What was the best pass of 2009? (Video)

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Overtaking in F1 is a hotly-debated subject – particularly the view that we haven’t seen much of it this year.

That isn’t necessarily the case. The video above compiles a selection of the best passes of 2009 – and there were more besides that don’t feature on there.

But which driver made the best overtaking move of 2009? Was it one of Jenson Button’s many passes? Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso’s great battle at Sepang? Or an unsung hero from further down the grid?

As we did with the best race of the decade last week, list your nominations for the best pass of 2009 below and we’ll vote on the cream of the crop later.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Hamilton on Raikkonen at Shanghai (1’37) – Around the outside in the wet. Webber did a similar pass but Hamilton did it in a worse car…

Alonso on Trulli at Bahrain (2’15) – Yes, he had KERS – but he needed aggression to make this pass work too.

Barrichello on Hamilton at Istanbul (3’03) – How far back did he come from?

Kovalainen on Fisichella at Suzuka (5’57) – Very unusual and opportunistic.

Kobayashi on Nakajima at Interlagos (6’30) – A well-worked round-the-outside pass.

Button on Grosjean at Interlagos (7.27) – Risky stuff with the title on the line.

Webber on Alonso at Sepang (8’44) – Needed two tries but got there in the end. The last-second re-pass was a gem – and he did the same thing at Catalunya too!

Last year Felipe Massa’s double-pass on Heikki Kovalainen and Rubens Barrichello at Montreal was voted best pass of the year.

What do you think was the best overtaking move of 2009? Name your favourites below – please try to stick to no more than three each to make it easier to count them up…

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  1. Webber on Alonso gets my vote.

    The Spaniard using KERS to make his way past Webber, only for the Aussie coming back through under braking into Turn 1 was inspired.

    1. (at the Spanish GP of course!)

  2. 1.Hamilton on Raikonnen at Shanghai
    2. Webber on Alonso
    3. Kamui on Nakajima

  3. I semi-agree with the video – Glock’s power oversteer out of the corner (and at the Hungaroring in an unusual place) was great to watch. I also liked Webber and Alonso’s duel at Barcelona and Alonso barging past Trulli at Bahrain. The two Toyotas at Monza was amusing too, if a little clumsy.

    For me though, the best move was Button on Hamilton at Bahrain. Against a car with a theoretical advantage due to KERS, it was clean, precise, fair and masterful. It’s moves like that that won him the WC.

  4. I agree with the video actually for number 1, just because it wouldn’t have happened in 2007:

    1. Glock on Webber @ Hungary
    2. Button on Hamilton @ Bahrain
    3. Hamilton on Kimi @ Shanghai (or was it Sepang?)

    Shame about KERS though. A lot of passes had a disclaimer on them “he presses his KERS,” and “I don’t have a magic button” (Vettel moaning usually) etc.

    Let’s all hope the teams can somehow make Williams see sense and not run it in 2010. I don’t have high hopes though.

  5. Kobayashi on Nakajima was the best, an i’m not overating Kobayashi, it’s just that it was such a good and risky pass

  6. Do failed overtakes count? Webber’s defence in Abu Dhabi was perfect in a much slower car.

    For best overtake I’d have to say Kovy on Fisi in Japan, I cant think of any other occasion where someone’s been out-dragged coming out of the pits.

  7. Tom Morello on Joe McElderry, 20/12/09 ^_^

    other than that, Raikonnens pass on Fisi was my favourite all year. just a beautiful use of KERS.

