Updated 2010 F1 rules include new testing, engine and safety car regulations

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Rookie substitutes like Jaime Alguersuari will get test sessions in 2010
Rookie substitutes like Jaime Alguersuari will get test sessions in 2010

The FIA has published an updated version of the 2010 F1 sporting regulations.

It adds many of the changes announced earlier such as the new ten-place points system and refuelling ban, as well as a few other small-but significant changes.

The testing restrictions will be even tighter in 2010 and drivers who perform mutliple engine changes in a weekend will now get extra penalties. Pit space – which will be at a premium next year – will now be allocated evenly between the teams.

The new changes include:

  • Changes to how drivers are given time penalties after a race
  • A reduction in the amount of one-day aerodynamic tests a team may conduct from eight to six
  • Teams may now substitute aerodynamic test days for 24 hours of full-scale wind tunnel testing
  • Teams which choose to bring in a driver with no prior F1 experience will be permitted an extra days’ testing on a non-calendar track
  • A new clause stipulates that pit space will be allocated “on a strictly equal basis” – this space will be under pressure with the addition of new teams in 2010
  • Teams are no longer allowed to use powered devices to lift the cars in the pit lane
  • Although tyre warmers remain legal a new clause says the heating element may only act on the surface of the tyre
  • There are new restrictions on how teams can test tyres
  • Drivers who use two additional engines during a weekend will be moved back ten places on the grid at that race and the next one
  • Drivers who get away slowly on the formation lap and cannot start from their designated starting position must start the race from the pit lane.
  • During safety car periods drivers must lap slower than a designated lap time displayed in their cars

Here are the revised regulations in full:

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