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Posted on Author Keith Collantine

As promised, here’s an early look at the next version of the F1 Fanatic home page.

The two most important aims for the new version of the home page are:

  • To make it lighter and, therefore, load more quickly
  • To make it easier to see the latest stories

Please let me know what you think of the design in the comments below and I’ll take your thoughts on board for when we turn the design into finished code.

Inevitably these changes will force alterations on some other pages, such as articles, and I’ll keep you up-to-date on what we’re planning to do there.

I have noticed replies from some people in the moment asking about the mobile version of F1 Fanatic. You should see a mobile-friendly version of the site if you browse it with a suitable device. If it doesn’t seem to work for you please leave a note in the comments, preferably letting me know what kind of device you’re trying to view it on.

For more information on the changes being made to the site see here: Update on improvements to F1 Fanatic

F1 Fanatic home page redesign (click to enlarge)
F1 Fanatic home page redesign (click to enlarge)
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  • 73 comments on “F1 Fanatic home page redesign”

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    1. Keith your work for F1F is magnificent,I don’t mind whatever the design be,just I hope it loads more quickly in my pc.


      1. I hope it loads more quickly in my pc.

        Yeah me too! And fix these damn error messages…

        1. I hope it loads more quickly in my pc.

          The wait is worth it.

          Keith, can I make a suggestion to the new site in future?, locking down the comments on your article to one post a day, with a link to the forum for unrestricted discussion.

          Therefore discussion would still be there but the comments attached to the article would be better thought out, and the forum link to the article would have all the superfluous stuff like MP4 shouting at anything resembling the colour red.

          Oh and my rubbish comments would be in the forum too, so thats a plus!.

          1. Some of us are active commenters in the blog but not the forum, though. I’m not even registered there.

            1. Didnt even know there was forum, never mind being registered on it

    2. Looks great, nice work. Do you think the website could be centred on the new version, or at least have an option? It’s the only thing that bothers me about the website haha, other than that, looks good and looking forward to it being released.

      1. Yep the new version will be centred.

    3. only thing that would be great …to be able to edit posts…nothing worse than having to repost another msg because the typing is to slow to keep up with the brain.

      Great stuff Keith

      Also if your going onto this full on then maybe look at adding other motorsport info and results (no bikes please). I know you have in the past but bit more regular and I wont need to visit other sites then.

      1. Also if your going onto this full on then maybe look at adding other motorsport info and results (no bikes please). I know you have in the past but bit more regular and I wont need to visit other sites then

        Becuase there are people on this website from all over the world, maybe you could have a section were a person from there own country writes an articles on the main motorsport compition in that country. (ie. Australia – V8 Supercars, USA – NASCARS, Germany – DTM, Britin – BTCC)

        These articles could be updated weekly or monthley and you could hold auditions to see who could get to right for there countries compition. Of course, you wouldn’t have every country represented, just the countries with major motorsport chmpionships.

        1. Yeah I like this idea…good stuff

    4. looks amazing!!!! role on the implementation of it!

    5. looks great!

    6. Looking great Keith! Do you think there’s space for a section linking to recent forum posts? Or is that section undergoing a redesign as well?

    7. And the best part is… there’s a new picture of Keith! :P

      I like the new design’s layout more, but it sort of reminds me of a commercial news site (which, come to think of it, F1F may actually be). I’ll miss this design, which to me looks more ‘personal’ in a way!

      But convenience and layout outweigh these anyway. Looking forward to more great F1 news and opinions! :D


        way to go keith! nice redesign work all round!

    8. I normally say “don’t fix what isn’t broken” but the new design is at least as good. I like it :)

    9. Prisoner Monkeys
      24th December 2009, 11:20

      Oooooh, pretty …

    10. I never use the main page, sorry. I use the RSS feed and go directly to the story itself

    11. Looks good, my only question is has the section for the latest forum posts been dropped or have I just missed it?

    12. Looks good. But i think that current dark footer is better.

    13. Looks good.
      I’d like a better forum, although I think you mentioned that this is something that is going to be looked at.

    14. Younger Hamilton
      24th December 2009, 11:48

      looka good but i think the Back ground should change a bit

    15. looks very clean and professional, nice one

    16. Looks much better… but where is the much promised more visible link to the Forum?

      1. Agreed – I don’t see a Forum Posts section…?

        Design looks nice though.

    17. Neat, clean, professional. Looks great

    18. AlonsoFollower
      24th December 2009, 12:29

      Keith, don’t know how difficult it is to do, but one thing that would be nice for netbook users is to take advantage of the full screen width in the comments section.

      Right now, the width of the comments is the same as the main article. Whereas in the main article the right area is filled with other content, such as links, ads, etc, comments have lots of white space on the right. This makes for a lot of scrolling.

    19. Great look Keith, but agree that the forums should be more visible.

    20. Not sure if its possible, you could open up a “sneak” preview version of the website (having identical content) on another link and invite comments there while the main one is still running.

      Subsequently, you can still have the option for people who prefer to use the older version to load that for awhile.

      Got this idea from another website which recently went through a revamp. They “sneaked” for 2 mths or so.

      1. I’m not planning to do that because it would be quite a bit of extra work for not that much gain. I will have a post up introducing the new design when changes are added, I think that will be sufficient. Unless lots of people feel really strongly that this is something we should do?

        1. Beta testing can be very useful. You never quite know how a new system is going to work until you put a bit of load on it, and people run all sorts of different browsers so can feed back whether it renders properly in all of them.
          But then if you’re testing fully that shouldn’t be an issue. :)

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