F1 links: More Schumacher return rumours

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher says yes to £20m Mercedes return to Formula One (Daily Mirror)

"Contrary to reports that the sport's most successful racer would be earning just £6million, the German will actually rake in the biggest salary in F1 next season, totalling nearly £20m."

Lotus F1 Racing Driver Announcement Q&As (Lotus)

Jarno Trulli: "We have to set realistic targets for the first year. We are one of the new teams, so we have to prove ourselves and to gain respect in the paddock. We have to establish ourselves as the best of the new teams and see what gap we have between us and the rest."

Max Mosley: how I helped broker deal to keep the peace in F1 and prevent breakaway series (Daily Telegraph)

Mosley’s second article for the Daily Telegraph covers the FOTA breakaway threat which he lambasts the teams for despite being the one who suggested it: "Mistakes? There was perhaps one major error on my part. During the period between the two WMSC decisions in March and April, I should have taken the trouble to visit each of the car company CEOs individually and explain exactly what we were doing and why. Had I done this I think BMW would still be with us and, just possibly, Toyota. It would have been easy to demonstrate that with the cost cap, they could have had the same for far less. But this was never a message their team principals were going to give them."

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