Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009

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Kimi Raikkonen got the most votes in our 2009 F1 driver of the year poll.

But as sumedh pointed out in the forum, it seems we have had a large number of visitors from a Kimi Raikkonen community after the poll was put live. It’s clear from traffic patterns to the site this has had a deciding effect on the results.

I respect the right of people to choose who they wish to vote for. Raikkonen was among the most voted-for drivers before the influx of new visitors. I’m sure the regular F1 Fanatic visitors who picked him had sound reasons for doing so – many of which were persuasively argued here.

But it’s clear the poll has been unduly influenced by a group of people only interested in support for a particular driver who do not ordinarily contribute to the site. We may have to make changes in future to make sure future polls are a fair reflection of what regular F1 Fanatic readers think.

Here are the final results:

2009 F1 Fanatic driver of the year voting

Rank Driver Votes
1 Kimi Raikkonen 1,414
2 Lewis Hamilton 540
3 Jenson Button 534
4 Sebastian Vettel 501
5 Robert Kubica 204
6 Fernando Alonso 98
7 Kamui Kobayashi 76
8 Rubens Barrichello 64
9 Mark Webber 60
10 Felipe Massa 41
11 Luca Badoer 37
11 Jarno Trulli 37
13 Nico Rosberg 33
14 Nick Heidfeld 17
15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
16 Adrian Sutil 12
17 Heikki Kovalainen 9
18 Sebastien Bourdais 8
19 Giancarlo Fisichella 6
20 Timo Glock 5
20 Kazuki Nakajima 5
22 Romain Grosjean 3
23 Jaime Alguersuari 2
24 Sebastien Buemi 1
24 Vitantonio Liuzzi 1
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  • 180 comments on “Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009”

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    1. Good to see the dedication of Kimi fans. I love the talk in their forum to make their hero wins the poll:

      Time to act

      guys here is the site where u can vote for the best driver of 2009 which is currently being led by Jenson followed

      by Lewis narrowly the results will be announced after 1000 votes i’ve voted and wanted to vote more but
      unfortunately only 1 vote is allowed for every IP. so i suggest u guys to vote here we r 30k+ members here only a tenth of this will get Iceman leading the list so i suggest whoever reads this thread votes too………

      27 nov (4 dias atrás)
      if the above link is dead vote here plz ensure this thread is in the top 4 at least till the results r out……….so whenever this thread is down just give it a little nudge………..

      27 nov (4 dias atrás)
      Aghilesh .

      27 nov (4 dias atrás) Kimish ~

      This is not gonna help.

      27 nov (4 dias atrás) Harvy

      done . hey we can change ip and vote . just disconnect the net and reconnect ip will change . you cancheck by going to any site which shows your current ip example isc.

    2. This isn’t an anti-Kimi anti-Kimi fan discussion. It’s just to me it seems that a few hard-core fans have basically fixed this poll. It is pointless. If people have a favourite and want to vote for them then fine but don’t do it to fix it a vote do it because they believe they are the best.
      This isn’t representitive if just a load of fans from one specific site flood a poll.
      Any fan group could have done this the issue isn’t about Kimi. I believe it is just about a poll which is now been influenced to such an extent that it doesn;t reveal much about the 09 season. If there are genuinely that many votes for Kimi for the right reasons then good for him but anything else doesn’t do this site or even Kimi any favours.
      There does seem to be a few drivers who have a mass of fans. Alonso’s seem to be quiet at the minute (maybe not in Spain I’m not sure) is it because of Singapore? Or am I just noticing the others more?

      1. That’s the thing – judging by some of the comments posted already on here (many by names unfamiliar to me, and I’ve been around for a few months), many seem to think this blatantly skewed poll actually vindicates their opinion and somehow makes it fact and gives them a whole new excuse to spam with “KIMI IS THE BEST” messages and slate fans of/other drivers.

        Had Hamilton come out on top like this, I would have been disgusted with my fellow fans. Thankfully a few sane Kimi fans have repudiated the “legitimacy” (it’s only a poll after all) of the result.

    3. Thanks Becken….some good info there!!! Did you ever think that Kimi fans voted for him because he WAS the best driver in 2009….doing what he did in a crappy car, while other driver’s cars got developed throughout the season and yet Kimi still managed to get some of the most points in the second part of the season…..I am not trying to convince anybody of my opion because I believe everybody has a right to his/her own opinion….but facts are facts!!!

      1. Exactly it is opinion but say we got a load of Massa fans or Alonso there would still be an outcry as it may not be as representitive. You don’t just go to a load of fans and say ‘was your driver the best out of this lot?’ because the answer is pretty predicitible. Kimi may have been the best and great if people think so but now it doesn;t show that. We aren’t discussing whether he was the best just whether the poll was fixed which ruins the entire point.

    4. WTH!!! Just coz KR won the poll such a huge outcry!! Keith is giving out trophies or sumthin??People voted- thats what you do in a poll I believe.

    5. Keith, that is complete bull**** – what you have wrote at the top of the page.

      I’m sorry, but even without the forum’s impact, Kimi would’ve won. And he deserves it. Yes, Button and Hamilton drove absoloutly superbly this year, but Kimi made the most of a completely crap car and that is why he deserves it.

