Schumacher starts GP2 test (Pictures)

Michael Schumacher testing a GP2 car at Jerez

Michael Schumacher testing a GP2 car at Jerez

Michael Schumacher has begun his three-day test in a GP2 car as he prepares for his return to F1 later this year.

Schumacher, who turned 41 last week, is driving at the Jerez circuit in Spain between now and Thursday. Here’s the first pictures from his test.

Michael Schumacher GP2 test pictures

Michael Schumacher’s F1 comeback

Images (C) Malcolm Griffiths/GP2 Media

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60 comments on Schumacher starts GP2 test (Pictures)

  1. well, the source of your lap record stays your secret i guess..
    tells me that a proper gp2-lap would be in the 1:25s.
    also, i don’t give much on a timing screen shot from some installation-lap ;D

  2. Omegaz3ro said on 12th January 2010, 16:28

    OMG, check out this video a Schumacher fan made: I’m still laughing.

    “Hitler is working as a manager of the Ferrari Formula1 Team. See his reaction when he learns that Schumacher signed with Mercedes GP and he might have serious problem with that.”

  3. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 12th January 2010, 16:59

    Added a few more pictures – must’ve gotten wet there judging by this one:

  4. F1NATIC said on 12th January 2010, 18:15

    commenting on something other than the helmet, why is it that GP2 ended with such a visually more friendly car ? I know its not only about how the car looks, but how fast it actually is but I hate the 09 looks which don’t seem to be streamlined for speed like before. I believe GP2 cars are also able to follow each other closely as well. I really hate the 09 aerodynamic rules.

    • GP2 cars are purposly built so they can follow each other better. Also, having young drivers with strong engine and less aero grip means races are a lot of fun.

      The worst thing is that the sprint race is before F1 race so F1 regularly looks dull compared to action-packed gp2 (reverse grids also help in this).

    • Agreed,what strikes me about the photos is how bloody awful the F1 cars look compared to the beautiful racy looking GP2’s.

  5. Is it just me or does Schumacher’s helmet looks dark orange rather than red..?
    I completely agree about having a recognizable helmet, whether he keeps a red one it’s up to him, but I hope he chooses something as bright so that he’s easily spotted..

    Check out this close-up pic of his helmet from the GP2 Series twitter page:
    Comments seem to suggest that the Chinese writing on his helmet are names of his wife and daughter, it only shows one side so maybe the other side has the name of his son..

    Interesting fact about JB’s helmet in regards to his performance.. One of the most images stuck in my head is the close-up of his car with his (water melon-like) helmet in the middle of the screen lol I hope he goes for something nicer this year.. I could imagine him in something with a Union Jack theme navy with red details..

  6. And that GP2 car is a Renault, isn’t it?

  7. I guess he’s using last years racing suits…

  8. Jarred said on 14th January 2010, 20:12

    Schumacher best time was 1.24.621.

    This is from the Jerez records for the best GP2 laptime
    GP2 Series – 2008 – Kamui Kobayashi – 1’24”262

    I got Schumachers laptime from :

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