tho.


    7. James Williams
      1st December 2009, 2:07

      Complete rubbish. Raikkonen fanboys voting for their driver, knowing fair well he was not the best. Cheat! Cheat!

      1. Soumya Banerjee
        17th May 2010, 15:42

        What about Hammy’s fanboys? What were they doing when this poll was published? Well frankly given Keith’s horribly biased opinion about Raikkonen im glad enough that he won this poll. And i never supported Kimi. Always was Fernando’s man.

    8. Rankarashiganja
      1st December 2009, 2:12

      Prisoner Monkeys, you mean Raikkonen FanGIRLS!

      I’m glad all this Kimi fangirl-ism soon going to be OVER! Good riddance!

    9. Please add one more vote for Kimi.

      I am a Kimi fan, and didn’t see this poll. :p

    10. If this poll has been manipulated two years in a row, why wasn’t anything done to prevent it?

      1. how can it be manipulated? one IP-one vote. maybe it’s just that more Kimi fans come to this site than fans of other drivers ;) well,Keith wasn’t glad about the result, so he had to say Kimi fans came and trashed the poll. but still,why didn’t massa boys come in flocks and vote for him? :D

        1. Because it isn’t about who has the most fans lol

        2. So how are we going to prevent Kimi fans from voting next time?

      2. That was a different subject – the question that time was “Who’s your favourite driver”:

        Perhaps we should do a new poll asking that question again and see if all the fan clubs want to chip in?

    11. very funny with Badoer in the top 11 :)

      1. Terry Fabulous
        1st December 2009, 2:53

        Clearly the F1Rejects fans have been hijacking the website as well!

    12. I don’t what kinda grudge people have for kimi over here
      Why do u keep polls if u don’t want to accept people’s choice or opinion….Poll is a Poll…it doesn’t matter if the voter is from a Kimi community or whatever….there are many other comminities of other driver…..even they could have come to vote but they didnt.

      Why do these things come into ur minds when its all about kimi…

    13. Rahim, I think the point is that it’s not a wholly fair representation of a cross-section of viewpoints. It’s been skewed by a huge invasion of fans of one driver and therefore is pretty pointless. It’s not a vendetta against Kimi – that’s just paranoid.

    14. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the poll. It was fun. But a waste of time.

    15. I completely disagree with the result too, and couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

      Yet I am a Raikkonen (and Webber) fan myself.

      I voted for Button, but it was a close call between him and a few others for me.

      Just remember that not all Raikkonen fans are the same, and it annoys the hell out of me that a massive group of fans did this to sway the vote.

      1. What did they do precisely? Vote ,, well thats the point ,, no

        Dude – I m a KR fan myself and never voted on this poll …

    16. These people who flood polls are stupid.

      1. I think everything is very different if Hamilton or Button got the most number of votes. nuff said!

    17. I’m a huge Kimi fan but certainly don’t think he was the best driver this year. (I voted for Vettel, actually.)

      But this is all subjective. Everyone has an opinion that is coloured by their personal feelings, no matter how objective they try (or pretend) to be. I thought number 9 on Keith’s list was way too low for Kimi, but I think number 1 on the poll was too high!

      And for those people complaining about an influx of Kimi fans, some of us longtimers here have peaceably coexisted with all the Hamboys for several years now! ;)

      1. Vettel wasn’t the best driver either.

    18. It’s not like Keith is going to give him a trophy for winning.

      I know who I voted for and that’s my opinion and seeing Kimi at the top does not change my opinion. It doesn’t matter who else voted.

      The only way to prevent this in future is to allow only those who regularly visit the site to vote by having login \ password style of replies.

    19. o my word…..1414 for Kimi vs 540 for Hamilton!!! Brilliant….no wonder the Hamilton fans in here are not happy….and is trying to blame their hero’s unpopularity on fanatic Kimi fans…….GO KIMI

      1. Sure as hell …

        Nice to know that people recognise that Kimi is by far rthe bset on the grid…

        And i dont see any reason why people wud be crazy for Kimi if not for his driving skills because thats the only thing he has ,,

        Kimi dosent have the smooth PR skills of a Schumi nor can play to the gallery like a movie star aka Hamilton…

        He is loved because he is just so damn good IN THE CAR and not outside it like so many lesser mortals lining the grid !!

    20. While peoples opinions of who was the best driver in a season are always subjective, I think most would agree the results of this poll has been influenced by fanboys and people making jokey entries.

      The fanboy vote obviously affected the result, Raikkonen got almost three times the number of votes as Hamilton, Button and Vettel, while Kubica managed to get 204 votes, more than double that of Alonso, Barrichello and Webber and more than 10 times the votes of his teammate Heidfeld who outscored him in 2009.

      Then there were those who chose their votes on the basis of having a laugh, which meant Badoer managed to get in the top half of the rankings.

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