Jean Todt’s approval rating (Poll)

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Todt and Schumacher at the FIA's 'Make Roads Safe' campaign
Todt and Schumacher at the FIA's 'Make Roads Safe' campaign

Another tumultuous year of F1 politics in 2009 culminated in Max Mosley’s decision not to stand for re-election, paving the way for Jean Todt to be elected his successor.

Today we start a new series of articles on F1 Fanatic to monitor what Todt is doing for the sport and whether F1 fans think he is doing a good job. Join in below.

The FIA president’s approval rating

American readers – or anyone with an interest in US politics – will be familiar with the regular approval ratings taken to gauge public opinion of how well the president is performing.

We’re going to do a similar thing and poll the public on Todt’s performance once a month to build up a view of how opinion of him changes over time.

We’ll use a question similar to the standard phrase put before Americans: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way [the president] is handling his job as President?”

Jean Todt’s presidency: the first three months

Todt got his feet under the desk in October and we’ve recently begun to see the first significant developments for F1 since he took charge.

These included the surprising announcement of a new points system, covered here:

Several changes to F1 stewarding have also been announced including the abolition of the non-voting Chairman position (previously held by Alan Donnelly) and the introduction of experienced drivers to offer insight into controversial incidents.

More on those changes and other tweaks to the 2010 F1 rules below:

The FIA has also announced teams will be able to nominate judges who can sit on FIA International Court of Appeal hearings next year. It has also invited proposals for further changes to F1 this year in an effort to – in its own words -“improve the show”.

Two potentially significant steps in a wider motor racing context – which will surely have a bearing on F1 – concern green technologies and women in motor sport.

Todt has hired Gilles Simon, who headed the engine development team at Ferrari until last year, to contribute to the Environment Working Group. Todt expressed regret that with KERS being dropped this year F1 will not be playing a role in developing greener motoring technologies.

Similarly a new working group has been established to promote the role of women at all levels of motor sport.

It was clear last year that Todt’s rival Ari Vatanen was the preferred choice of F1 fans. Has Todt done anything yet to improve his standing in the eyes of fans? What do you think he’s got right – or wrong?

Vote below and keep an eye out for the regular vote appearing once a month at F1 Fanatic:

As an F1 fan, do you approve or disapprove of the way Jean Todt is handling his job as FIA President?

  • Approve (55%)
  • Disapprove (16%)
  • No opinion (29%)

Total Voters: 941

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54 comments on “Jean Todt’s approval rating (Poll)”

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  1. Bigbadderboom
    3rd January 2010, 14:14

    Well we need to start somewhere, I voted approve because he hasn’t done anything very wrong yet. I think there has been a realisation from all involved parties that after last year F1 needs some stability. So Todt will adapt a more stealthy position and the teams will be less contentious with the FIA and i’ll bet the stewarding will be far less debateable. If Todt can manage this situation and stop the F1 boat from rocking he will get my approval all season.

  2. So far he has done one good thing and one pointless thing.

    The good thing, overhauling the stewards process, however if I remember correctly this was a Max Mosely idea from before the 2009 season started and is not a brand new one that he came up with. So while its a good idea, lets not get too carried away with the credit as it wasn’t his idea.

    As for the points change, it is pointless because it has little effect. In 2009 4 wins and a DNF would net you 40 points, while 5 second places would also give you 40 points. In 2010, 4 wins and a DNF will win you 100 points, while the same 5 second places will also give you 100 points. So I don’t see how this really helps to give a greater reward to winning over consistency – which is what F1 fans have been asking for.

    Headline grabbing is all good and well, but so far he’s overshadowed a much needed overhaul in the stewarding of F1 races by agreeing to the introduction of a change that was not required or asked for.

    1. I completely agree. So I’ve voted no opinion for now. It’s too early to judge. If he is successful in making the stewarding more consistent and transparent then I’d say he’s doing a good job. But we wont know that until the season’s under way.

      1. The purpose of the new points system isn’t to make the winning margin greater. Infact it’s the opposite, as they wanted to keep the proportions the same as in previous years to stop the whole “Well in this year, this guy would have been champion instead!” thing. The new points system is intended to give the lower teams, especially the new ones, a better chance of scoring points due to the increased grid size and increased reliability.

      2. Sorry about the extra post but this just came back into my memory. The points system isn’t even the FIA’s idea anyway. It was thought up during a meeting between the teams (not sure when or where but Im sure someone can back me up on this) and then submitted to the FIA to be rubber stamped.

        1. You could be right Woffin about whose idea it was, but I was under the impression it was an FIA suggestion that the teams voted on and then the FIA passed it. The reason I say this is that not all teams are fans of the idea, which you’d think they’d have needed to be if it had been FOTA led.

          And as Katy said, its too early to say for sure if Todt is going to be good for F1 or not, but he is going to have to up his game as at the moment he is firmly in the middle ground with no sign of being either good or bad for the sport.

        2. Tbh, I don’t have anything against the new points system. I would much prefer a bigger margin between a first and second, but it’s not looking like that will happen. I like that the points go down to 10th place as it will give the lower teams something to aim for, and we will hopefully see some great mid field battles :)

    2. The new points system, I believe is a good improvement over the earlier one.

      The 10-6-4 system became out-dated once the reliability of cars improved by leaps and bounds in the late 90s/early 2000s. It worked before due to the high number of retirements.

      But as reliability improved, the 10-6-4 system tilted in advantage of the guy who had a fast car (and reliable, obviously). The 10-8-6 system, allowed the 2nd placed guy with little more chance, thus rewarding his reliability.

      And with the grid being expanded to 26 cars (increase by 30%), shouldn’t the point scoring positions also increase proportionally? Otherwise, whats in the sport for the new teams?

      I voted “approve” precisely for this new points system. For the stewarding overhaul, I will wait for the first 2 races before giving a verdict.

  3. I voted approve at the moment as I think what Todt has done is in the right direction.

    He’s yet to prove that he will carry on making right decisions and also will remain impartial – hiring another ex ferrari guy is not going to help matters, even if the FIA are impartial the rumours & talk is going to be far worse than it ever has been.

  4. Did he help JV get on Sauber?

  5. “No Opinion” It’s too early to tell. So many are happy that Max is gone that I think Todt is still in his “Anyone but Max” honeymoon period. Let’s wait and see how he handles more controversial issues such as getting new, “green” tech into F1 and at the same time keeping costs below a certain level, which is what seemed to kill KERS.

  6. Well I certainly approve of Alan Donelly getting the kibosh, and putting ex-drivers in as stewwards. So for that I voted agree.

    I also agree that a new points system was required due to the expansion of the grid size, although I’m not 100% on the format that was settled on regardless of who thought of it. Besides, I think any points format is better than the stupid medal idea, so for that I voted agree.

    And while I realise that your poll says so far, the jury is still out on so many things so we’ll see how Mr Todt fares in his end of year assessment, shall we?

  7. He’s doing good work!! Thumbs up to him!!

  8. I voted ‘no opinion’ for the same reason as Pengo (and others) It’s too soon to tell.

  9. I think this series of articles is a good idea, but at the moment he hasn’t done enough for me to make my mind up either way.

    The most high profile thing so far has been the new points system, and that seemed to be rushed without thinking it through properly, that is the only thing I can think of to explain the anomaly of seventh place.

    Apart from that the other changes mentioned in the article seem like a step in the right direction though.

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