    6. Well, isn’t this a very good lesson on the reliability of poll results…

      … Kimi fans: yelling louder than people who disagree with you won’t make you more right.

    7. you brits are weird just because things didn’t go your way.i actually voted for button even though i’am a kimi fan.most kimi fans do know who was the best driver in 2009.if your going to coomplain about it shut the website down,acting like sad little kids

      1. This has nothing to do with ‘things going our way’, it’s more about wanting to see the real reaction of a full cross-section on fans, not a vast majority of fans of one driver.

        I didn’t vote in the poll but I was interested in the result and genuinely surprised when the headline above popped into my Reader. The fact that a thousand ‘outsiders’ were encouraged to come and vote for their guy renders what could have been an interesting and provocative poll completely pointless, and I think that’s why some people – not just the Brits thankyou very much – are getting irate. As irate, I might add, as some Kimi fans are getting in their defence of their hero.

    8. If 1500 people really think Kimi was the best driver in 2009 then I’ve lost faith in humanity.

      1. I m so sorry to hear that!

    9. To misquote Alain Prost (on Ayrton Senna): “If they want (to win the poll) that badly, they can have it.”

    10. I am a Kimi fan and I did not vote as I thought all of them were pretty average this year.No major standouts performance wise.Would have voted Lewis though if he had not been involved in the Liegate saga.If it freaks you guys out this much just discard the Kimi results and compare the standings of the runner-ups.

    11. Polls like this and threads on F1 forums across the internet are being spoiled by desperate Raikkonen fans at the moment to the point where it’s hardly worth participating in them. Hopefully the WRC sites can ‘enjoy’ their input from next year onwards.

      I’m in thee minds on which way to vote : Hamilton, Vettel, or Button. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but i’ll probably end up voting for Hamilton purely for his performances from Germany onwards.

    12. Raikkonen???? I needed a laugh….

      1. Now we know how many family members Luca Badoer has got……

    13. Are you sure the Nakajima fan club (all five of them) hasn’t done the same thing.

    14. So Lewis won then? Good on him, he did well. I believe he did far more with his bad McLaren than Kimi did with his bad Ferrari.

      Divide Kimi’s score by 3, and that places him 4th in this list, which seems about right to me.

      1. Totally agree with your logic. It would be wrong to disregard all of Kimi’s votes, but by dividing it by 3 (as about two thirds were probably fanboy/girl votes) makes sense.

    15. GO KIMI!!!!! even after you left F1, you still winning the pols!!!!!!

    16. @ajokay…divide it by 2 (take half of his votes away)….and he still wins…what a silly argument…we can play with numbers all day and get all sorts of different outcomes (and I am an accountant, so we can go ALL DAY)….

      1. Cheers for clarifying what dividing by 2 means…

        Lets divide you by 0, then you might go away.

        1. pleasure mate…let me know if I can clarify anything else for you!

    17. kimi is number 1 ! even if tat prob didnt occur im sure he would be top! lik me and my friends are from Britain and we r all kimi supporters! people need 2 get over themselves and face up to the fact tat kimis fan base world wide is in a different league to every other driver!

    18. It is quite funny that some people seem so bitter about an internet poll.

      The fact of matter is most of the championship contenders were quite average during the year with their superior cars. The only drivers who really stood out were Hamilton and Raikkonen.

      Raikkonen made much less mistakes then Hamilton, Button, Vettel, and Barrichello. He outscored Button, Vettel, Barrichello and Webber in the second half of the season, all of them had way superior cars then the underdeveloped F60. Hamilton also did well during that time and he scored only two points more then Raikkonen also with a superior car, and many people don’t have any problem to name him as the top driver of the year.

      Raikkonen deserves to be the top driver of the year just as much as any of the other ‘top’ drivers mentioned above and in fact more then others in many of the cases.

    19. I’m an Alonso fan, but that doesn’t mean I thought he was the best this year. For me it was between Hamilton and Button, and I voted Button on the basis of Hamilton telling porkies at Melbourne and his somewhat patchy form at the start of the year.

      I’m still an Alonso fan and always will be, voting for another driver doesn’t change that at all. I also like Rosberg, Heidfeld, Massa, Trulli and Webber, and I actually dislike Hamilton some what. Does that mean any of the drivers I just mentioned were better this year? No, because Hamilton was mostly brilliant this season. If the Kimi fans think that the massive skew in voting means he is the best driver of the year so be it, but this poll also shows that Luca Badoer drove better this year than Rosberg and Heidfeld…

    20. Keith you might want to look at this. Could be talkng about this site and issue :P

      1. hahahahahaha, brilliant.

      2. That is brilliant. Very funny indeed.

        I really do think it’s a shame that the rest of this thread could not take the same light-hearted approach to the poll.

        All of you, whether you be Kimi fans or otherwise, chillax. Really.

        Disclosure : I am a rabid Kimi fan, have been motor racing since I was a kid and watching F1 just as long. I still think Kimi was definitely in the top three drivers this year regardless of the result of the Championship, or this poll, but certainly don’t see why so many people are getting so hot under the collar here.

      3. Thanks Steph!

        Indeed, I did not have to look too far for inspiration….

        1. It was brilliant Andy. Really made me laugh so thanks!

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