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I started F1 Fanatic at the beginning of 2005 as a hobby. At the time I never thought that within a few years it would grow into a site visited by around 200,000 people per month.

But in the past few months I have felt increasingly frustrated that I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to with F1 Fanatic: developing the site, writing articles for it, proof-reading, responding to your comments, and everything else.

I decided it was time to either commit to the site fully or give up on it. So three weeks ago I gave notice that I would be leaving my job at the end of the year to work on F1 Fanatic full-time.

As you can imagine I’m very excited to take on the challenge of turning something which has given me an enormous amount of pleasure into a paying job. But I’m under no illusions that this is a difficult profession in which to earn money.

I’m very grateful to all of you who visit the site and have contributed to it. I hope you will get even more out of it in the future as I am able to dedicate more time to it.

There will inevitably be changes to the site in the near future, many of which I’ve mentioned here before. They are partly intended to take advantage of the extra time I will have to work on the site. More on that here: Update on improvements to F1 Fanatic

In 2010 I hope to develop F1 Fanatic further as an essential destination for F1 fans with better news coverage, more original content, a quicker and more reliable site, and – most of all – many more opportunities for all of you to get involved.

Here’s to the future!

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  1. Congratulations, good luck – and merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations Keith, this has always been my favourite F1 website and the one i come to first for news since I started following F1 and now its going to get even better! You have my support!

  3. Good luck with the site Keith!

    The quality of your articles is second-to-none!

  4. a site visited by around 200,000 people per month

    Is that 200,000 different people or a few other fanatical F1 fans just checking back for news updates and forum usage? Is it a different IP address on each of those 200,000. I check from work and home so if it’s IP address that’s 2 for me, so it could be really 100,000 people.

    Then how many revisit regularly?
    If you only browse while the season is on, are you going to pay for a subscription?
    Do you plan on a subscription service or a donate box, or just revenue from adverts?

    Overheads for yourself will be server hosting \ time and travel costs to F1 events \ venues.

    It’s a brave decision, I’m just curious on how you worked out if it is feasible?

    1. Accidental Mick
      21st December 2009, 12:11

      I echo what everyone else has said – it is a brave decision and I wish you every succes. I too would be curioua about your business model but can understand that that is a bit personal, somewhat akin to askin someone their salary.

      I, too, would be willing to pay an annual subscription (and with that number of subcribers (even taking in what Chalky said) it could pay a reasonable return for you). You would have to let non-members have a limited number of free visits so they could get a flavour and I am not web-savy enough to know how to do that but I am sure there is someone out there who does.

      BTW Fifanatic is my home page.

    2. Unique visitors is a tricky metric because, as you rightly point out Chalky, it can involve multiple visits by the same person on different computers. I have taken that into account when planning ahead.

      At the moment I haven’t got plans for a subscription service. As well as the existing advertising (more of which I will be able to arrange personally and most cost-effectively) and other revenue-generating activities I’ve added a donate feature:

      This will be promoted more clearly on the front of the site when the design has been updated.

      There’s also plans for merchandise lines and an F1 Fanatic Shop.

  5. David Sherwood
    21st December 2009, 12:01

    Just read your news Keith and I wish you every success. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

    Please do not be afraid to ask for financial support, as has already been stated many times, people will pay good money for a quality service and F1Fanatic has it in spades.

  6. I’m really pleased for you Keith – I hope it works out. I’ve suggested this elsewhere but why not a subscription-based super-site with you, Joe Saward and James Allen posting opinion pieces, pod-casting discussion of the latest news, live commentary from James, interviews with drivers etc, etc. I think a lot of your combined visitors would pay for a site like that.

    In any case the very best of luck – of course they always say the best kind of works is your hobby. :) Best of luck!

  7. Wow a brave decision Keith but I’m sure the right one, congratulations! I look forward to an even better season at F1Fanatic and am happy to volunteer for proof reading duties if you like. Best of luck and thanks a dozen. :D

  8. Best of luck with the site Keith. Great to hear it’s going to be even beefier in 2010, I for one shall continue visiting, not only for the site, but the fanatics who use it too. great bunch of people here. Love it!

  9. What everyone else has said. This site has been the first I go to for F1 news since the beginning of 2008, and it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of stopping. :D

    I wish you the best of luck with your new full-time occupation, and a bright future. ;)

  10. Congratulations and good luck Keith
    You will do great.
    It is obviuos you truly love and are passionate about the sport.
    You know what they say about success, It comes from loving what you do with all your heart and that you certainly do.
    I introduced my husband to your site and he is hooked on it just like i am.

    Best of luck

  11. Best of luck. Many F1 sites post new stories but this is the one which explains the most and best especially the little background you write with every story plus the opinion based articles are very good. Last but not least your photo galleries are the best i have seen so far. Lot of pictures and all high resolution.

    One idea i would like to add is you should write MORE editorial articles and summaries of completed races. I enjoy the articles you write but would like to see more articles especially something like’s ‘Winners and losers’ and ‘Some Conclusions from the race’.

    Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  12. Good luck Keith. You have our support.

  13. Well, what can I say. I’m simply amazed by your dedication Keith. Best of luck!

  14. Congratulations, Keith. I alredy love this site and now is great to learn that now you will turn it in a even better place to read and discuss F1.

    Good lucky!

  15. Best of luck with the new “job” :-)

  16. Hey,

    Congratulations Keith and looking forward to some more features as you mentioned earlier. I am a daily visitor and altough I don’t comment much on articles I read them all.

    Alex from Malta

  17. Bold and audacious move. I wish you the very best of luck and success on this Keith.

  18. Good luck Keith, I look forward to the future of F1Fanatic

  19. This is my first stop for my daily Formula One fix. So I wish you every success in branching out on your own.
    The very best of luck from a Brit exile in Canada

  20. Wow!!!

    One of the most important things in live is to work on what you love most, and it seems to me you’ve been able to achieve that goal.

    Congratulations for that. I cannot imagine what will you do with F1 Fanatic working full time, when now you’re offering us so much information!

    Congratulations again and looking forward for a great 2010 F1 Fanatic blog!

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