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Posted on Author Keith Collantine

As promised, here’s an early look at the next version of the F1 Fanatic home page.

The two most important aims for the new version of the home page are:

  • To make it lighter and, therefore, load more quickly
  • To make it easier to see the latest stories

Please let me know what you think of the design in the comments below and I’ll take your thoughts on board for when we turn the design into finished code.

Inevitably these changes will force alterations on some other pages, such as articles, and I’ll keep you up-to-date on what we’re planning to do there.

I have noticed replies from some people in the moment asking about the mobile version of F1 Fanatic. You should see a mobile-friendly version of the site if you browse it with a suitable device. If it doesn’t seem to work for you please leave a note in the comments, preferably letting me know what kind of device you’re trying to view it on.

For more information on the changes being made to the site see here: Update on improvements to F1 Fanatic

F1 Fanatic home page redesign (click to enlarge)
F1 Fanatic home page redesign (click to enlarge)
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