Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009

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Kimi Raikkonen got the most votes in our 2009 F1 driver of the year poll.

But as sumedh pointed out in the forum, it seems we have had a large number of visitors from a Kimi Raikkonen community after the poll was put live. It’s clear from traffic patterns to the site this has had a deciding effect on the results.

I respect the right of people to choose who they wish to vote for. Raikkonen was among the most voted-for drivers before the influx of new visitors. I’m sure the regular F1 Fanatic visitors who picked him had sound reasons for doing so – many of which were persuasively argued here.

But it’s clear the poll has been unduly influenced by a group of people only interested in support for a particular driver who do not ordinarily contribute to the site. We may have to make changes in future to make sure future polls are a fair reflection of what regular F1 Fanatic readers think.

Here are the final results:

2009 F1 Fanatic driver of the year voting

Rank Driver Votes
1 Kimi Raikkonen 1,414
2 Lewis Hamilton 540
3 Jenson Button 534
4 Sebastian Vettel 501
5 Robert Kubica 204
6 Fernando Alonso 98
7 Kamui Kobayashi 76
8 Rubens Barrichello 64
9 Mark Webber 60
10 Felipe Massa 41
11 Luca Badoer 37
11 Jarno Trulli 37
13 Nico Rosberg 33
14 Nick Heidfeld 17
15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
16 Adrian Sutil 12
17 Heikki Kovalainen 9
18 Sebastien Bourdais 8
19 Giancarlo Fisichella 6
20 Timo Glock 5
20 Kazuki Nakajima 5
22 Romain Grosjean 3
23 Jaime Alguersuari 2
24 Sebastien Buemi 1
24 Vitantonio Liuzzi 1
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  • 180 comments on “Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009”

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    1. You ask for the best driver of the season and get sad when Kimi wins?

      What was the question supposed to be?
      1. Who was the best? (Ranking wise? we don’t need a poll for that)
      2. …..the best? (Podiums, Pole positions etc.. again, no poll required)
      3. …..the best (Driving wise, Handling the car(considering how good/bad the car was, Kimi wins, hands down)

      What is itching you lot? Taking out your frustrations at Kimi’s fanbase? I say, its coz of the third reason above that they voted for him and that’s perfectly legitimate. Thank you and Good Night Pansy!

    2. Kimi did a very good job in a bad car, so there is no reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to vote for him.
      From James Allen: “Even the Ferrari engineers don’t fully understand how he managed to get some of the podiums he did based on the performance of his car, compared to the opposition.”
      Even Martin Whitmarsh praised some of Kimi’s performances.

      Last year I voted for Kubica for much the same reason, why I voted for Kimi this year. This year for me could have gone to either Kimi or Lewis, but Kimi made much less mistakes. It is always difficult to determine who did the best with the cars they had, and people will never really agree. But personally I believe Kimi really got the most out of the car he had, compared to the others and the machinery at everyone’s disposal. Most often the car wasn’t really fast enough by right for podium places, and the development also stopped quite early, but somehow Kimi managed it.

    3. This isn’t a question of people having something against Kimi or not liking the result of a poll! Enough already!</strong

      What reasonable people who would like to come here and discuss F1 in an enjoyable way have a problem with are mobs of fans of one driver who flood a poll to prove that their guy is somehow better, when all the poll is meant to do is reflect how people ON AVERAGE think drivers did during the year. Sheesh!

      1. Pedel to the Vettel
        1st December 2009, 23:33

        Your sounding like a big baby now with the bold letters trying to proove a point.

        Anybody who likes a driver in your eyes cant have a valid opinion like me for instance.

        I’m not biased, just because of my name and picture, because:

        1: I voted for Button in this pole.

        2: I didn’t vote Vettel i would of placed him 4th at best.

        3:I have watched Formula 1 wayyyyyy before Vettel came around.

        5:So what if i said Hamilton doesn’t deserve to be in the top 10, he bloody cheated……so that instantly makes me biased?

        Do yourself a favour and take a chill pill since all your doing is being condescending and causing more problems let the fanboys have their pointless poll.

        I want to talk with actual F1 fans on these forums but i cant because im being told im biased and cant say my opinion and all i have to talk with is Fanboy haters, Ferrari haters, Mclaren haters, Hamilton haters, Schumacher haters, Murray Walker haters etc….its fking boring and your not helping the matter.

