F1 links: Last ever edition

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Welcome to the final instalment of F1 links. I’m retiring this series to make way for a new daily site round-up which will include some links plus content from the forum and top comments.

There’ll be more stuff too but I’m not going to give it all away just yet. However if you’ve not replied to this post from last year yet you might want to consider it…

For now, here’s a final round-up of interesting F1 links I’ve found today. See you tomorrow for the all-new F1 Fanatic daily round-up.

Oh, and if you can think of a decent name for the new series, please post one in the comments!

Senna under pressure to perform in Formula One (The Guardian)

“People think of Ayrton when they hear the Senna name. Some people doubt I can do something, or that I am here on my own merits, but this is not my concern. The important thing is people support me because they know what I can do, and I have great belief in my own ability.”

Renault F1 Team

Renault have closed their website and are planning to re-launch it in the new year.

The interim page is pleasingly free of the mish-mash of orange and blue which has spoiled their colour scheme in recent years. Are we going to see a traditional black-yellow-and-white Renault in 2010?

Status Quo stars and Formula One champion honoured

Jenson Button now has an MBE to go with his, erm, Gold Blue Peter badge.

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