Silverstone to use “more exciting” Moto GP track for 2010 F1 race (Pictures)

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Silverstone 2010 F1 track layout
Silverstone 2010 F1 track layout

Silverstone intends to use a new track layout for the 2010 British Grand Prix.

The new circuit will include most of Silverstone’s signature high-speed bends such as Copse, Maggotts, Becketts and Stowe, but not the high-speed Bridge corner.

But a circuit spokesperson told F1 Fanatic he expected the new circuit to be “equally, if not more exciting” than the current version.

Other corners incluing Maggotts and Club will be revised to guarantee the safety of Moto GP riders – but F1 cars will continue to use the existing sections of track.

Moto GP’s governing body, the FIM, has already approved the circuit for use. The FIA will have to approve the new track for F1 cars.

The revised layout, first seen in February this year, replaces the current Abbey chicane with a similar pair of bends which turn in the opposite direction.

That sends the cars into the infield where they flick right before turning sharply left. They miss Bridge and Priory entirely, re-joining the current layout at a wider Brooklands corner.

Better for fans?

The changes should give fans a better view of the action. The stands at Becketts should offer a view of the new hairpin as well as the existing corner. There were also be new viewing areas for spectators.

If the new version is used and not thought successful, the old configuration could be used instead for later races. The British Racing Drivers’ Club has signed a deal to hold the race for the next 17 years.

The last significant change to Silverstone’s Grand Prix circuit was in 1997, when Copse, Brooklands and Luffield were re-profiled. A new pit and paddock complex is being planned for the 2011 race.

What do you think of the revised Silverstone circuit?

Silverstone 2010 F1 track configuration

2010 British Grand Prix

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  1. Looks worse to me. The abbey chicane and bridge are too great corners… shame.

    1. Agree and there was a great general admission view where you could see the whole final section but now that’s all cut out

      1. Dumping Bridge corner? A flat out blind right hander? In my top 3 favourite corners in F1. Such a shame.

        And TommyB you are right. An awesome view. probably 5 meters from the track and it really shows off the true grip of the cars.

        Oh no im getting all emotional…

        1. Agreed! Stupid decision by Damon Hill or whoever is proposing it. I did a poll a few months back on the top 5 corners/turns in f1 & I had placed the approach into Priory from Bridge in second spot. It is my favorite after Pouhon. You can make up tonnes of lost time up in that turn alone. Shame we’ll not see it next year :(

          Maybe you can vote for the Bridge corner here:-

    2. Bridge stopped being Bridge when they put the abbey chicane in before it – meaning approach speeds were slower – Bridge got it’s reputation from being a balls out scary as hell blind corner approached at 185 mph + in the blast down from Club, again another corner that has changed since it got it’s reputation. Quite honestly leaving Bridge out now is no great shakes as it isn’t/wasn’t really Bridge any-more anyway. At least they haven’t messed around with the “nearly put back to what it used to be like” Copse or the Maggotts/Becketts complex (If you want to see what makes an F1 car an F1 car and stands them apart from ALL other Formula stand 100m back 2wards copse and watch one go through Maggotts/Becketts from the rear :)

  2. THis is a wait and see thing from my point of view. Who knows, maybe this new section can produce some great action. If it doesn’t work, hopefully they’ll go back to the old configuration for the other 16 years.

  3. not too keen on having a new pit/paddock complex. I like the original, has nostalgic value. plus the current location has a better first corner at the start of the race.

    1. I think the mechanics will be grateful for new pits. I remember talking to a BTCC mechanic who said Silverstone’s was the worst they went to…

    2. Half the reason there is a GP at Silverstone next year is because the pits and paddock need revamping…

      It needs doing, I’ve walked down the pit straight and the garages look pretty minute, and basic. An upgrade is far, far overdue.

      1. ok no doubt the actual pits are a bit shabby, but i like the location. Copse corner is a great turn 1.

        1. Where will the new pit straight be?

          1. demolish the current one. and rebuild on the same location.

    3. Sato113 one thing you have to remember is one of the only reasons there is a GP at Silverstone is the agreement to have a New PIt and Paddock complex, nostalgia has it’s place to a degree but it gets in the way sometimes due to Bernies controlling nature

  4. It’s a shame they will not have the high speed bridge corner as I really liked that section as well. The additional stands are probably to pay for the new deal just signed. It would be great if they produced an animated video of the new configuration…

    1. The additional stands were there for MotoGP, when Silverstone assumed they had lost the race (officially, at least).

      The fact they can use them for F1 will be a happy coincidence.

      They need a name for the new corner, by the way.

      1. Yep I did ask and they haven’t got one yet. Any suggestions?

        1. I thought they were calling it ‘The Arrowhead’

        2. I’m guessing they will try to sell the naming rights. They could use the money.

          Coke corner?
          Tesco turn?
          Harrod’s hairpin?

          Something like that.

          1. Bernie’s Twisted Brother :)

    2. There was a video, they showed it on the big screens at the GP last year. I watched it and thought ‘why are there two pit straights?’