        1. umm, dude, I said that you were biased because you basically said that anyone who thought that Hamilton did well this year was a biased fanboy… which kind cuts any sort of open discussion before it even starts. no?

          But as for not helping matters, well I agree; see my own response to myself below.

          1. Pedel to the Vettel
            2nd December 2009, 0:07

            Look i dont care about people voting for Hamilton aslong it’s an actual reason and not just being a fanboy. Maybe i didn’t type clear enough what i was on about with Hamilton that time, but all i was trying to say was linked to a situation like which has happened here now with the whole influx of Kimi votes.

            I dont know how many UK people including myself go on this fourm and how many of them are Hamilton fans im not sure.

            Hamilton does have one of the biggest if not the biggest fanbase in Formula 1. All i was trying to say was in better detail sorry if i sounded a jerk last time, was maybe “if” Hamilton got so far infront on votes, that it should be cut to a certain point to make a realistic number to be a fair vote.

            I really meant to say something like this for a example: 10 Hamilton fans from the UK 3/10 votes for another driver being the best but the other 7/10 just vote for Hamilton regardless. Im not trying to say thats what it is and im completly right. I just think the more popular drivers should have certain restrictions on polls.

            AKA having members have to put down their favorite drivers to be allowed to cast votes. So me for instance eventhough in my eyes im not biased, I should not be allowed to vote for Vettel in any poll and blocked from doing so to select it, and then evening out the poll alot more.

            Also members should only be able to vote in these polls, its not that hard to become a member here since Keith likes the attention.

            But you must admit the most people non-members who go on this site are from the UK and are Hamilton fans since this is in English. I could be wrong no big deal if i am.

            1. No hard feelings, man. I’ve been overly present in these poll discussions anyways.

              It’s just that I have a low tolerance for people who can’t just share and discuss without doing dumb things like skewing a poll.

              It’s not about the poll as such anyways. I don’t care who wins, that’s what I tried to get across in my rant, that flooding the poll is just a pointless way to ruin an enjoyable discussion-starter.

              There’s no way to know, for me anyways, where “casual voters” come from, or who’s their favourite, etc.

              Since these Kimi discussions started there’s been a whole bunch of new names popping up here, which is a good thing in itself, it’s just that far too many of these posts have this in-your-face tone about them, which just really tends to get under my skin and I end up writing rants.

              Anyhoo, no insults meant to you, Pedel, I just don’t like pointless aggressivity. But I don’t think I’ve been helping the discussion, indeed. In fact, I’ve commented much more on the state of the discussion than the sport. Alright, that’s enough from me then.

          2. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
            2nd December 2009, 17:43

            But Hamilton did alright. It is overshadowed by monza and australia of course ;)

        2. Murray Walker haters? There’s no such thing, surely!? :)

      2. Gah, I did it again. Trying to talk sense to people who can’t string a proper sentence together. I really gotta stop doing that.

        Perhaps if you ignore them they go away…

    4. Lol. Boo-hoo-hoo. Your little poll may have gotten some extra votes from Kimi fans. Big deal.
      Im sure most people generally voted for the driver they liked best anyway.

    5. In that entire article there was not one mention of KR’s performance over the year. The whole thing was just an explanation of how he managed to win the poll unfairly!

      1. well, since he beat both Britain’s heroes, what did you expect ?:)

    6. Tell you guys what, let us see how he does next… oh silly me, we can’t because he is too greedy. Too bad.

      1. Let’s just clear this one up because it keeps raising it’s ugly head:

        Kimi’s job is to race. It’s how he earns his living, and he gets paid well to do it. This year he had two options. Take a pay cut and keep racing in F1, or keep his higher pay and go race in a rally car. Both sports he loves, and both sports will have him, gladly.

        In the second option, not only does he still get paid because of his existing F1 contracts, he also has the opportunity to get paid via rallying, and develop his career further doing something he has already shown an interest in, and may well be something he does long after he leaves F1.

        If he had taken the Mclaren deal not only would he not have been able to do extra-curricular rallying, he would have been paid less money. So overall his 2010 season would be restrictive to him both professionally and personally, and he would have been earning less money. With any other team who was able to offer him a seat he would immediately relegate himself to B team status, and be earning even less money. When you remember that this is his profession, and his business, and he has quite a lot of business ventures / investors / sponsors to keep happy, he made what can only be considered to be the correct professional decision.

