Windsor: America “more industrious”

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

USF1 sporting director Peter Windsor has voiced his objection to F1’s factory shut-down which will take place for the second time this year.

Writing on the USF1 website he said:

There was an F1 team meeting vote in the early fall about whether the 2009 F1 August shut-down had been a “success”. I was impressed to hear the McLaren guys say that it was a waste of time and that most of their staff had found it all very frustrating, but sadly these were lone voices: the majority of the teams, led by Red Bull, it seemed to me, are firmly committed to the summer shut-down. And so shut down we will.
Peter Windsor

Every F1 team will have to shut down their factories for a two-week period in August as part of efforts to reduce costs in F1.

But Windsor even thinks the time lost to winter’s seasonal festivities is too costly:

America is currently much more industrious than the UK. Here, at our home base, we were quiet on Christmas Day (naturally) and then again today [new year’s day]. The UK ?ǣ and most of Europe ?ǣ basically shut down on December 18 and will not stagger back to life until January 4. That’s 16 valuable days lost in the too-short life of the F1 European winter.
Peter Windsor

This all comes back to the question of whether USF1’s plans to base its team in America are viable. Windsor certainly doesn’t seem to have any doubts.

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