Alonso expects no problems with Massa

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Alonso believes Massa's Ferrari experience will help him
Alonso believes Massa's Ferrari experience will help him

Fernando Alonso has rebuffed claims there might be friction between him and his new Ferrari team mate in 2010.

Alonso said he thought Felipe Massa’s experience at Ferrari would be useful to himself as a newcomer:

Felipe is a great team mate for me. First of all I think he’s a Latin character like me, speaking Italian with me so the conversation is very fluid. And also I think Felipe has been at Ferrari the last four or five years and I think that when you’re joining a new team that your team mate is not also new in the team because you can get a bit lost with the technical people.
Fernando Alonso

A lot has been written already about whether Ferrari are taking a gamble by having two drivers with ‘Latin temperaments’ in their team. Whether or not that’s an accurate representation of their personalities, the potential for conflict is certainly there.

Massa has had a succession of strong team mates compared to which he’s usually done better than expected: Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Kimi R??ikk??nen for example.

Alonso, however, hasn’t had a team mate capable of keeping him honest since he was paired up with Lewis Hamilton three years ago – and we all know how that turned out.

Speaking at Ferrari’s media event at Madonna di Campiglio, Alonso also said he believes his fourth change of F1 team will be the last of his career:

Racing with Ferrari was my objective and I?ll certainly end my career with this fantastic team. I think that it?s impossible to find the same passion somewhere else.
Fernando Alonso

And he spoke about the planned changes for 2010 and the return of Michael Schumacher. See the video for the full interview.

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  1. They wouldn’t have brought Alonso into the team and not told him where he stands. They will be fine next session.



    1. I´m not very good in english, but the guy who wrote the article put this sentence on it:

      Whether or not that’s an accurate representation of their personalities or not, the potential for conflict is certainly there…

    2. I don’t think Keith’s use of the term ‘latin temperament’ is racist or discriminatory, since Alonso himself used the term in his interview. Keith is just paraphrasing the quote.

      Besides, the definition of racism is the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule or dominate others. I don’t see how referring to what is effectively a personality trait can be considered racist.

    3. Alonso himself used the phrase. I’m not comfortable with it myself and as Becken points out I question it in the article.

      Nor did I say that everywhere Alonso goes there is a problem. I pointed out there was a conflict the last time he had a competitive team mate.

      1. So what about saying. Things will be very relaxed between them next year because they both have “meditteranean temperment”

        Theres absolutely nothing to substantiate racism here.

  3. if this is the case then AVATAR movie is also racist

  4. I honestly hope and think that Massa will be the faster of two.
    But also that Alonso will go crazy and repeat 2007 but Montezemelo sais that Alonso knows that he has to be a team player

  5. The idea that Alonso and Massa are going to fall out is just wishful thinking. Both know how important it is to get Ferrari back at the top, and how damaging it will be to the team if they start fighting each other. Alonso’s problem at McLaren was that he was misled into thinking he was going to be the number one driver – at Ferrari he knows the score and the team will be stronger for that.

    1. A very accurate description of events.

  6. I don’t think there will be any problems at all. Ferrari hired Alonso because they want to return to their winning ways and see him as the best person to do it. They’re not going to alienate him the way McLaren did because it would be counter productive to all parties. While I think Massa is good enough to beat Alonso on a few occasions, Alonso is so consistant over a whole season I think he’ll end up on top.

  7. Ferrari handled Kimi and Massa very well. They should handle Massa and Alonso with composure as well.

    But the job can get tricky towards the end of the season.

    In 2007 and 2008, Felipe and Kimi respectively were “out-of-form” for a couple of races before the final 3-4 races. This made the job easier for Ferrari. I think Ferrari are hoping for similar things to happen.

  8. I hope the cars have less white on them than the clothes.

  9. Hmmm….

    A native Spanish speaker – used to living in Britain and speaking English, talks to a native Portugese speaker – who spent time in teams where he spoke English and still speaks English to his British engineer… and they’re going to choose to converse in Italian – their 3rd language? One for the cameras there Fernando…

    In fairness, I believe Italian was Alonso’s 2nd language, but I’m sure his English has overtaken it by now. Why do I suspect if we get any eavesdropping microphones they’ll be speaking in Spanglish?

  10. Felipe Massa has an opinion on everything and can’t keep his mouth shut.

    Fernando Alonso acts like a spiteful child when things don’t go his way.

    I think it is pretty safe to say there will be fireworks which ever way the performance goes!

    They are both terrible at politics so it will all be in the public eye.

    I make an early prediction that one of them will leave ferrari before the end of the season.

  11. Alonso believed he was the fastest driver in F1 bar none when he joined McLaren in 2007, he could give 0.6 secs to the car, so he said. So confident was he that he did not look too closely at the other driver and to the fact that McLaren do not have a number one and two hierarchy. After all, the other guy is just a rookie “how could he be faster than me”.
    Trouble was Hamilton was one tenth of a second faster than he, right from the off! Alonso said that he was sometimes number two in 2007, if he was it was into the second half of that season (It certainly was not around Monaco time) and he was well behind Hamilton on points. So why shouldn’t he be, that’s what all the other teams do! So he blows a gasket like he will do at Ferrari if Massa gets ahead on points during the later part of the season. Mind you, there was the added humiliation in 2007 getting beaten by a rookie when you were the reining double World Champion.

    1. Derek

      you are obviously a Hamilton fan and looking at history thru rose-tinted glasses. 2007 Belgian Grand Prix, remind me where the two McLaren drivers qualified and finished.. Alonso was fighting against his own team as Ron Dennis famously let slip at the end of the year.. I got nothing against Hamilton but I try to be objective…

      1. @ Antoine


        All Alonso fans have sour grapes.

      2. This article is about Alonso, Massa and Ferrari.

        Keep Hamilton out of it.

        As someone said above, Alonso obviously has grown up since 2007. And only the most passionate Alonso hater will think that he will repeat the same mistake again.

        1. We wouldn’t for one minute think that he might be involved in something far more sinister than what happened in 07.

        2. @sumedh

          I think Derek does have a vaild reason to bring up hamilton – no matter what you say about Hamilton’s talents, Nandos was a double world champ, he had even beaten Schumi to a world championship.

          Its not unreasonable to think that nandos expected to murder Hamilton heading into that season – and equally i can also understand why he would have been extremely fruistrated when Hamilton acheived what he achieved in that rookie year.

          I dont think Nandos has demonstrated that he has actually grown up since then (see Singapore scandal for case in point) and thats why i believe that nexts years championship is wide open!!

          Bring on F1 v.2010!!

          …oh….and go MERCGP!!

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