    1. Like it :-)

  8. So here we are just suggesting for the poll?

    My suggestions then:
    – Malaysia: Webber on Alonso
    – Bahrain: Button on Hamilton and Alonso on Trulli
    – Spain: Webber versus Alonso
    – Monaco: Hamilton on Trulli, Rosberg on Trulli
    – Turkey: Barrichello on Kovalainen
    – Hungary: Hamilton on Webber
    – Italy: Glock on Trulli
    – Singapore: Glock on Alonso
    – Japan: Liuzzi on Nakajima, Kovalainen on Fisichella
    – Brazil: Kobayashi on Nakajima, Button on Grosjean
    – Abu Dhabi: Kobayashi on Button

    1. Any chance you could whittle that down to three SaloolaS? I’ve got to count these up later!

      1. Top 3:
        Rosberg on Massa @ Monaco
        Webber on Alonso @ Barcelona
        Button on Grosjean @ Interlagos

        Also amazing:
        Kovalainen on Fisichella @ Suzuka
        Kobayashi on Nakajima @ Interlagos

  9. vettel doesnt appear in ANY of those!!

  10. And Webber over Leis at Malaysia?

    I think it was the most impressive fight for position this year:

      1. thanks for the senna’esk yak fest!

      2. I agree with the link. Most accomplished overtaker of the year. HAM can get the job done.

  11. My personal best for the year was Webber on Alonso @ Sepang.

  12. The only one that really had me on the edge of my seat and shouting unprintable expletives at a certain Frenchman was Button overtaking Gross Jean at Interlago Brazil starting at Turn 3 and finishing at Turn 8 including a “Balls Out” move around the outside of the very fast Ferra Durra – what made this even more special was that Button was battling for the Championship at the time & under immense pressure. :)

  13. Nice video. Can’t say I have any favourites (the Webber-Alonso battles were nice), but as much as I can appreciate the skill, it’s a little difficult to get excited over moves made on backmarkers by drivers in vastly superior machinery, so about half of the ones shown go out the window for me.

    How about Kubica’s move on Vettel with two wheels on the grass?

  14. The Kobayashi pass on Button does it for me.
    All season, all we heard was how “great” button was as a passer, and blah blah, but he got relatively schooled by a newcomer.

    Kobi get’s my vote.

    1. Nonsense. As has already been pointed out (and Brundle pointed out in the race) that pass was a foregone conclusion as Kobi was light, Button had full fuel, cold tyres and a braking point to re-assess. If that had been Button on anyone else, it would be “Oh Button, he’s useless, can only overtake in a faster car when the other guy is just out of the pits”.

      Kobi deserves a lot of praise for that pass, and for the Abu Dhabi race in general. But putting it up there as best pass because “it was on Button and Button sucks, this proves it” tells us more about you than about the manoeuvre.

      Button passed Alonso, Hamilton, Webber, Kovi (when lots of other drivers couldn’t). It certainly wasn’t “mostly rookies” as argued above. He deserves his plaudits on that score, undoubtedly.

  15. Nice compilation Mitikake. Guess I forgot there really was a lot of really good overtaking and dicing this year! Could it be the cars actually are closer to each other in performance? (KERS excepted of course.)

  16. Silverstone, Lewis on Nando(everyone screaming) and Nando on Lewis(Silent).

    1. yer almost forgot Alonso did get back in front with an equally good pass that has faded in to oblivion.
      And all for 12th spot or something meaningless.

  17. Button on Hamilton – Bahrain
    Button on Kobayashi – Interlagos
    Webber on Alonso – Barcelona

  18. Have to watch it all when I have more time, but of your favourites Keith, mine (in no particular order) are:

    Hamilton on Raikkonen at Shanghai
    Button on Hamilton at Bahrain
    Kobayashi on Nakajima at Interlagos

  19. rosberg takes massa – 2:45
    barrichello takes hamilton – 3:05
    barrichello takes kovalinen – 3:30
    raikkonen takes fisichella – 4:25
    kovalinen takes fisichella – 6:00
    vettel/alonso/vettel/alonso/vettel – 8:35
    and, nearly anything from kobyashi

    the action in the first few 2009 races was as good as f1 has been for a while.

    1. correction:
      webber/alonso/webber/alonso/webber – 8:45

  20. Prisoner Monkeys
    21st December 2009, 23:54

    Button taking Grosjean in Brazil.

    Best Attempted Pass would have to go to Button’s last-lap desperation move on Webber in Abu Dhabi.

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