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Adrian Sutil says F1 is losing its thrill because the tracks are “too safe” 10th January 2010, 11:33

Adrian Sutil has given a frank assessment of the newest track on the F1 calendar, telling the Times of India the circuit was safe but “boring”: Abu Dhabi was one of the most perfect circuits I have driven on, and the most boring as well.It was just straight and really, really boring. But I probably […]

The F1 comeback Schumacher won’t want to emulate: Alan Jones

F1 comebacks: they can go well – like the one we looked at yesterday – and they can go badly wrong. Alan Jones isn’t the only F1 champion who’s comeback didn’t go quite according to plan – but few drivers made two attempts at coming back to the sport. Here’s two ways Michael Schumacher will […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 10/1/2010

It’s Sunday and I’m happy because today I have an excuse to put a picture of a 1980s F1 car on the home page. That’s coming up a little later – for now here’s the daily round-up: Links New Lotus F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen preparing for the season (Video) Heikki Kovalainen gives a video interview […]

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