F1 in HD “not until 2011″

The 2010 F1 season opener will not be in high definition

The 2010 F1 season opener will not be in high definition

Hoping to watch the 2010 F1 season in high definition? Afraid you’re set for another disappointment.

BBC’s Lee McKenzie has said on Twitter that FOM will not be offering Formula 1 in HD to broadcasters until 2011.

Many other forms of motor racing have been broadcast in high def for years. This year will be the sixth season NASCAR has been broadcast in HD.

While F1 dawdles about catching up with HD technology, football is pressing ahead with the introduction of 3D broadcasts, starting with this year’s World Cup.

F1 broadcasting

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81 comments on F1 in HD “not until 2011″

  1. Steve_P83 said on 8th January 2010, 13:46

    Kind of ridiculous that in the US we can watch .5 mile dirt track oval racing in HD, but we can’t watch F1 (the pinnacle of motorsports) in HD.

    Some other people have said that SPEED in the US broadcasts F1 in HD. It’s not true guys. SPEED does broadcast in an upscaled format, which makes it better looking than regular SD. THe only way F1 can be broadcast in HD is when FOM films the races with HD cameras.

  2. Here in Portugal there is no free service if you want to have channels from all over the world. Here in home I just have the four principal portuguese TV channels (RTP, RTP2, SIC, TVI). The first broadcasted Formula One until 2006. The second is seen by no one. The third and fourth are privateers and just have a little information about motorsport(although TVI is broadcasting Dakar resumes every day). Until 2007 I had Eurosport, RTL (I saw F1 there in 2007)free signal until they change it to codified signal. And if almost all portuguese channels have HD cameras why FOM has not that cameras?

  3. Russell said on 8th January 2010, 19:13

    I’m surprised by the number of comments claiming many F1 fans don’t really care whether F1 is broadcast in SD or HD, “as long as you can see the cars circulating” and that Bernie no economic incentive to go HD.

    Try putting that argument to the myriad of small sponsors who pay megabucks for postage stamp sized logos on the cars – an HD signal would dramatically increase the legibility of their logos and thus the value of their sponsorships. It’s surely a no-brainer for Bernie?

  4. If all the F1 teams bought HD onboard cameras for there car will BBC take footage from them ? i noticed some cars had it in 2009

  5. Jon Allen said on 9th January 2010, 0:44

    I agree with those that express dismay at FOM’s tardiness in introducing HD coverage. It does some rather incredible in 2010 for F1 not to have HD coverage.

    That said I am *personally* not to bothered. But that’s because I have no depth perception so the impact of HD is somewhat lost on me and 3D is completely lost on me. In fact all 3D films give me is a blazing headache – I had to walk out of watching Avatar after an hour because I felt nauseous.

  6. Net Sticks said on 9th January 2010, 2:39

    Here in Portugal, from 2 years ago, the F1 exclusive jumped from the public channel RTP1 to the cable and paid SportTV – I must say – I see it all now – from friday 1st practice until the end of the prees conference at the end of the race (the information is nothing compared with BBC broadcast – we don’t have anybody on site, only a guy that know the same that we do – liking at a monitor and a PC with the Live Timing in the FIA official site like I can do. I don’t know when that rule from FIA ou FOA or whatever changed – I remembered the in all countries the chanel that has the exclusive to F1 broacasting must be open and no paid… We have RAI, BBC, TVE… and here for now… something changed that rule so we have paid F1 broadcast – who doesn’t have cable and the decoder box, plus that channel (SportTV) signed and payed at the end of the month together with the base cable pakage… doesn’t see F1… – I really would like to know from all the countries in Europe if there are more like Portugal and more in and open channel – It would be a nice discution topic.

  7. benno said on 9th January 2010, 3:46

    The Australian free to air ‘oneHD’ had HD studio pieces and HD track interviews – surprisingly often with Mark Webber!

    However they don’t always show live qualie and never show practice, for that I use justin.tv and that defo isn’t HD!

    I would think F1 branding would require (demand) a cutting edge broadcast technology, such as 3D and multiple feeds (ie all in car cameras and pits) on the internet. Instead it’s piratefeeds, nothing or SD.

  8. Simply ridiculous.

    The ‘pinnacle’ of motorsport, the most high-tec subject, and SDTV.

    Ecclestone you are absolutely clueless.

  9. JimmyBurnWorld said on 12th March 2010, 13:17

    Apparently all the cameras used by FOM are full HD, with all the paddock footage being in HD. Only when the feed is released from the paddock by FOM for use around the world is it down-scaled to SD.

    Rumours were that Bernie was looking at his own pay-per-view channel allowing customers to access the full HD feed.

  10. Fantasize said on 15th March 2010, 8:06

    But the video on the F1 website is at a much higher resolution than we get on broadcast. Doesn’t that suggest that FOM kit is HD capable but they just aren’t releasing it?

  11. Loh said on 10th May 2010, 7:35

    We are currently watching F1 in HD via ESPN in Malaysia & the picture quality is 1080I. (not upscale)

  12. You have certainly been very busy writing up this great blog, It was very interesting to read. Can’t wait to see what you write about in the next week

  13. F1 Insider said on 8th October 2010, 15:45

    F1 sessions are all filmed in 625 and 625 exclusively (including in Canada and Brazil as it is produced by FOM).
    The Japanese GP is produced by Fuji TV in 1080i but provided to international audience exclusively in standard definition.

    Yes, there is Dolby E but picture is SD.

    Bernie has announced HD for 2011.

    Any HD in 2010 is/was upscale.

  14. alexf1man (@alexf1man) said on 12th January 2011, 16:19

    At least it’s actually available for 2011, better late than never :)

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