USF1 starts YouTube channel

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley joined USF1 back in August but until now we’ve not seen much in the way of what that means for the team.

There was talk of how USF1 would open up to fans in new ways using technologies like YouTube. That took a step closer to reality today as the team launched its official YouTube channel, which Hurley broadcast via his Twitter account.

There are three videos up there at the moment including the one above plus interviews with Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor. This one shows time-elapse footage of the factory being prepared and a chassis being built.

USF1 are the only team yet to announce either of their 2010 F1 drivers – are they planning to use YouTube to do it?

View the official USF1 YouTube page here

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40 comments on USF1 starts YouTube channel

  1. Prisoner Monkeys said on 25th December 2009, 12:24

    The USF1 website has also had a major overhaul. There’s a lot of content in there, and we’ve got some renders of a car to match. It actually looks quite aggressive. A lot of potential doubts about the team have at least been assuaged.

  2. Xanathos said on 25th December 2009, 18:54

    Good to see something from USF1 – finally. Their factory looks decent and they are definetely builing F1 cars there. Of course, this is somewhat smaller than what you see from other teams, but don’t forget that they are a new team. On their Website they are also saying where they are doing wind tunnel testing etc. ( – I like the idea of putting the actual car in a full-scale wind tunnel next door – from a cost-cutting perspective this makes sense. Now I’m thinking that we’ll actually see 26 cars next year!

  3. Between Ken Anderson & Peter Windsor there is a lot of business acumen and a lot of Formula 1 experience. I’m sanguine about them getting the car to the grid. Heck, it might even start.

    As others have said, their approach to car building, or even housing/operating the team, may be different from the classical F1 model. But Americans tend to think that form follows function, and to build a car that runs on petrol and motor oil, they tend to think more in terms of cinder block walls and concrete floors for their garages, rather than glass and porcelain & alabaster(though I admit the Macca digs are quite pretty).

    Their facility is, I’m sure, smaller than Macca’s, but as GMan & others so rightly point out, the area in which they have located is rife with automotive specialty companies & facilities. (As well as some very nice lakes.) The Windshear wind tunnel facility, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the premier facilities in the world, the only rolling-road wind tunnel in the Americas, and one of only three such facilities in the world.

    I think US-F1 is in good hands, and I’ll trust Ken and Peter to get it to the grid. And I’m sure Peter will remind the boys to not scratch their bums or pick their noses in the paddock–well, at least not while the cameras are on.

  4. USF1 website is up now:

  5. F1Yankee said on 28th December 2009, 21:20

    admittedly, the one thing i would change is the lack of uniforms. i don’t expect that to impact the final product, but at this point presentation is everything. if it were me, i would have invested a few hundred dollars on some USF1 t-shirts.

  6. maestrointhesky said on 30th December 2009, 12:55

    Let’s hope their cars stay together better than the US tracks that have been used for F1!

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