The future of F1 Fanatic

I started F1 Fanatic at the beginning of 2005 as a hobby. At the time I never thought that within a few years it would grow into a site visited by around 200,000 people per month.

But in the past few months I have felt increasingly frustrated that I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to with F1 Fanatic: developing the site, writing articles for it, proof-reading, responding to your comments, and everything else.

I decided it was time to either commit to the site fully or give up on it. So three weeks ago I gave notice that I would be leaving my job at the end of the year to work on F1 Fanatic full-time.

As you can imagine I’m very excited to take on the challenge of turning something which has given me an enormous amount of pleasure into a paying job. But I’m under no illusions that this is a difficult profession in which to earn money.

I’m very grateful to all of you who visit the site and have contributed to it. I hope you will get even more out of it in the future as I am able to dedicate more time to it.

There will inevitably be changes to the site in the near future, many of which I’ve mentioned here before. They are partly intended to take advantage of the extra time I will have to work on the site. More on that here: Update on improvements to F1 Fanatic

In 2010 I hope to develop F1 Fanatic further as an essential destination for F1 fans with better news coverage, more original content, a quicker and more reliable site, and – most of all – many more opportunities for all of you to get involved.

Here’s to the future!

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209 comments on The future of F1 Fanatic

  1. Carl27 said on 21st December 2009, 22:05

    I can only say: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. scunnyman said on 21st December 2009, 22:10

    Hi Keith,

    Not commented on your site since the summer (long story). I still visit the site several times a day though. I would like to say that i have had 2 bouts of near death illness this year and your site has helped me through them and i hope your move to fulltime works for you.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. Stephen Luick said on 21st December 2009, 22:11

    I echo David’s comment, and would like to add one other: how can we help with this in the future?

  4. Love this site!!!

  5. Mike "the bike" Schumacher said on 22nd December 2009, 0:17

    Fantastic Keith!

  6. Tattysquawk said on 22nd December 2009, 1:02

    Best of luck to you. I happened on your site through a competition you ran and have been stalking your tweets and site ever since!
    Seriously, I hope it all works well, you deserve it.

  7. SuperRelax said on 22nd December 2009, 1:40

    Dear Keith,

    Frankly speaking, i think you have the best F1 website. Good luck in 2010 and i promise to support you in whatever way i can!

    Super Relax – Manila,Philippines

  8. wasiF1 said on 22nd December 2009, 1:44

    It’s seems like I am the last one.
    Keith I joined this site in tail end 2006,since then I never looked back.You really dedicated a lot in this site.
    Hope you don’t have too much trouble in running this site in the future,all the best.

  9. Seamus said on 22nd December 2009, 1:49

    Best of luck mate! You run a fantastic site, can’t wait to see it when you’re working on it full time!!!

    Ian-US of A

  10. Great news. Already the best F1 site on the web & will only be better now. Keep up the good work. I have never subscribed to any website, but I think I would make an exception to this one

  11. Mr zingzang said on 22nd December 2009, 2:09

    Yes the site is very comprehensive. Keep it up.

  12. As a relative “newbie” to your site I have enjoyed your work, as well as the diverse opinions, good bad or otherwise, we all get to read here.

    Someday in the not too distant future when you are on top of it all remember where it all began: Your basic talent and the fan base your open attitudes have created.

    My only advice, don’t stray too far from what has been a huge success to date.

    Good luck and best wishes!

  13. fajgflkdajfa said on 22nd December 2009, 3:51


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  14. bunnyman said on 22nd December 2009, 4:56

    Good Job!

  15. Praful Halakhandi said on 22nd December 2009, 5:14

    Congrats… This started for me when you replied to one of my blog posts and corrected me… and from there on I have always checked your site on a daily basis… Keep up the good work… Good Luck,

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