Name that race: 2009 edition

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The drivers line up for the last race of 2009
The drivers line up for the last race of 2009

The fiendishly tough F1 season quiz is back.

Can you name that race? Tackle the test below…

Those of you who tried this game last year will remember the formula. Below are lap charts for all 17 of last year’s race – but with no lap numbers and with each driver’s line the same colour.

All you have to do is name which race matches up with which chart. Post your guesses in the comments. Good luck!

To pick up a few useful tips on how best to guess the races have a look at last year’s: Quiz: Can you name that race?

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  1. 16. Malaysia

    Can’t do any better :(

    1. 8. Belgium

  2. 8 Belgium
    9 Spain
    11 Abu Dhabi?

    Complete gueses!

  3. 1 Turkey
    2 Bahrain
    3 Europe
    4 G Britain
    5 Australia
    6 Japan
    7 Singapore
    8 Belgium
    9 Monaco
    10 China
    11 Brazil
    12 Spain
    13 Germany
    14 Italy
    15 Abu Dhabi
    16 Malaysia
    17 Hungary

  4. 14-Monza??? Complete guess. I feel like I know or can work out 11 but it may take a year. :S :( The rest I don’t have a clue. I’ll have another look at them as I refuse to admit defeat :P

  5. Without looking at the other comments:
    1. Turkey
    2. Bahrain
    3. Valencia
    4. Silverstone
    5. Australia
    6. Japan
    7. Singapore
    8. Spa
    9. Monaco
    10. China
    11. Brazil
    12. Spain
    13. Germany
    14. Monza
    15. Abu Dhabi
    16. Malaysia
    17. Hungary

  6. 16. must be Malaysia

  7. Pedro Andrade
    2nd January 2010, 11:08

    Here are my guesses, haven’t cheated! =)

    1 – Turkish GP
    2 – Barhain GP
    3 – European GP
    4 – British GP
    5 – Australian GP
    6 – Japanese GP
    7 – Singapore GP
    8 – Belgian GP
    9 – Monaco GP
    10 – Chinese GP
    11 – Brazilian GP
    12 – Spanhish GP
    13 – German GP
    14 – Italian GP
    15 – Abu Dhabi GP
    16 – Malaysian GP
    17 – Hungarian GP

  8. right 14 Monza
    11 Brazil
    9 Monaco
    16 Malaysia
    Trying to work out Aussie now but I seriously doubt I’ll get any further so I’ve lost already :P I’ve been trying to guess Spain using Massa, have an idea but not confident enough to guess lol

  9. 1. Turkey
    2. Bahrain
    3. Europe
    4. Britain
    5. Australia
    6. Japan
    7. Singapore
    8. Belgium
    9. Monaco
    10. China
    11. Brazil
    12. Spain
    13. Germany
    14. Italy
    15. Abu Dhabi
    16. Malaysia
    17. Hungary

  10. Race 1 Turkey
    Race 2 Bahrain
    Race 3 Valencia
    Race 4 Britain
    Race 5 Australia
    Race 6 Japan
    Race 7 Singapore
    Race 8 Spa
    Race 9 Monaco
    Race 10 China
    Race 11 Brazil
    Race 12 Spain
    Race 13 Germany
    Race 14 Italy
    Race 15 Abu Dhabi
    Race 16 Malaysia
    Race 17 Hungary

  11. i don’t understand how your supposed to work it out at all..

  12. Man that is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! I tried for a couple of minutes and then decided it was hurting my brain too much so I gave in. Normally I’m good at these nerdy F1 quiz’s as well…

    1. LOL hurt my brain too :)
      So I just stopped.

      1. Flying Wombat
        2nd January 2010, 18:26

        This quiz is imposible! I’m not sure that even Keith knows what the answers are…

    2. Yeah, 2008 was much easier.

      I got about 9-10 on first look then.

      This year is really bad.

  13. 1 is Turkey. All the others will take far too long.

  14. Jeeez this is hard! I thought I’d be able to identify a few of them, notably Spa but am struggling (maybe cause I’m still hungover…), not sure Spa is 8 as some think. I’ll try again later.
    Also agree with joe above, this should be guesses and no research allowed!

  15. 1 TURKEY
    3 EUROPE
    4 JAPAN
    9 MONACO
    10 CHINA
    11 BRAZIL
    12 SPAIN
    13 GERMANY
    14 ITALY
    15 ABU DHABI
    17 HUNGARY

    1. 4 and 6 should be switched.

  16. Hehe I found this really fun trying to work out the races, but with my awful memory it was hard to remember what happened in certain races!! But I think I got a couple, like I guessed Monza based on Lewis crashing from 3rd right near the end, and memorable things like that.

    It’s a proper challenge though!

  17. Ok here are my guesses (Great challenge by the way Keith):

    15)Abu Dhabi

  18. James Brickles
    2nd January 2010, 18:22

    1. Turkey
    2. Bahrain
    3. European
    4. Britain
    5. Australia
    6. Japan
    7. Singapore
    8. Belgium
    9. Monaco
    10. China
    11. Brazil
    12. Spanish
    13. Germany
    14. Italy
    15. Abu Dhabi
    16. Malaysia
    17. Hungary

  19. Ah quite a few people have got them all right, well done! First to post a complete set of full answers was AndrewT. IDR, Xanathos and Pedro Andrade were next to nail it.

    1. Well, now I see I’ve done all right, I must confess that was not because I have an extraordinary memory having all races in mind.

      What I have done (in more less 20 minutes) is to find for the 1st, 2nd, and 3dr positions, the position they started, looking at your charts, and then, compare those positions with the stats one can find in F1 (The official one).

      There have been only 2 races with the same starting grid positions for the podium, Spain and China. (1,3,5: The first started in P1, the second in P3 and the third in P5), so for those races I counted the number of laps looking at the points you show in your charts). As Spain has 66 laps and China 56, was easy to find the correct one.

      The only one I guessed directly was Malaysia just because if you look directly to your charts, Nr 16 has more less half points than the rest.

      So, at the end, as I said previously, I’m not “a man with F1 season in his head” I’ve just establish some methodology that works!!

      it would be great for the rest who have found the correct answers, to know how they did it, just to find the “truly” champion. Not my case!!!!

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