Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009

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Kimi Raikkonen got the most votes in our 2009 F1 driver of the year poll.

But as sumedh pointed out in the forum, it seems we have had a large number of visitors from a Kimi Raikkonen community after the poll was put live. It’s clear from traffic patterns to the site this has had a deciding effect on the results.

I respect the right of people to choose who they wish to vote for. Raikkonen was among the most voted-for drivers before the influx of new visitors. I’m sure the regular F1 Fanatic visitors who picked him had sound reasons for doing so – many of which were persuasively argued here.

But it’s clear the poll has been unduly influenced by a group of people only interested in support for a particular driver who do not ordinarily contribute to the site. We may have to make changes in future to make sure future polls are a fair reflection of what regular F1 Fanatic readers think.

Here are the final results:

2009 F1 Fanatic driver of the year voting

Rank Driver Votes
1 Kimi Raikkonen 1,414
2 Lewis Hamilton 540
3 Jenson Button 534
4 Sebastian Vettel 501
5 Robert Kubica 204
6 Fernando Alonso 98
7 Kamui Kobayashi 76
8 Rubens Barrichello 64
9 Mark Webber 60
10 Felipe Massa 41
11 Luca Badoer 37
11 Jarno Trulli 37
13 Nico Rosberg 33
14 Nick Heidfeld 17
15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 13
16 Adrian Sutil 12
17 Heikki Kovalainen 9
18 Sebastien Bourdais 8
19 Giancarlo Fisichella 6
20 Timo Glock 5
20 Kazuki Nakajima 5
22 Romain Grosjean 3
23 Jaime Alguersuari 2
24 Sebastien Buemi 1
24 Vitantonio Liuzzi 1
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  • 180 comments on “Kimi Raikkonen voted top driver of 2009”

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    1. I do think it’s incredibly lame for the fanboys to flood the local vote we were having here.

      No one care who wins, but we are a group of people wo chat together and we like to know who “we as a group” think is best. Not some bunch of lameass finns coming in to skew the vote in a last minute event. Kimi got something like 1200 votes in the last few days and only 200 before.

      It’s like debating with your family which color would look good in the livingroom and in come 1200 people who all love blue and they start screaming blue is the best color. It’s annoying behavior.

      So if someone voted for Kimi they are lame? I think I have given a very good reason or account of myself in fine detail for why I have voted for Kimi. And that is properly more important, as long as someone can give a good account of themselves for voting the way they did.
      The fact of the matter is that no one this year really had a full perfect season, all the drivers were only really good in one half of the season, some in the second half and some in the beginning of the year. Kimi made much less mistakes then many of the others and he also had his fair share of bad luck. Kimi really got the most out of the car he was driving. Ferrari stopped development very early on but Kimi kept up the performances, if it wasn’t for Kimi’s performances, Ferrari wouldn’t even have had a chance at 3rd in the championship until the end. I cant see why some people think it is so very unreasonable to vote for Kimi. On the Autosport forum for example Kimi was voted the second best driver of the year. (So no change of people from other places voting).

      It is also not difficult to see why Kimi is so interested in rallying, he has properly grown-up with rallying. Rallying has always been huge in Finland, in fact it is properly more popular then F1. So from Kimi’s frame of reference he properly sees F1 and WRC as the same only a different discipline of racing. It will be quite difficult for Kimi in WRC with almost no experine, but he entered F1 in much the same way. Everyone in WRC is also really excited about having Kimi, and there is less media focus will suit him just fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if he enjoy rallying so much that he never wants to return to F1.

    2. Bullocks! As it seems there are some fan boys and fan girls among us.

      1. Who seem to have very good communication with one another. :)

        Or maybe there’s another way to vote so many times by not so many people? hmmm, I wonder..

        1. Let’s just get this clear: Not everyone who has written posts on here supporting Kimi are fanboys. And haven’t you realised that not everybody has the same opinion as you. So just get over it.

    3. Well here’s some interesting tidbits about the impression Kimi left at Ferrari, though I’m sure I’ll lots about how none of that is his fault…

    4. This has to be a joke or a farwell gift, right ?!…. lol


      Well, it seems like Kimi was driving a lot better then many people thought. ;)

      1. Absolutely. The car was an absolute Dog from race one in 2009.
        It was very clear to see. Something I was saying throughout the season, and emphasized to people as soon as I saw Fisi having the same problems as Luca.

        Credit to both Massa and Kimi for their ability to drive it competitively at all. It’s very very revealing to read that article. Thanks for the link.

        I honestly think the only other driver in F1 who could have got as much out of the Ferrari as Kimi and Massa is probably Alonso, which will make next year all the more interesting when Ferrari produce their third dud F1 car in a row…

    6. Kimi is a Champ in my books, look for the ice mans comeback to F1 in 2011 with his currant employer. i missed the poll but i would have voted for Mr. Kimi any way.

    7. Whats the betting that BUTTON will win the BBC sports personality of the year this december 2009.
      The person i feel sorry for is the superior driver Lewis hamilton, who has twice finished runner up in the BBC sports perosnality of the year, despite being the youngest ever formula1 champion.If Button wins the BBC award no one can ever tell me that the public are not a bit racist, because there is no real difference between Button’s championship win and Hamilton’s winning his.Indeed i think its far more difficult to be regarded as the youngest ever winning.
      By the way last year Lewis lost out to a cyclist.Be honest , when have the British public really given a toss about cycling.If you stopped the average person in the street they could not tell you who the current female world cycling champion is over 1000 metres.

      If Button wins its 100% true he deserves it, but no more than Hamilton does because he has twice not won it.Things must be called what they are -racism on the part of the general public because im sure if HAMILTON was white he would have easily won the award last year
      .Remember Nigel Mansell won the BBC sports personality of the year despite finishing only second in that championship year.
      I know many would disagree about what i say, but you must always deal with the facts in your life, no matter how hard they are to except.If my best friend is a racist, i will not defend him and say he is not a racist just because he happens to be my best friend.

      1. I don’t live in the UK, so I don’t know about latent racism there, but it might be more of a case of race drivers not being regarded by quite a few people as practising a sport, as such. When Jacques Villeneuve was awarded the same kind of Canadian distinction after his championship year, there was A LOT of criticism about honouring a driver, rather than an athlete, as many perceived it.

      2. Pedel to the Vettel
        5th December 2009, 22:15

        Well Lewis lost twice to get that, it was probably because 2007 Calzaghe was Undefeted still, 2008 Chris Hoy the first British man to claim 3 gold medals in 100 years in 1 sport. How can Lewis match that while having the best car 2 years running and winning 1 world title. Yer Jenson will win this year not because of his skin colour but it will be because jenson won it at the right time.

        1:No major sporting event.
        2:And Brawn GP being a phoenix from the ashes.

        The public love that and BBC did a better job then ITV this year.

    8. Kimi brings nothing but those who are actually missing from an asylum, trust them to ruin online enjoyment of every other motor sport fan.

    9. Could you please add Kimi Räikkönen to 2010 poll also? :) If Kimi wins also in 2010, then the poll might be a bit skewed ;)

    10. Your blog is quite interesting . I`m having great resources on this topic too. Tell me if there is anything i can help you with. You have my email.Thanks for your time.

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