What age is too young for an F1 race?

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At what age are children ready to enjoy F1?
At what age are children ready to enjoy F1?

Enko asked an interesting question on the 2010 British Grand Prix discussion page.

Do you think a five- and six-year-old would enjoy the race? Do you normally see children that young at F1 races?

Is it worth taking children to F1 races? And what is the right age to start taking them?

During an F1 practice session at Silverstone last year I saw a woman comforting a little boy who was clearly not very impressed with his first experience of F1. His screams were almost as loud as the cars.

Taking babies to an F1 race is obviously not a good idea – they’re just going to hate the noise. And older children who aren’t bothered by the din of the engines might still be too young to sit down and follow a race for two hours.

So when do children reach the age when taking them to a Grand Prix is a good idea?

I don’t have children of my own so I’m not really qualified to say – but I’m sure there are plenty of people in the F1 Fanatic community who can help out.

What I would say is that with children it’s especially important to take steps to make sure their hearing is protected – make sure they wear ear protectors or earplugs.

And for the sake of the rest of us, please don’t give them an air-horn…

Have you taken children to a Grand Prix? What tips would you offer to any parents thinking of going to an F1 race? Leave a comment below.

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