  5. Looks good, but then even new tracks look good, but have dull racing…

    The designs of the cars need to allow for better overtaking

    1. Don’t get me started on the car design issues…

      Let’s just say I couldn’t agree more :-)

      1. Interesting reading in the latest F1 Racing mag that a few team engineers have analysed where the overtaking takes place and they reckon that something like 90% of the whole season’s overtaking takes place at around 10 corners!

        Car design will play a major, if not THE major reason for a lack of overtaking, but circuit design would not be far behind. I won’t mind the changes IF the racing is better.

  6. Hmm looks good. Have to wait and see what the racings like. If it doesn’t seem to add anything or make the racing worse are they able to use the old layout still?

  7. It doesn’t really change anything.

    Like Patrick Head said in 2008, Silverstone is just another circuit ever since they added all the slow corners and chicanes. It used to be F1’s Indianapolis, back with the old classic layout, pre-1991.

    1. Exactly. Or in the words of Nelson Piquet Snr. “What have you done to it!!??”
      Let’s go back to the old layout but with better run offs and barriers.

      1. 30 Years ago they were lapping at an average speed of over 150 mph.If they are going to change it lets get back to the old layout and get back to balls out grand prix racing!

  8. HounslowBusGarage
    7th December 2009, 16:27

    I think it looks quite interesting actually. Not sure about the precise orientation of the new grandstands on the infield though, the smallest one close to the new sharp left onto the National straight seems to be facing out at nothing in particular.
    I thought there were two bridges over the National straight; the new plan shows only one. Going to be a bit crowded I think. And is all the traffic to the new infield section supposed to go over the Hanger Straight bridge?

  9. I’m looking forward to those changes. Too bad bridge corner would be missing though. We’ll have to see if it gets approved; that runoff at the hairpin looks small.

  10. Well my wife just bought 2 early bird tickets for Abbey. So where we’ll end up sitting for the 2010 race, I’ve no idea? They can’t surely sell you a seat that won’t exist, and they only mentioned Pits Straight, Woodcote B and Becketts as potential seating that would change.

  11. Who designed the new track?

  12. I think the track has been re-re-designed since the plans shown on this page.

    The newest map can be found here:

    The arrowhead hairpin bit doubles back on itself now, and the straight before that has been turned in to a sweeping curve.

    Where is this new pit complex going to be placed? Is it on top of the old one, or one of the other straights? Something tells me it’s being put on the National Circuit’s back straight.

    1. The new bit that’s on the Silverstone website reminds me a bit of the new first sector they stuck on the Nurburgring.

    2. Yeah I think you’re right, the layout on the pictures at the top has been changed since they first announced the plans.

      I’m not sure where the new pit straight will be either. It’s a shame they aren’t communicating that sort of thing better with the fans

      1. OK forget that, Keith said on the Forum that this is the real layout.

        It looks OK, but I think a lot depends on how fast the new Abbey chicane is. I’d love it if it was like one of the fast chicanes at Magny Cours, or the old Variante Alta at Imola.

  13. Quite like it… although the new abbey chicane should be made a high speed sweeping right left, but with loads of runoff so the bikes can use it too.

  14. @ajokay

    Yeah! The official Silverstone version is different, and worse, that section before Brooklands looks really mickey mouse. :(

    1. ughh the official silverstone one looks rubbish, at least arrowhead had recognisable silverstone character, thats just another luffield.

  15. I think it will be a case of wait and see before passing judegment.

    In this Autosport article it says

    if the Arena layout is used next year, the current start-finish line will be kept – with it only being moved when the new facilities are ready.

    I don’t know if I have missed it but does anyone know where the new start-finish line will be?

    1. Between Club and Abbey, I believe.

    2. the current start/finish line was always going to be used for 2010 anyway. its in 2011 that it might change.

  16. Two more spots to pass backmarkers: two braking zones into single-line corners that the cars will gobble up in 100 meters and less time than in takes to clear your throat—meaning that nothing can pass a car there short of a tank round.

    Is there not a thought for the loss of continuity? It’s great to have new tracks but they need to be counterbalanced with maintaining the history of the great tracks. It was bad enough when Silverstone was neutered with the current heap of chicanes so its time to stop monkeying around with the layout. Just after the sweeper at Bridge earns its place in the cannon of great and tricky corners at at great track, it’s replaced by another lame, fiddly Tilke-hairpin. The corner should be dubbed Langweilig Kurve, so he gets the picture.

  17. Either way they need to get on and make a decision, surely. They’ve lost a lot of time pfaffing with all this “are we getting it nonsense”, so they’ve not been able to start promoting it properly.

    And people want to know where they’re buying grandstand tickets for, corner-wise – there’s already someone above who is wondering this.

  18. The layout shown on the Silverstone site actually looks better I think, it’s just that their graphic is bad. The one here feels… Tilke-fied.

    Side note:I didn’t know there was a corner named Maggotts… hahaha.

  19. Who did the design work on these new corners??

  20. *palmface*

    No no no no no….

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