Fernando Alonso makes first official appearance for Ferrari (Pictures & Video)

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Fernando Alonso at Ferrari's Wrooom media event
Fernando Alonso at Ferrari's Wrooom media event

Fernando Alonso has appeared as an official Ferrari driver for the first time.

He donned Ferrari red at the team’s annual PR event at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy.

Update: Video and pictures of Alonso with his new team below.

Fernando Alonso’s first appearance for Ferrari: pictures

This week sees the 20th running of the Wrooom pre-season event which Ferrari holds with the Ducati motorbike racing team.

Alonso was joined by new team mate Felipe Massa and test driver Giancarlo Fisichella.

Alonso attended the Ferrari World Finals at Valencia last year, but as he was still under contract to Renault at the time he wasn’t allowed to appear in Ferrari team clothing and donned a rather fetching jumper instead.

Fernando Alonso’s first appearance for Ferrari: video

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56 comments on “Fernando Alonso makes first official appearance for Ferrari (Pictures & Video)”

  1. He & fisi look really nasty with all that red. Always preferred that mild seven Renault blue.

    Hope Felipe wipes that smirk off his face by the end of the season.

    1. I prefer the black and blonde colour scheme in that photo, personally…!

      1. Emma Jane Bennett
        11th January 2010, 21:02

        I think Fernando does as well… XD

        1. yeah… FERRARI preferred a right person to DO…

    2. You can always hope…

    3. I’ll do it.

    4. LOL Massa looks like a geek…Looking at Fisi make you depressed…
      Alonso is the only marketable person in Ferrari…My goodness looking at that pic above you can see why they canned Kimi and hired Alonso!

      If Ferrari make a good car this year watch Massa be a wing man…and in reality thats all he has ever been…a #2 driver.

      1. Massa WILL beat Alonso this year.

        1. Correction… Massa WILL _NOT_ beat Alonso this year…

  2. I don’t know why but looking at that picture I feel sorry for Fisichella. For a long time now I’ve found him a mournful figure!

    1. He looks happy on his skis!

      1. Very ‘appy ;)

  3. Whats Nicky Hayden doing there?

    1. He rides a Ducati in Moto GP.

      Ducati is the Ferrari of the Bike world.

      1. And Marlboro sponsor both Ferrari and Ducati.

  4. Fantastic – I’ve been waiting years for this!

    1. Well glad you got your wish Dan! Great to have Alonso at Ferrari :D

  5. It looks a little bit like the Masons… but a bit more… red.

    Hayden is a Ducati driver is he not?

    1. I’ve always found F1badger a funny site :)

  6. It looks a little bit like the Masons… but a bit more… red.

    Hayden is a Ducati rider is he not?

    1. Yeah, this is his second year at Ducati after seemingly a million years in that Repsol orange and Honda red.

  7. YES!!!
    I beat you Keith! I posted these in the forum before you posted them on the blog! (by a whole hour)! lol

    1. I’m sorry Grace but I’ll have to take them down. I did post on the forum the other day asking people not to hotlink images from other people’s websites. It just steals their bandwidth and it’s not fair on them.

      See my post on the forum here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/forum/topic.php?id=1344#post-15094

    2. oops! #:)

  8. “So long as you don’t go red”….

    A comment made by Alonso 3 or 4 years back while on the radio to a departing team personnel. Seems he himself didn’t keep to that advice. But in all a welcome addition to the Ferrari family.

    1. Maybe he had the 2006 Italian GP in mind when said that. That race was not good for him in any way:


  9. Kimi looked better ;)

  10. Just wondering if Alonso requested Fisi to be at Ferrari. When Fernando won his 2 championships his team mate was Fisi, so perhaps there was free exchange of set-up data back then, and Alsono hopes it will help him to have a test driver who he knows. Just a thought…

    1. Never looked at it like that before.

      Fisi is best suited to testing for now. He’s been off the pace for a couple years now, testing could be his forte from here on in.

      He’s vastly experienced and his technical feedback on car setup would be invaluable to Alonso and Massa.

