Lotus announce February 12th launch date

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Today’s spate of F1 launch announcements continues: Lotus is the latest team to confirm its 2010 launch date. It will show its car for the first time on February 12th.

The car will make its first track appearance on February 17th.

Team boss Tony Fernandes revealed on Twitter the team will fire the car’s engines for the first time a week before the launch.

See the F1 Fanatic Calendar for more 2010 car launch dates.

10 comments on “Lotus announce February 12th launch date”

  1. I feel the new teams should have been set up to get them in for last season that way they would have had mire chance to upstage the established teams- now with a years apreciation of the rules the old teams should be further ahead!
    I prey for gol leaf colors!

    1. I’ve thought that too, or rather that the new rules should have come in this year. Mind you, it would have spoiled the Brawn story, even if it wasn’t as much of a fairytale as it’s usually portrayed.

  2. yea i caint wait to see the lotus F1 car hope it is going to be in the old british racing green and yellow, does anyone know what the team colours will be???

    1. The colours of the malaysian flag???

  3. Are British fans really excited about this terrible marketing excerise by Proton (et al)?? I for one hope they fail miserably

    1. amen to that!!! if anything, they are just taking advantage of a glorious f1 name… i hate that!!!

      but, to be impartial, though, i don’t think they will fail: gascoyne [is that right?] is a pretty good engineer and they seem structured. unfortunately, i think they’ll end up as “best of the newcomers”…

    2. I never wish anyone to fail, but I can’t see anything more than a repeat of Jaguar here. Hopefully, not being Jaguar and not a manufacturer, they will stick with it long enough to go for points fairly often in future seasons.

  4. Lotus will miss valuable track time as they will lunch their car lately.

  5. There is no doubt the Lotus will have a distincly Malaysian colour scheme.

  6. tony told the press before that the livery will be the same as their logo. so we can expect British racing green and yellow.

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