Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009

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Kimi Raikkonen got the most votes in our 2009 F1 driver of the year poll.

But as sumedh pointed out in the forum, it seems we have had a large number of visitors from a Kimi Raikkonen community after the poll was put live. It’s clear from traffic patterns to the site this has had a deciding effect on the results.

I respect the right of people to choose who they wish to vote for. Raikkonen was among the most voted-for drivers before the influx of new visitors. I’m sure the regular F1 Fanatic visitors who picked him had sound reasons for doing so – many of which were persuasively argued here.

But it’s clear the poll has been unduly influenced by a group of people only interested in support for a particular driver who do not ordinarily contribute to the site. We may have to make changes in future to make sure future polls are a fair reflection of what regular F1 Fanatic readers think.

Here are the final results:

2009 F1 Fanatic driver of the year voting

Rank Driver Votes
1 Kimi Raikkonen 1,414
2 Lewis Hamilton 540
3 Jenson Button 534
4 Sebastian Vettel 501
5 Robert Kubica 204
6 Fernando Alonso 98
7 Kamui Kobayashi 76
8 Rubens Barrichello 64
9 Mark Webber 60
10 Felipe Massa 41
11 Luca Badoer 37
11 Jarno Trulli 37
13 Nico Rosberg 33
14 Nick Heidfeld 17
15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
16 Adrian Sutil 12
17 Heikki Kovalainen 9
18 Sebastien Bourdais 8
19 Giancarlo Fisichella 6
20 Timo Glock 5
20 Kazuki Nakajima 5
22 Romain Grosjean 3
23 Jaime Alguersuari 2
24 Sebastien Buemi 1
24 Vitantonio Liuzzi 1
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  • 180 comments on “Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009”

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    1. We may have to make changes in future to make sure future polls are a fair reflection of what regular F1 Fanatic readers think

      I am against that idea, its a xenophobic attitude and only creates an “US” and “THEM” attitude within the regulars and outsiders, hostilities ensue. Possible new readers then don’t bother coming back.

    2. Is there anyone else thinking this has gone a bit mad? I don’t know whether I am amused or not. It isn;t about fanbases. Like in 07 I loved Massa but at times he was clueless against Kimi and not on form we see now. Can admit that as it is about who drives the best not who is the coolest

    3. this poll has nothing to do with Kimi himself, it’s just all his fans… Im a fan of him, but don’t blame Kimi…

    4. Imagine we “disqualified” Kimi – the places would be:

      1 Lewis Hamilton 540
      2 Jenson Button 534
      3 Sebastian Vettel 501
      4 Robert Kubica 204
      5 Fernando Alonso 98

      Which, apart from Kubica, seems very reasonable to me, even though it wouldn’t be my choice.

      I don’t know what’s funnier – the madness of the poll or the Kimi fans who have come on here actually believing he was the best. I mean, respect opinions and everything, but it’s kinda funny how conveniently selective their reasoning has been. Kudos to Kimi fans who voted for someone else; had Lewis had the season Kimi did, I wouldn’t have voted for him.

      1. But Hamilton only scored 2 points more than Kimi in the last part of the season with a better car….so if you look at it from that angle he had a worse season than Kimi….so sad that you have just proven your own comments wrong….

        1. And in the first half of the season Kimi scored the same as Lewis in a better car while Massa had 22…read what you will.

    5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve got an idea!

      Lets register to all these forums dedicated to one driver each, and when next year comes around create threads on them linking to this site.

      Keith gets more traffic that way, and its even because not a single driver has more support that way.

    6. It was a fix-up gov…

      1. Let’s have a poll for the most rigged poll on here lol…

    7. It’s only legitimate if Hamilton or Button wins……..right.

    8. why cause they r british? im british and think the right man won!

    9. Pedel to the Vettel
      1st December 2009, 16:39

      What you need is a addon that you ask who is their favorite driver and stop them being able to vote for that driver in polls. Also stop having the voting allowed for non members to stop fanboys voting.

      Or you find 100 people on your site that you believe wont be biased and just let them vote. I’m not biased, i might be a vettel fan but i voted for Button in that poll got actual reasons.

      1. Dude, you are SO biased, you just like to talk about those other people, you know THE biased ones. Going by your posts, you think that if someone likes a driver that you don’t (e.g. Hamilton) they must be a fanboy.

        1. Pedel to the Vettel
          1st December 2009, 23:16

          No you just don’t like being called a fanboy, if you want to call me a fanboy thats fine by me because im not, it looks to me you have a bigger issue with this then i do since what your typing is if your anybody who doesn’t like Hamilton your biased without a question? I might not like Hamilton compared to other drivers it doesn’t mean 100% i will ignore what he has done over this year, so plz keep your half baked insults to yourself.

          So who did you vote for then “Dude”? since your not biased at all………….