        In 2011 there will be a plethora of teams which would be happy to take him back in F1, just as there were for next year. Heck, F1 has considered rally and motor bike racers this year who’ve never even touched an F1 car before.. What does that say to you?

        In the same situation I or anyone else would most likely go with the higher paying option (if this was our job).

        Finally let’s remember Kimi does this because he loves it, and because he gets paid, not to keep spectators or journalists happy, and not to spend his time going backwards in terms of his own personal development.

        1. If he loved F1 as much as you say, he would have taken the pay cut.

          If he does go back in 2011, it will be with a “B team” and for less money. And that is not what he wants. So he won’t be back.

          Kimi wants double the salary, for just racing the car. You can’t have that, you have to keep the sponsors happy. You know, the sponsors who pay his salary…

          If it was me, I would gladly take the pay cut for the chance to win another championship and I would still be earning at least 10mil.

          1. The thing is you’re an F1 fan, not someone who’s office is an F1 car.

            Based on your logic you’d happily do whatever job you do now for half the pay you’re getting today for the next 12 months in an environment that is less supportive and with tools that are not as good as you currently have, right?

            No, I didn’t think so.

            1. Oh, and I forgot to mention you’d give up your hobbies and do twice the admin you currently have to do as well on top of all that?

            2. Being a Formula 1 driver is not a normal office job. You need motivation, will and drive to stay competitive in F1. Something that Kimi seemed to have lost in 2008.

              Based on my logic, you would still be doing what you love, challenging for wins, and still earning a lot of money.

              Oh, and funny that he only considered McLaren then, for the less support and crap tools.

              Kimi through his chance away, and won’t get another one.

            3. McPhil, you are still seeing it from the perspective of a fan, and unfortunately that means that your arguments are based in emotion rather than logic. So it’s pointless trying to debate you.

    7. Raikkonen has the biggest fan such pole would surely put him on the top…i think rather than criticizing the people who voted,one should find another way of making the poll results better which reflect the true picture.i follow this orkut community of Kimi Raikkonen and yes there are 30k members there.but everyone has the right to vote.i think only the f1fanatic registered forum members should be allowed to vote..other than that i have to say putting Raikkonen on 9th in the drivers standing wasnt fair either.Massa,rosberg,rubens,alonso all are behind Raikkonen in terms of performance this year..and there are some people who dont respect that and look at the other aspects of kimi raikkonen.i think they should not bring those aspects in kimi’s driving.thats all i have to say.

    8. Okay guys – You win. Button is better than Kimi. It took him 113 races to win because all the crazy Raikkonen fans sabotaged him! Pgghhh!

      It does seem like some of the folks commenting are pretty new to F1. Anyone with some sense could see the F60 was a monster to drive. Not to mention the fact that development was halted halfway into the season. Okay, we don’t have to agree that Kimi was the best driver of 2009,but he did pretty damn well! At least have the balls to admit that.

      Button was not the best driver this year. He is good, but Ross Brawn is the one that made this possible. I can think of quite a few drivers who would have done as well, probably better, given the package Jenson Button had to work with.

      For just the 2nd half of the season – I would definitely go with Kimi. Overall – Vettel. Had the Red Bull reliability been just slightly better, we’d of had a German champ this year. Period.

    9. Ps. I don’t see anyone getting stuck into the 3 guys that voted for Romain Grosjean?!!! He most certainly was not the best driver of 2009!

    10. i agree with our post up there! if button drove the f60 he wouldnt of got 1 point! ross brawn give him the ultimate car and jensen button needs a perfect car to race! tats y he wil be a flop at mclaren! hamilton not even have 2 try against him! button tinks hes something hes not im afraid! he may have the title but hes way down my list of talented drivers! ross brawn should have got most of the credit hes a genius! ross brawn should won the pole but if i was 2 pick i would pick kimi!

    11. It’s the internet people what do you expect!

      Users are free to express their own feelings, if more Kimi fans register their vote then that’s the result.

      I’m a Kimi fan but I know that he doesn’t deserve this title, he did well with a car that was very difficult to drive but he and his car wasn’t that good.

