Official: Schumacher to make F1 return

2010 F1 season

Michael Schumacher will drive for the Mercedes F1 team in 2010
Michael Schumacher will drive for the Mercedes F1 team in 2010

Michael Schumacher will return to F1 with Mercedes Grand Prix, the team has announced.

The seven-times champion will form an all-German line-up with Nico Rosberg in 2010. Schumacher said he was “totally fired up for next year”.

He will be re-united with Ross Brawn, who guided Schumacher to all seven of his world championship victories at Benetton and Ferrari.

Speaking to the BBC Schumacher confirmed he was offered the deal in November and insisted that being able to work with Brawn was an important factor in his decision to return:

There was no other combination I would like to work for. Ross is a long-term friend and together we have both won races we shouldn’t have.
Michael Schumacher

In a statement on his official website Schumacher said:

Until recently, I was absolutely sure that I had ended my career as a race driver at Ferrari. But sometimes things change suddenly and unexpectedly. All of a sudden, the framework conditions aren’t the same anymore. At that point, you have to reconsider the decisions you’ve made. And, to tell the truth, the failed comeback attempt last summer gave me reason to reconsider my situation. I was surprised myself how fast and how strong I committed myself to this topic again. Apparently, my batteries recharged completely during the last three years. And when – thanks to Ross – the opportunity arose to drive for Mercedes GP, I realized that my old motivation was back, full of fresh energy and great force.
Michael Schumacher

Schumacher drove for Mercedes in the World Sportscar Championship from 1990-1991, during which time he got his F1 break with Jordan.

He now has the chance to add to his record tally of wins (91), pole positions (68), fastest laps (76) and, of course, his seven world championships.

Since failing to return to F1 this year as a substitute for Felipe Massa Schumacher has kept busy, racing karts in Las Vegas (against Nelson Piquet Jnr and Sebastien Buemi) and winning Massa’s annual karting challenge in Brazil.

What’s your reaction to Schumacher’s return? Are you glad he’s back – or do you wish he’d stayed in retirement? Leave a comment below.

Schumacher and Mercedes

Image (C) Ferrari spa

209 comments on “Official: Schumacher to make F1 return”

  1. After all this talk about Rosberg I would just like him to show a 10th of what he claims he has. I can’t think of a more overrated driver in the last 30 odd years.

  2. Well… We’ll see another battle that has happened a little bit more than a decade ago…

    Senna vs Schumacher

    This time it is Senna nephew instead of the great Senna himself… would be interesting to watch

    It would be nice if Prost’s son, Nicholas will join F1 grid soon.

    Then the 3 great names will unite… oh, and Mansell’s either son, Greg or Leo…

    Plus the others’ sons…

    Anyway, pretty sad the Cheater returns to Formula One, but oh well, it might be some good news to put the ugly side of F1 during 2009 in the shadows…

    Can’t wait for March 2010!

  3. I didn’t like Schumacher last time either, but I want see him up against Hamilton. I don’t think there will be a lot of love lost between them as the season progresses.
    I think that Ross will give both drivers equal status, certainly until one driver takes a strong lead. Ross and Mercedes have a different work ethic to Ferrari!

  4. Welcome back, Michael Schumacher, a household name and advertising name in Malaysia in the good old Ferrari days. I use to see the Schumacher cardboard figure at Shell when Michael was at Ferrari, should I see the same figure in Petronas gas station, certainly not in red perhaps green? The first race next season will be a sell-out due to the Schumacher magnetism, his debut after a long absence from the F1 racing scene. Hope he not crash into somebody and somebody take him out in the first race because fans will like to see how he complete his FULL first race of the season.

  5. wow 4 world champions plus vettel and massa, 2 almost champions – all in top teams with good packages, it’s going to be a VERY good year next year, excited already!

  6. He was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Interesting that Schumi will now close out his career with the brand that he started with. He will be competitive because the car will be competitive. Who is the loser in all this? Nico Rosberg! Schumi will be the defacto number one. You know he will. This will stifle Rosberg’s career unless, of course, Nico can out race him from the get-go and take control. Doubt that will happen though. Regarding this being bad for younger drivers that other comments indicate should “get a chance”. Are you kidding? Who would pass up an opportunity like this? It is a marketing dream for the team. No one on the grid will generate publicity like Schumacher. There are other world champions, but no 7 time world champions!

    1. Regarding this being bad for younger drivers that other comments indicate should “get a chance”. Are you kidding?

      Exactly. This is not a school fair where every body has a turn. It’s competition at the highest level. If Nico wants to be number 1, beat him.

    2. If you want to Race against someone who has been and still is the best driver on the planet, you need to drive against Schumi. The rest are all “Also Rans” … Why is everyone talking about Schumi so much ??? … It’s simply because he is so damn used to running from the front. If he was somewhere in the back, no one would have even bothered to talk about him. I sit in front of my T.V to watch quality F1 driving and there’s none anywhere in Schumi’s league to make the experience of watching an F1 race a completely thrilling one. If Schumi leaves F1, I’d rather watch “discovery channel” ….

    1. ? he never was in line for the seat…The reason he has been so quiet is because he is struggling to find a seat from anyone….!!!

      Heidfeld to USF1 is the hot tip I have heard. And to add this was on for quite some time.

  7. I think this has got to be the biggest thing to hit F1 this decade without doubt.

    Next season was going to be a stunner with him – now we have the greatest driver of all time to top it off …

  8. As I’ve always thought, Schumacher’s come back will be good for the sport. But, I think it won’t be good for him… Strange that, with Kimi out of the contest and being a Ferrari fan I have no choice but to support Alonso against Schumi! It was just opposite couple of years back :)

    However, the grid will have much more talent next year! Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Schumi, Button… $ champions and a likely to be… can’t wait for the season to start. Vettel will remain my pick in the lot, and Ferrari will be my team!

  9. This is cool. I read his Q&A on and it sounds a lot like Mark Martin (NASCAR). He was burned out, took a break and was AKSED to return, I like to point that out. Now is batteries are charged and we get to see him back on the grid. With a three year deal I will get to see him race when I move to Germany. This should help boost ticket sales to so this is good all around for all I think

  10. I think it will be great to see MS line up against the youngsters but:

    My money will be on Vettel in the Red Bull,

    Fastest car fo much of last year

    Consistant driver line up

    No big manufacturer to stick their oar in

    No engine change

    Brilliant youing driver.

    I say this even though I am british and I wish Button and Hamilton well, personally I think MS is a bit of a side show and am worried that Brawn has sold out so much to Merc.

    With negotiations so drawn at with Brawn I think Button felt he had to take the McLaren slot to make sure he had a decent drive atall.

  11. 1: Ross Brawn
    2: Michael Schumacher
    3: Funds from Mercedes
    4: Engine from Mercedes
    5: How can anybody not think he has a chance to get number 8-9-10 within those 3 years with the other things above.

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