  11. To me Ducati’s jumper looks much more stylish than the ferrari’s… just hate the white color on the shoulders

  12. I wonder shall we see more white in Ferrari livery based on the team gear we saw today?

    1. NO

      Real Ferrari’s are red and black, the white they used in the late 80’s early 90’s (from memory?) just looked like crap.

      1. That doesn’t mean they won’t use it… Besides, they only went back to their classic Ferrari red recently, they used ”Marlboro” red for a whole decade before that.

  13. Thats the fastest Giancarlo Fisichella will go this year.

  14. Well CoolGav, if Fisico should give him his experience of the F60, then all will be well at Ferrari :-)……. Mhaahaahaahaaaa!!!!

    And BTW, Ducati and Ferrari have the same sponsor. That is why they always celebrate together.

  15. Alonso spots the Santander logo on his jacket. He rubs it, and some of the red falls off. He rubs it harder, with huge flakes of red falling off to reveal silver underneath. He spots a Mercedes logo and realises, too late, with a shriek of “NOOOOO…”, that this has all been an elaborate ruse to get him back at McLaren.

    Sorry, my imagination can be quite sadistic sometimes!

  16. Is is just me, or is red really not Nando’s colour….

  17. Alonso is looking very happy.

  18. The long wait has finally come to an end… I think what you really have to look at is just how happy Fernando looks… he knows that he will be in a contender and love him or dislike him we all know what he can do… this year is shaping up to be one for the ages!! love it…


    I cant wait for the season to start. I hope its going to be a straight fight between Alonso and Vettel!

    1. totally man!!… Alonso and Vettel FTW!!

  20. I am a big Fernando Alonso fan. I hope he does well at Ferrari. A double world champion who is probably at the peak of his powers deserves a good car, and hopefully Ferrari can give him that this season. Alonso, Massa, Hamilton, Button, Vettel, and of course old Schumey in good cars is what I am waiting to see!!!

  21. “Weed lika to welcoma Fernando to da Scuderia. Asa you can see, Alonso looksa right at home. We felta da timing wasa right to taka da icea pick to Kimi and lighta fire to da team. We stronga believe Fernando willa be da flame. Ofa coursa, Felipe will be ona backa burna helpinga Fernando achieve da ween. Ah yesa, do you smella thata? Ita smellsa lika victory.

  22. good to see alonso looking happy with his new team. I hop i work out.
    For those motgp fans out there? how long will hayden last at Ducati? not long i don’t think, stoner has shown how good he is – really really good. Rossi or pedrosa to be his team mate in the future.

    1. I don’t know that its a failing of Hayden as such, because no one else seems to do well on that second Ducati. Stoner seems to be the only one able to ride it ! But I would dearly love to see Vale on the Duc taking Stoner on – that would be awesome !

      1. oh yes, no slight at Hayden he is a great rider and world champ, it just shows how hard that Ducati is to ride, and consequently how good stoner is. With spies at yamaha two team, and jorge rocking the boat in the main team, vale has made many noises about moving on, and could you imagine the ducati and rossi fans unite!? it would be crazzy :)

  23. Teflonso at ferrari thats a scary sight, he will obviously destroy Massa.




  24. Can’t wait for Hamilton vs Alonso. I think in current drivers only Alonso can give real competition to Hamilton.

  25. The only time Kimi out-entertained everybody: at this same event in 2008 and 2009 everybody was skiing and Kimi was snowboarding :-)

  26. Ferrari is one grand machine for run in F1,Felipe Massa,Fernado Alonso e Giancarlo Fisichella the Best’s 1*

  27. All I can think when I see this is I wish I had shares in Santander. Does anyone know how much money they made last year…

  28. Me look yesterday to Alonso with dogs of snow.

  29. Chaz, Santander is forecasted to have about 14 billion USD net profit in 2009. More than any other western bank.

  30. Fernando lokes great in Ferrari colors! Massa and Fisichella, who? I was just watching Alonso finally in Ferrari!

  31. alonso is the best driver of all time,way better than massa….way better than hamilton

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