What was the best pass of 2009? (Video)

Overtaking in F1 is a hotly-debated subject – particularly the view that we haven’t seen much of it this year.

That isn’t necessarily the case. The video above compiles a selection of the best passes of 2009 – and there were more besides that don’t feature on there.

But which driver made the best overtaking move of 2009? Was it one of Jenson Button’s many passes? Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso’s great battle at Sepang? Or an unsung hero from further down the grid?

As we did with the best race of the decade last week, list your nominations for the best pass of 2009 below and we’ll vote on the cream of the crop later.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Hamilton on Raikkonen at Shanghai (1’37) – Around the outside in the wet. Webber did a similar pass but Hamilton did it in a worse car…

Alonso on Trulli at Bahrain (2’15) – Yes, he had KERS – but he needed aggression to make this pass work too.

Barrichello on Hamilton at Istanbul (3’03) – How far back did he come from?

Kovalainen on Fisichella at Suzuka (5’57) – Very unusual and opportunistic.

Kobayashi on Nakajima at Interlagos (6’30) – A well-worked round-the-outside pass.

Button on Grosjean at Interlagos (7.27) – Risky stuff with the title on the line.

Webber on Alonso at Sepang (8’44) – Needed two tries but got there in the end. The last-second re-pass was a gem – and he did the same thing at Catalunya too!

Last year Felipe Massa’s double-pass on Heikki Kovalainen and Rubens Barrichello at Montreal was voted best pass of the year.

What do you think was the best overtaking move of 2009? Name your favourites below – please try to stick to no more than three each to make it easier to count them up…

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106 comments on What was the best pass of 2009? (Video)

  1. adaptalis said on 22nd December 2009, 4:26

    Rosberg on Massa at Monaco (2:51) was scary. Didn’t realised it was that close during the race.

    My number 1 is the Webber Alonso scrap at Sepang. =)

  2. Rahim said on 22nd December 2009, 5:32

    Raikkonen’s Pass on Fisi

  3. three4three said on 22nd December 2009, 9:41

    1. Webber on Alonso – Spain. Simply outstanding race craft from Webber (in fact through most of the season) I hope he can keep up his game for a good couple of years at least.
    2. Kobayashi on Nakajima – Brazil. Shows skill and control without being too dangerous here on his first ever F1 race (must have wounded Nakajima’s pride badly).
    3. Kovalinen on Fisichella – Japan. If only Heikki had shown this level of hunger/determination all season.

    Button on Grosjean was up there too and I do appreciate the context and the gamble there, but for me it wasn’t a terribly exciting or difficult/complex overtaking manoeuvre, more a risky one. Similarly was tempted to put Kobayashi on Button but Button was heavily fuelled and on cold tyres.
    For best defensive driving Webber over Button, Abu Dhabi, some excellent race craft and Kimi’s defending the lead from the faster Force India at Spa.

  4. i also really liked button on grosjean in brazil; great bravery and skill. also, button on kubica at suzuka was brilliant braking control by both drivers: to move around in the braking zone with such precision is breath taking.

    number one is webber’s defense in barcelona just for sheer buttock-clenching excitement.

    i think this season was a good year for on track scraps, just a shame the championship lacked any drama. 1997, for example, was the exact reverse.

  5. Mark Hitchcock said on 22nd December 2009, 10:55

    Webber on Alonso in Spain. Very brave and skilful driving from both of them.

  6. Xanathos said on 22nd December 2009, 11:24

    I’ll go with Kobayashi’s pass on Nakajima into the Senna S (6:30) that’s great stuff, and he was a rookie who never drove on that track before!!!

  7. Without doubt Webber on Alonso in Spain.

    • RyanA said on 26th December 2009, 1:00

      1) Webber on Alonso, Spain (by a long margin)
      2) Webber on Alonso, Malaysia
      3) Kobayashi on Nakajima, Brasil

  8. keith u have forgotten the webber’s pass on button in shangai for 2nd spot..it was awesome.

  9. [quote]Hamilton on Raikkonen at Shanghai (1′37) – Around the outside in the wet. Webber did a similar pass but Hamilton did it in a worse car…[/quote]

    Yes, he did do it in a worse car than Webber did, but the car he was passing was also worse than the one Webber passed. It’s all relative. I’m not saying it wasn’t an impressive pass, because it was impressive and ballsy, but not more impressive than Webber’s who managed to pass the best car by far at that point.

    I quite liked the Hamilton-Alonso scrap in Silverstone. For the lowly classification they were fighting for, to come out with a clean fight between these two specifically, was really nice to see.

  10. manuel f said on 22nd December 2009, 17:24

    I haven’t seen in the clip Liuzzi going round the outside on Kova in the Parabolica, Monza, at the end of first lap. Brilliant manoeuver, from a pilot more than one year out of the races, and driving a force india.

    one of best pass in 2009 for me is Hamilton on Alonso @ Silverstone, I definitely like fast corner overtakes

  11. GeeMac said on 22nd December 2009, 17:35

    Koby on Naka at Interlagos and the Toyota scrap at Monza were great! I forgot just how many great moves Webber pulled off this season…

  12. One i remember thats not on the video is Lewis in the tunnel at Monaco. Forget who it was on.

  13. halifaxf1fan said on 23rd December 2009, 2:35

    raikkonen on fisi for the lead and win at spa.

  14. Jonathan said on 23rd December 2009, 9:52

    Button on Grosjean in Brazil.
    Webber on Alonso in Malaysia.
    Raikkonen on Fisichella in Belgium.*

    *: Was this the only overtaking move for the lead of a Grand Prix? Button passed Vettel in Turkey, but that was because Vettel messed up.

  15. Accidental Mick said on 23rd December 2009, 11:55

    That is a brilliant composition, Keith, thanks for putting it up.

    Do you know Mattikako, is he a professional?

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