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Silverstone to use “more exciting” Moto GP track for 2010 F1 race (Pictures) 7th December 2009, 15:50

Silverstone intends to use a new track layout for the 2010 British Grand Prix. The new circuit will include most of Silverstone’s signature high-speed bends such as Copse, Maggotts, Becketts and Stowe, but not the high-speed Bridge corner. But a circuit spokesperson told F1 Fanatic he expected the new circuit to be “equally, if not […]

What was F1’s best race of the decade?

While the first half of F1’s sixth decade will be remembered for the crushing dominance of Michael Schumacher, the second half was much less predictable. I know I’m as guilty as anyone of complaining about the odd duff race too much when I should be talking up the great moments F1 gives us. So let’s […]

Football goes 3D but still no HD for F1

The 2010 Football World Cup will be broadcast in 3D next year by Sony. Up to 25 matches in the 64-game series will be available in 3D. F1, meanwhile, has still not embraced the last generation of broadcasting technology: high definition.

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