Hamilton: “I blew Alonso away”

2010 F1 season

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2007Lewis Hamilton turns 25 today and he’s given a detailed interview on one of his sponsor’s websites about his F1 career so far.

The interview was conducted at Rye House kart circuit at Hoddesdon where he often raced during his karting years.

In it he has some interesting things to say about his father Anthony, whose drive and determination helped Hamilton reach F1:

The hardest corner of all is this corner right here. It’s where I learnt to be the latest braker of all and that’s where I learnt to overtake everyone like I do. I use it in Formula 1 now, that’s why I’m able to overtake like I do.

It wasn’t until my dad found out where the latest of brakers were braking. So if the British champion was braking here, my dad would make me brake down here – so late that I often would go off or spin. Spin, start again, spin, start again… he stood here and said I had to brake there and if I didn’t brake there I’d be in trouble.

When I have kids I want to be just like him because he was such an incredible dad. Very, very hard and very correct but he tried always to do what was best for me. He was probably harder on me than any of my friends’ parents were on them. But that’s what made me so strong.

When the family weren’t there and it was just me and my dad, there was never a moment when he was not standing at my side and watching out for me. He was my hero.

He also talked about missing out on the drivers title: in his rookie season – and the satisfaction he took from finishing ahead of team mate Fernando Alonso in the championship:

I definitely didn’t blame myself for the year that I missed out [on the championship]. My first season in Formula 1, alongside a world champion – a double world champion – and I blew him away. I beat him. No-one’s ever come in their first year and been at the front, let alone beat a world champion, beat the mentality and the strength that he would have, and his experience in Formula 1 already up to that point.

So I’m very proud that I had the experience of leading the world championship for most of the year. And it’s sickening, for sure, to think we lost it in the last couple of races. […]

I was leading and I needed a couple of points in the last two races. I barely got one. I think I got one*. The worst two races of the whole year. In one, I went off, in the second one the car stopped and it never stopped on me before.

It was a growing experience and it made me who I am today.

*He scored two in the last race, and needed two more to be champion

The full interview is over 20 minutes long and you can listen to it on the Johnnie Walker website.

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142 comments on Hamilton: “I blew Alonso away”

  1. The blew away coment is a media spin on it, i bet any money Lewis did not utter those words. The fact remains that Lewis ( A rookie ) was faster than Alonso in testing prior to the season starting and then was able to beat him with no F1 experience. For Hamilton haters you still have to agree that Lewis is a one off. I cant think of another driver that would have been able to do the same to Alonso.If you really think Mclaren would sign Alonso to then give special treatment to Lewis a rookie, i dont think so. This year we will see when hopefully they both have good cars. My guess is that Lewis will beat Alonso in every season for the rest of his career if give comparative equipment.

  2. Ok so ive now listened to the interview and he did say Blew him away, hmm a bit of a nobish thing to say, he did not blow him away but i suppose taking into account his lack of experience he was the more impresive without doubt. Im not going to say anymore until I see what happens this year with Button, Schumacher, Alonso, vettel. This year may really prove who is the best in F1.

  3. Paul F said on 8th January 2010, 12:00

    Hamilton keeps his opinion to himself and he’s a robotic McLaren media whore.
    He speaks his mind and he’s mind-blowingly arrogant.


    I will admit that part of the reason I love F1 is the panto element to it – loving your favorite driver, hating your least favorite driver – but you really have to question someone’s basic social abilitiy when they pick apart every single syllabal of every word uttered by their “enemy” driver and use it against them in whichever way they can.

    On the track, I “hate” Vettel and Alonso – but I have no vendetta against them except for when they’re behind the wheel during those special weekends we have between March and November… I certainly don’t go witch hunting every interview and try and base a deep understanding of their minds or personality on a few sound bites. Ultimately they’re amongst the best 20-26 racing drivers in the world and are entitled to at least a modicum of my respect. Conversely, despite this respect I don’t have much time for a lot of what they have to say, it’s the racing I’m more concerned about.

    This response applies to a large amount of the above posts… Some people need to grow up significantly! Perhaps I’m just over-estimating the age/maturity of the majority of the online F1 fan community…

  4. ferddy07 said on 8th January 2010, 13:33

    It never ceases to amaze me, the level of pettiness i come across sometimes on these forums;I personally think the blew away remark has been completely taken out of context, in all honesty anyone who followed the 2007 season would remember that Hamilton’s performance in comparison to his double world champion team mate during the course of the season was anything short of remarkable,and if we’re going to get all pedantic and analytical yes i dare say his performance blew every one away from pundits to fellow drivers and even we the spectators.. perhaps it might help if some take the time to look up the phrase “blew away” in the urban dictionary. And another suggestion would be to listen to the whole interview before making crass remarks. But at the end of the day however Blinkered your opinions might be or what ever spin you choose to put on it,the fact of the matter remains the young man is an exceptional talent the likes of which is very rare in F1.Since his debut in 2007 till date has scored more points than any other driver in F1. Love him or hate him the stats dont lie.