          You and me wouldn’t be having this conversation if i didnt have a picture of vettel or have this name there are such things as people who like a certain driver but still give a good opinion to these forums and don’t have a ton of arrogance chucking insults at people making judgements.

          You have no idea who i am or what i think but your just a person who jumps to judge a person wayyyyyy to early kid.

          1. Well, seems to me that the person who brands a whole swath of people as biased if they hold a certain opinion before even hearing that opinion is rather the one who jumps to judgments…

          2. Last one I swear! For your info: it’s got nothing to do with your nick or picture. And I voted for Button, just so you know.

          3. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
            2nd December 2009, 17:39

            We’re all a little biased. It is just blown out of proportion when you like the frontrunners. If I voted for Buemi and went on about how he did an excellent job. I’m sure some would find a way to agree. I had a tough time choosing between Hamilton, Vettel, Or barrichello.

    10. Now i see what Prost meant when he said that F1 will miss Kimi coz he has so huge fanbase all over the world.

    11. …. heh i dont mean the poll results, but comments you all have made here.

      I think that Kimi is pure racer and that makes him interesting, and the thing that he comes from small country and has given hard time to guys like DC and Massa… also makes him easy to hate. (and Hammi by point, and Alonso by point)

      Love him or hate him but he should have a seat at F1.

    12. Why do you even bother organizing these polls if you don’t like the results?

      1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
        1st December 2009, 18:41

        This poll was organized for one vote of your choice pilot. But some guys make many votes for Kimi based on popularity. The results are kind of inaccurate. Keith wants to prevent this kind of thing for the future polls.

    13. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
      1st December 2009, 18:37

      It’s not a real representation of Kimi’s 2009 season. This poll ended up being about the ridiculous Raikkonen fans. But the same can be said for everyone who thinks Robert kubica is “the best” and vote for him. Sometimes it seems like the most popular driver wins….even though maybe they shouldn’t :\ . Fan clubs support who they support. It seems like many people here like to see a fair poll though, that’s good : D

    14. Wow! Talk about bringing out the fanboys…

      I think Kimi was great fun to watch this year, but I dont think he deserves the top spot. I think Hamilton was the most exciting to watch, but Button was clearly the best all-around performer. Just my opinions.

    15. I just noticed that Robert Kubica got 5th! How is that even possible?! This is definitely a popularity contest…

    16. Didn’t Keith put Alonso way up his “driver rankings” in 08′, for making a good show of a lousy car? Why Kimi shouldn’t be rated as high, I don’t know. Bias?

        1. Soumya Banerjee
          17th May 2010, 15:55

          Which is bull**** biased for your kind opinion. You have so kindly noticed that Kubica suffered a crash in Australia(which was his fault anyway) but when Kimi’s KERS short circuited in Sepang it probably got moody bcoz of Kimi’s lack of motivation. Im sure thats what you mean. Why havent you put in even one good word for Kimi in that stupidly biased article? Why do non-brits even follow this goddamn site?

    17. Yes and Button third! I mean for gods sake he’s worse than Fisi.

    18. This is exactly why I find little interest in these articles. Keith, I would prefer to sticking with real news and gossip, rather than easily manipulated polls.

      But I may be in the minority.

      1. In my experience, polls tend not to get manipulated in this way. The exception until now had been the “Who’s your favourite driver” poll, which on reflection left itself open to this kind of abuse.

        Whether this sort of thing is going to be more of a problem in the future I’m not sure. Aside from this one and the “favourite” poll I think the other polls we’ve had have reflected very well how most F1 fans feel about particular topics: whether its the best circuits, races or whatever (see the archive for more: Drivers and teams will probably always be trickier to poll on, and I think we may need a more sophisticated solution for that. Suggestions welcome…

        1. suggestions?

          hey! u don’t have to worry about it for next year..considering the number of people having something against Kimi, m jus glad he s outta F1!!

    19. I think you’ll find the majority of site-users will automatically vote for their ‘favourite’ driver in a poll like this.

      End of. There’s no way this can be restricted.

    20. Why can’t people just accept that someone else thought Raikkonen was driver of the year? Okay i’m sure the majority of those votes were just from fanboys, but people here and on other sites are finding it ridiculous that he is the driver of the year and I don’t understand why… If he had a year like 2008 again I’d be the first one to admit he was one of the worst drivers this year, but he didn’t.

      In fact he did a great job, like I have said before on this site, he was equal on points to Hamilton in the first half of the season with a superior car, but he was only one point shy of Hamilton in the second half in a car which had no right to win races, when McLaren had a car which could have won 5 races this year if they had better luck or if Lewis/McLaren didn’t mess up (Monaco/Germany/Valencia/Hungary and Singapore..)

      So what does that say about Hamiltons efforts then? They were both great, better than the title contenders in my opinion, but it is just that, my opinion and I respect other peoples opinions unless it is just silly like saying Raikkonen was crap this year.

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