Button fails to improve on Top Gear lap

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button failed to improve his best lap time around the Top Gear track.

He set a 1’44.9 lap in the Suzuki Liana – two-tenths of a second slower than his previous effort. The track was wet whereas it had been dry for his first attempt.

But his 2010 team mate Lewis Hamilton had previously set a 1’44.7 on a wet track.

Button told host Jeremy Clarkson about how he was looking forward to joining Hamilton at McLaren next year:

This is a massive buzz for me its so exciting I’ve been in F1 for ten years, to get a chance to race Hamilton and Alonso at McLaren.
Jenson Button

Commenting on a selection of highlights of his overtaking moves during the Brazilian Grand Prix, Button had this to say about his over-steery pass on Sebastien Buemi:

I did that on purpose – a bit of oversteer makes the guy nervous about getting close. It gives him less room.
Jenson Button

He later revealed he had driven his Bugatti Veyron around the Top Gear track – while the cameras weren’t around.

David Coulthard also appeared in an F1-heavy episode, using the Red Bull show car to create ‘art’ with Jeremy Clarkson.

F1 drivers’ best lap times on Top Gear

1’44.6 ?ǣ Nigel Mansell
1’44.7 ?ǣ Jenson Button
1’44.7 ?ǣ Lewis Hamilton (wet track)
1’46.3 ?ǣ Damon Hill
1’47.1 ?ǣ Mark Webber (wet track)

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