  5. It seens Hamilton thinks he´s a King now, Alonso is much a better driver than him and people, let´s not forget the shame he would suffer if in the McLaren scandale Hamilton will loose his points as well.
    Hamilton is just a kid, where fame put him in the spotlight, his comments about Alonso are shameful and above all not true.
    When Alonso, realised that he was not having the same chances to fight for the title, his head turned in other direction.
    With a car made for him and another driver finish with the same points, i would consider him a looser not someone who blew another one away!
    Grow up Hamilton!

  6. Nothing comes on a platter, one has to earn it. When Alonso was at Renault he was clearly given No.1 status as M.S. was at Ferrari. Initially McLaren didn’t favour Lewis. If you remember 2006 McLaren were considering Garry, Pedro, Lewis, etc., for the 2007 season. It was a gamble. They themselves didn’t know the talent of Lewis. Ron initially favoured Alonso a lot and made sure that he felt comfortable. When Lewis was not favoured he came 3rd in the 1st race, 2nd in the next all by himself. In Monacco if Ron didn’t told him slow down he would have been 1st again by his own talent.

    No one blew Alonso. He blew himself by being part of the Alonsogate. Every F1 driver is a human being and every humanbeing cracks under pressure. When a student rises above a teacher the teacher cracks, when a wife rises above a husband the husband cracks, like this if you take any occassion we do crack. Alonso tried everything in the book to get No.1 status but in vain.

    Forget about Lewis and Alonso for the time being. Please F1 fans think if someone blackmails you will you support him? I, wouldn’t. Hungary is there for everyone to look at what Alonso did. After this episode I won’t comment on whether Lewis was favoured or not but one thing on the Race Track no one helps or stops anyone. Lewis drove superbly in his maiden year. Till now S.V. inspite being in F1 for long cannot win if starting in the middle. Forget which country/religion/etc., he belongs to, Lewis is talanted. We humans tend to give recognize one’s talent only after their demise(Senna). We should be happy that we are seeing him race. We F1 fans should be happy once again that we are going to witness a fantastic 2010 year with M.S., Lewis and Alonso.
    Alonso Lewis
    Races 140 52
    Wins 21 11
    Podiums 53 27
    Poles 18 17
    Wins% 15 21.15
    Podiums% 37.86 51.92
    Poles% 12.86 32.69

    Stats speak for themselves.

    • Great post. You hit the nail on the head. I remember Monaco very well where Hamilton could have won if not for Mclaren favouring Alonso. People forget what really happened and just spout rubbish to try and diminish Lewis’s talent. The Senna comment is also very true. I am very happy to be watching what i believe will turn out to be one of the best F1 drivers of all time. Leave the guy alone and enjoy the show.

    • “stats speak for themselves’

      Yes but how many seasons has Lewis had a dog of a car? 1

      How many for Alonso? A lot more. The stats do not show the whole story. Far from it.

      Oh and yes i think highly of bothdrivers.

  7. The Limit said on 8th January 2010, 15:43


    I agree with your observation that Alonso improved as the 2007 season progressed. Hamilton had all the attention and all the kudos in the beginning, being a rookie and achieving all those podiums.
    As the season went along, the expectation on Hamilton increased and thats when he started making mistakes. Alonso, on the other hand, drove some of his best races of that year especially at Nurburgring and Monza. His wheel to wheel battle at Spa with Hamilton was a great piece of driving from both drivers, but showed Alonso’s experience in relation to Hamilton’s inexperience.
    Personally, I don’t think Hamilton believes he is better than Alonso. It appears he just enjoys rubbing people up the wrong way and getting into their heads. With someone like that, you just have to focus on ‘WHAT YOU ARE DOING’ and nothing else. I agree that this part of Hamilton’s character goes along way to explaining why so many people dislike him, however it was no different with Aryton Senna or Michael Schumacher.
    Could you imagine what it would have been like if Senna or Schumacher had been in the same team together? Fireworks, absolute fireworks, but it would have made great drama.

