FIA confirms new points system in 2010

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Trulli would move up to seventh in 2009 using the new 2010 F1 points
Trulli would move up to seventh in 2009 using the new 2010 F1 points

The new points system which was surprisingly proposed by the F1 Commssion yesterday will be used in F1 in 2010. A statement from the FIA read:

Due to the expanded grid of 13 teams, and further to the recommendation of the F1 Commission, a new points system will be in place for the 2010 season.

As discussed yesterday, the new system extends the points down to tenth place without changing the relative value of finishing first, second or third.

Other questionable changes include how the points scale increases unevenly, with a two-point jump from eighth to seventh, but only a one-point gap between seventh and sixth.

It has all the hallmarks of an ill-conceived and hastily-taken decision. If only the FIA had taken time to read the lukewarm response the proposal received here yesterday, with less than one-third of fans calling it an improvement:

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  1. A completely unnecessary, ill-thought, ruination of F1. Let’s just give everyone a trophy for turning up and be done with it, the way things are going.

  2. Jensen Button:
    “It’s a great idea. It’s nice that you get five points over second for winning. That’s important because we all love winning races. I won six races this year and I got just two more point”

    Is he really so thick that he can’t see that relatively you get no more points? Dear God, I can’t believe they’ve ruined the historical records at a stroke.

    1. i’m fairly sure that at periods in f1 history the winner didn’t get 10 points. I’m fairly sure that at some point in the 70’s or 80’s the winner got 8 points….

  3. It’s a poor decision. Another knee-jerk reaction by the FIA and the F1 supremos.

    The reward for winning is far too high (as strange as that sounds!) and flies in the face of the FIA’s earlier view that a driver who is consistently good should win the WDC.

    I’m curious, would Button have won the WDC earlier in the year based on the new points system?

  4. I don’t really see the problem with the new points system as most of the ratios are still the same.
    It doesn’t really what points system they use, the best most consistent driver will still win the championship.
    Perhaps they could look at the Indycar points system which seems to work very well where they give points all the way through the field, that way even the cars at the back have a good reason to carry on racing each other.

  5. Please email all the teams and FOTA and complain about the 7th place thing (5 pts when it should be 4)

    I would prefer 15,12,10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1 but that aint going to happen, so if we’re going to get

    25,20,15,10,8,6,5?!!?,3,2,1 … lets get that 5 changed..

    email williams, mclaren, FIA, FOTA, force india, USf1, asap!

    get it done people , otherwise we’re stuck with this sea-saw system


  6. How about
    10, 6, 4, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 ?

    – It maintains 10 points for a win for history’s sake
    – Big gap between 1st and 2nd place to encourage people to go for the win
    – Point awards extended to 9th place

  7. It will make a big difference if you have a few DNF’s. Therefor finishing will become more important than racing.

  8. the easiest way to ammend the 7th place thing is just make 7th worth 4 points.

    25(-5) 20(-5) 15(-5) 10(-2) 8(-2) 6(-2) 4(-2) 3(-1) 2(-1) 1.

    seems it would be more fair.

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