F1 Fanatic round-up: 12/1/2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Today Michael Schumacher will be at the wheel of a racing car again as he samples a GP2 car at Jerez.

I had it in mind this would be the first time he’d ever driven a “feeder series” car, having skipped F3000 on his way to F1, but I discovered that isn’t the case. He did a single round in the Japanese F3000 series in 1991, finishing second at Sugo.

Digressions aside, on with the daily review:


Ofcom broadcast bulletin 149 (PDF)

Media watchdog Ofcom cleared the BBC after it broadcast Jenson Button swearing after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The BBC says it may selectively dip the volume on future broadcasts to prevent a repeat. It hardly seems worth it given that only one miserable individual with nothing better to do bothered to complain.

US F1 granted extra testing days (Autosport)

“The 2010 Sporting Regulations originally limited teams to just six straight-line test days, and discussions recently further cut this back to just four. These days can be exchanged for one day of wind-on full-scale tunnel time – which equates to four-hours of running. Despite the latest agreement, which has yet to be put into the regulations, teams have agreed that US F1 can stick to the original six-day limit.” I can’t think of a good reason why USF1 should get this dispensation, and not the other new-for-2010 teams.

Comment of the day

Here’s Oliver’s take on Fernando Alonso joining Ferrari:

??So long as you don?t go red????

A comment made by Alonso three or four years back while on the radio to a departing team personnel. Seems he himself didn?t keep to that advice. But in all a welcome addition to the Ferrari family.

From the forum

Interesting to see what sports people watch apart from F1. I generally prefer my racing on four wheels and circuit-based (GP2, F3, IRL) but I’ll definitely watch some of the WRC this year since Raikkonen’s defection and I’ll keep an eye on the football World Cup as well.

Site updates

Cast your eyes to the page footer and you’ll see the lists of races, teams and drivers have all been updated. There’s still a couple of gaps to fill though – more on that later.

Happy birthday!

Today we are once again birthday-less. To let us know when your birthday is so you can get a shout-out please get in touch by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

It’s 35 years to the day since Jean-Pierre Jarier took a surprise pole position for the first round of the 1975 world championship at Buenos Aires in Argentina. It was the first time he and his team, Shadow, had come out on top in qualifying.

Unfortunately, he failed to start the race at all as his transmission failed on the warm-up lap. Defending champion Emerson Fittipaldi won the race.