  8. Schumi_the_greatest said on 8th January 2010, 16:46

    @ the limit

    totally agree with that…alot of sportsmen at the very top of their professions sometimes cross the line an that makes some people dislike them. Thats the difference between your schumachers, sennas, prosts and (i assume in years to come) hamilton, from the likes of button, hill, mansell, good/great drivers on their day but they lack that win at all costs attitude that prevents them becoming 1 of the greats

  9. Pedel to the Vettel said on 8th January 2010, 17:39

    @Alistair “Just imagine Lewis at his peak”

    I think he is pritty much there in driving ability since he needs fast reflex’s to drive like that. When he gets in his 30’s he will have to adapt to be less aggressive, so sooner or later his experience will have to replace his raw ability and youth or he will never last long in the top flight F1 teams.

    when your 25 it’s all downhill baby….:p

  10. A “win at all costs attitude” doesn’t make anyone a “great” driver, or at least it shouldn’t, and if it does, then there’s something wrong with our definition of a ‘Champion’.

    I hope that the 2010 WDC is won by someone that in F1 has never lied, cheated, moaned or has in any way caused any of us to think of them has being anything other than a good role model.

    • David A said on 8th January 2010, 19:15

      “I hope that the 2010 WDC is won by someone that in F1 has never lied, cheated, moaned or has in any way caused any of us to think of them has being anything other than a good role model.”

      Umm, I struggling to think of who fits this criteria. Massa, Button or Vettel maybe?

      • Yes, so unless you’d prefer to have a ‘cheat’ a ‘liar’ or whatever as a world champion, then you’d have to look elsewhere. :)

        Isn’t it better to win a WDC like Button did, rather than cheat and lie your way to one?

        I, for one, could not have stomached Hamilton winning this passed seasons WDC, simply because of what happened in Melbourne.

  11. Jason said on 8th January 2010, 20:08

    The comment ‘blew him away’ doesn’t have to refer to either ability or points, as many people seem to be taking it. When Hamilton showed up in the F1 scene he, quite frankly, ‘blew’ everyone ‘away.’ Nobody expected him to become a force in most advanced motorsport in the world as a rookie. Nobody suspected, let alone EXPECTED him to lead the championship for most of his rookie year. How many people here thought it was a fluke that he made it onto the podium is first race? How many thought, ‘this kid is good, but I bet he won’t get up there again anytime soon’? How many started taking this kid seriously only after he podiumed at almost every race the first half, and even WON his first race in his rookie season? There are guys who have been racing for years and still haven’t had a win. Look at Webber! What? 9 seasons without a win until this year?

    With the results that he was getting because he was 1) a rookie and 2) because he was so young. To ASSUME that he means he is/was better than Alonso because he says ‘I blew him away’ is folly. I don’t care that Hamilton didn’t get in a Jordan, or a Minardi, or some other backmarker seat and sit at the rear of the grid half his career before he ‘earned’ himself a spot at a top team. That top team, with a top car, could be any one of the teams this next year, just like we saw in ’09. Fact is, he took a dog of a car to two wins and a good number of points they never expected to haul in in ’09. He’s a great driver and he made an impact his first race all the way to the end of the season. That’s one way to interpret the meaning of ‘I blew himaway.’


    • Jason said on 8th January 2010, 20:11

      Oh, sorry, one more addition. Insert this right after “before he ‘earned’ himself a spot at a top team.” in my post above:

      Do any of you suspect that there were any other rookies on the grid in ’09 that would have hauled the Brawn, or the RB (clearly the top two cars – yet not as venerated as Ferrari/McLaren) to as many points as Jensen/Vettel? I suspect not.

    • Icthyes said on 9th January 2010, 12:37

      I have to say, that is a brilliant post. You said exactly what I wanted to say and more.

    • Well, I’ll agree with Icthyes, it’s a brilliant post. Unfortunately, it is also quite inaccurate.

      Hamilton was third at the Australian GP, the first race of his rookie year. He got his first win of his rookie year at the Canadian GP, number 6 on the schedule.

  12. I wonder how well that article is going down in the Spanish F1 forums?

  13. Paul F said on 9th January 2010, 8:37

    “I hope that the 2010 WDC is won by someone that in F1 has never lied, cheated, moaned or has in any way caused any of us to think of them has being anything other than a good role model.”

    That’s everyone out then! This is motor racing, kids. Not Sesame Street.

    A wise man once told me: Lie, win, cheat, succeed. All these words have the same meaning in the real world. Lewis/McLaren made a mistake in Aus by getting caught, but cheating is rife in all sports, places of work… everywhere. Let’s wake up from these illusions of a kindergarten F1 and just enjoy our 2 hours on a Sunday shall we?

  14. Psychic said on 10th January 2010, 20:26

    Hamilton’s rose tinited glasses view aside, simply finishing equal on points isn’t blowing anyone away. A very entertaining discussion, you guys make me giggle.

  15. I thought he came across well. He still sounds like he needs to pinch himself every morning to make sure it’s all true…

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