Behind the scenes at USF1 (Video parts 1&2)

While some people have raised doubts over whether USF1 will come good on their goal to make it to the F1 grid in 2010, the team haven’t fallen short on their promise to make greater use of social media to show fans what’s going on at their base.

A new series of videos posted on the USF1 site features executive vice president Peter Windsor and Speed TV commentator Bob Varsha interviewing different members of the team.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an F1 team create this sort of content – Williams have done something similar with their “Factory” series in recent years (though I found the editing made it un-watchable).

But with so many questions being asked about USF1 it’s encouraging to see they’ve taken the route of putting more information about themselves into the public domain – in marked contrast to rivals such as Campos, about whom we’ve heard very little.

They also discuss the refuelling ban and the team’s plan to match rivals Virgin Racing by designing their car without the aid of a wind tunnel, relying instead on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Watch the videos below and have a look at USF1 on Youtube for more.


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25 comments on Behind the scenes at USF1 (Video parts 1&2)

  1. Hairs said on 14th January 2010, 13:30

    Part 3 highlights:

    “It’s small enough that we don’t have any communication difficulties”
    >>> I can shout across the room and everyone in the company can hear me.

    “I went over to England to get a job there but that…. …. err… didn’t work out”
    >>> I see a theme developing here.

    “Having seen what the McLaren Technology Centre looks like and the halls at Maranello, what did you think of the facility here?”
    “Pretty Spartan I guess, but it’ll fill up in the next couple of months”

    >>> The time for filling the place up with engineers was… err. six months ago. Bit late now.

    Wow. I must say the guys there look like they’re bricking it, which they absolutely should be, but they have a good sense of humour about it all.

    As the company can’t afford shelves, bookcases, a computer for each desk, or anything else, they’ll need it!

    Gooooooo USF1!

  2. I agree. The production value and editing for The Factory is truely awful.

    Hopefully this will encourage other teams to start posting more content…

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