    12. Pedel to the Vettel
      2nd December 2009, 13:38

      Well atleast we know how many to cut down next time if this is going to be a public vote, since i dont remember Kimi being anyware nere the top 3 until this got linked. I say open the poll back up again and link it to other fanboy sites to make it fairer.

      1. Jraybay-Lewismclarenfan
        2nd December 2009, 17:48

        Are you saying put a cap on the votes? You might be replying to someone else and I could be wrong. Apologies. And fanboys outside of this website shouldn’t be allowed to come in here and flood the polls. But you can’t stop them from doing so. Only the raik fans would do something like this anyway ;P . This is an excellent community here :^D .

    13. Why don’t you just put the 2009 drivers points table instead of that poll to stop the irritating issues on this poll?

    14. WRC must be well pleased that Kimi will be bringing so many fans along with him. Get those thermos flasks out!

    15. Can’t you people just accept that many people thought that he was the best driver of the year. For goodness sakes, give it a rest. Even though one of the Kimi communities voted for him, it is still a fair vote. They obviously thought that he was the best driver of the year, and I would say if he wasn’t at the top he should have been very near.
      Ferrari provided him with an awful car this year, and he did an excellent job, scoring many podiums and endless points. So from my point of view he deserves to be near the top. And if you are going to say he didn’t start the season well, you could easily say the same about Button when he had a lacklustre middle of the season – I didn’t see the media bullying Button saying he had lost motivation. Everyone has always bullied Raikkonen, and I think it is an absolute disgrace.
      For the record, the top three should be Button, Raikkonen, Hamilton.

      Im sorry, but this site is also obviously very biased and opinionated. You can’t place Kimi 9th, Keith, just because he didn’t start performing great until Massa had gone.

      1. But that’s the thing: Massa clearly had the best of Kimi for a year and a half. So Kimi’s results after Massa was injured are in themselves difficult to evaluate. The trend suggests, to me anyways, that Massa would have kept scoring better – therefore, perhaps, and I do say perhaps, Kimi’s second half was not as good as Massa’s absence made it look?

        1. Or perhaps the team finally got behind Kimi once Massa was out of the picture.

          I am not arguing with your viewpoint Maciek, because the observations you make do speak for themselves, and this is coming from me as a Kimi fan.

          However, as someone who has been watching Kimi’s career for a long time, and have followed the problems he has had at Ferrari, it was very clear (particularly in early 2009) that Ferrari made some schoolboy errors with strategy on Kimi’s side of the garage, as well as produced a car two years running that was not suited to Kimi’s style of driving. Sure, for the latter part he should have worked harder to adapt, but overall what team work there was at Ferrari in 2008 / 2009 was focussed very heavilly on their wonder-child and not Kimi – and a lot of that had to do with Schumacher.

          Watch next year and see Ferrari implode once Alonso is there and I think to some extent my comments will make more sense. Alonso won’t tolerate being second best in any team, and unlike Kimi he won’t simply “get on with it”, he’ll fight, and he’ll question decisions, and in the end Ferrari will either fall into line behind him, or implode. THe one intelligent thing Ferrari have done for next year is get a driver who is a leader. Kimi never went there to be a leader, he went there to drive fast, that’s all he has ever wanted to do.

          1. Watch next year and see Ferrari implode once Alonso is there and I think to some extent my comments will make more sense. Alonso won’t tolerate being second best in any team

            My view exactly.

          2. I have a slightly hard time, though, with arguments that Ferrari favoured Massa. For one thing, why would they not favour their World Champ? We’re not talking about Massa having a “natural” advantage over KImi within the team, as with less balanced driver pairings. Second, as for car development, well that’s a two-way street. You can’t just wait for the team to design the car around you if you don’t contribute to that development. I don’t know what the situation really was like with Kimi at Ferrari, but he’s had a reputation of not contributing much info to his engineers for quite some time.

            I like to think that I have the luxury of not being a fan of any particular team or driver (with a slight weak spot for Kubica, what with being Polish and all) – I try to look at things with open eyes, digest what I see and then draw some conclusions. Which doesn’t make my views any less subjective, mind you. But what I’ve seen from Raikkonen is a driver who was very exciting to watch in a car that gave out far too often, then got a solid car in which he eeked out a WDC, then lost his motivation to perform and gained it back only when he realised he had to secure a new contract for next year.

            Finally, before this brouhaha over the poll started the discussion over Kimi here was divided, but it was a discussion. Thing is, no one here, from memory, has ever questioned Kimi’s natural talent – rather the contrary – but, as in any and all sports, and all walks of life, it takes more than natural talent to win.

            1. Well for the Ferrari thing you’d have to delve into a lot of the politics at the team. I think Kimi did fall down on two things. He expected Ferrari to build him a better car, and he expected to be the number one driver, no questions. Neither of those things happened.

              I am not a big Massa fan, nor particularly of Shumi (although I respect his talent – less so the cheating), and I actually loathe Ferrari as a team.

              I’d say your observations of Kimi’s career are pretty close to the mark, *except* that Ferrari did not give him a solid car as such, and the team was a shambles ( in terms of strategy and pit lane cock ups) for most of the time he was there. Those two things contributed to ruin both Massa and Kimi’s point scoring at crucial points in all the seasons they have been teammates.

              I think things would have been a lot different if Kimi had stayed at Mclaren. But hindsight is 20-20, as they say, and at the time they didn’t seem to be able to build a car which could go the distance.

              On a side note I think that anyone who doubts Kimi’s talent is simply not very familiar with F1. His talent is not really up for debate.

        2. Well it’s not that “clearly”.

          Raikkonen was doing a lot better than Massa at the start of 2008. I think before he got rammed by Hamilton in Canada, Raikkonen was even leading the WDC. He would have won that race too and would even been further ahead of Massa.

          Then Raikkonen struggled a while with the car in qualifying. After that (starting at Spa) he was faster than Massa again by miles. He had to make up for lost time and took too much risks (crashing out a lot)

          So at best you could say Massa was “clearly” better than Raikkonen in 5 or 6 races in 2008.

          The first half of this season, Massa wasn’t better than Raikkonen at all. It’s simply impossible to make a comparison. Raikkonen’s car broke down more often than not. The strategies failed. Both drivers had qualifying problems.

          There is just no way you can call it either way.

          Kimi has been doing a reasonable job at Ferrari. Just not good enough to grant his bizarre paycheck. So he had to go. They went to look for a new “hero”.

          I’m a big fan of Kimi. He might not be the best driveroverall, but he’s one of the few who actually provides entertaintment ON TRACK. He overtakes a lot and he is always pushing (indeed sometimes too much for his own good).

          I do think it’s incredibly lame for the fanboys to flood the local vote we were having here.

          No one care who wins, but we are a group of people wo chat together and we like to know who “we as a group” think is best. Not some bunch of lameass finns coming in to skew the vote in a last minute event. Kimi got something like 1200 votes in the last few days and only 200 before.

          It’s like debating with your family which color would look good in the livingroom and in come 1200 people who all love blue and they start screaming blue is the best color. It’s annoying behavior.

          1. It’s like debating with your family which color would look good in the livingroom and in come 1200 people who all love blue and they start screaming blue is the best color

            Gotta say, that’s probably the best take yet on this whole thing.

            1. Pedel to the Vettel
              5th December 2009, 22:03

              i second that opinion

    16. Stephen Northcott, perhaps that is the perspective you should be looking at it from. Because he is letting you down by what he did.

      Sorry if my views are from a fan’s perspective, but that is what I am, a fan. And so are you.

      1. I am a fan. I am also a racing driver.
        I’ve been both for as long as I can remember.

        Kimi has given a lot of people a lot of excitement (and frustration) during his F1 career. But at the end of the day it’s his career and his life, and I respect that. I don’t subscribe to any view that we the fans have or should have any sway over people’s lives, their choices, or whatever…

        Would I rather he was in F1 next year. Sure.
        Am I going to stop watching F1 because he has left. No.

        I wish Kimi well in whatever his future holds, and whatever decisions he makes. If I had wanted a pet I would have got a dog. :)


      1. ^ It must be true because it’s in caps. Case closed it would seem…

    18. Autosport are reporting that Kimi’s WRC deal is to be announced shortly.

    19. Maybe the next poll should be: “Best Ice Cream Eating F1 Driver of 2009” ?

      1. maybe it should, that’d be so much fun…atleast he’s not a driver with a stick up his behind eh…

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